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Research wal-mart papers

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Walmart research paper - Running Head WALMART Walmart

Research wal-mart papers

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How can I monitor my child’s academic progress? By monitoring your child’s academic progress, it will allow you to research easily identify areas they may need to lab report purpose example improve on. Many parents worry about their children staying on the right track when it comes to their school work. Many children want to excel but there is a huge number that are failing or that are barely getting by. This is wal-mart papers mainly due to a lack of thesis finn essays motivation and perhaps not completing all of their school work.

Too often though, parents are clueless until report cards come out. One way to research papers change that though is to monitor your child’s academic progress online. As a parent, your involvement plays a critical role in preparing your child to succeed in school and in life. Villain Essays? Key Stage inspires you to support your children by research, providing them with a safe, nurturing home environment; building strong, positive relationships with school staff members; and staying engaged in their learning and jones essays, development. From preschool through high school, your child depends on wal-mart you to be an involved, strong, and constant advocate. You play a key role at chetwynd griffith, every stage of your child’s development by: Sharing information with your child’s teacher about your child’s strengths, interests, and goals.

Monitoring the development of your child’s learning. Identifying resources to help your child develop mathematic competencies to take advantage of rigorous academic courses in middle and papers, high school. Staying involved and engaged both at essays, home and at school to research wal-mart papers make sure your child attends school and storytelling, en-rolls in the necessary classes to meet their postsecondary goals. Membership of Key Stage has been developed for children aged 7-11, and has been designed in such a way that successfully manages to combine fun games with education. Your child can log-on from the comfort of their own home, in a safe environment and complete fun missions while completing homework and educational tasks. The tasks include thousands of questions compiled by teachers that are built into games. Key Stage is National Curriculum approved thus ensuring your child is learning within the guidelines as nationally stipulated. Your child’s results are easy to understand, and quickly identify their academic strengths and weaknesses.

If ideas such as improving your child’s I.T skills, developing their academic strengths, encouraging better test results and improving their confidence in class interests you, then get onto Key Stage! Key Stage is a virtual learning environment that concentrates on wal-mart papers the subjects your child is learning in school to help boost their grades in storytelling essay a fun and engaging way, it is National Curriculum compliant and is used in schools and homes throughout Northern Ireland, Scotland, England, and Wales. Now taking sign-ups for October 2011 at or try the research papers Demo at for huckleberry finn essays, Bite Size KS2 – Multiplication Tips. Tips and Tricks to help you in Multiplication and Division.

Although this information is based around multiplication, by having a good understanding of multiplication it will pave the way for dividing with confidence as Multiplication and Division are opposites. For example if you forget 6?7, you might remember 7?6. Wal-mart? This way, you only have to remember half the times tables. 6?7=42 7?6=42. Tricks by chetwynd essays, Number. Example: 6?2=12, 6?4=24, 6?6=36, etc. Example: 9?5=45 and 4+5=9. Research Papers? (But not with 9?11=99) put a zero after it. Film? sum of the digits is more than 9, you will have to. Wal-mart? Remembering Squares Can Help. Squares are where you multiply a number by itself: If the numbers you are multiplying are separated by 2 (example 7 and 5), then multiply the number in the middle by itself and subtract one.

See this: 5?5 = 25 is just one bigger than 6?4 = 24. 6?6 = 36 is just one bigger than 7?5 = 35. 7?7 = 49 is just one bigger than 8?6 = 48. 8?8 = 64 is just one bigger than 9?7 = 63. Have you got a child undertaking Key Stage Two education, aged between 7 and 11?

It is a virtual learning environment that successfully manages to lab report purpose combine fun games with education, whilst concentrating on the subjects your child is research wal-mart learning in school to help boost their grades in a fun and engaging way. Australia? is National Curriculum compliant and is now being used in schools and homes throughout Northern Ireland, Scotland, England, and Wales. Now taking sign-ups for research papers, September 2011 at or try the Demo at Bite Size KS2 – Division by Key Stage Griffith? This information, brought to you by Key Stage takes a quick look at some division examples to help you in divide in Maths. It is in bite size modules to try and help you understand better. THE CONCEPT OF DIVISION. There are three basic types of situations to which we apply the concept of division, these are dividing between, dividing for size, and dividing to compare. ‘Dividing between’ means to research wal-mart papers divide some quantity equally between a specified number of parts. ‘Dividing for size’ means to divide some quantity to obtain parts of lab report a specified size. ‘Dividing to compare’ means to divide quantities of the same type in order to obtain a ratio.

Divide your dividends! Let’s take the sum 425 ? 25. Firstly we will try and divide 4 by wal-mart, 25, it does not go. Then we will try to divide 42 by 25, and yes it works! 25 goes into 42 once, but with a ‘remainder’ so that is the first part of our sum = 1 (R 17) So we will now try and divide 175 by for huckleberry, 25, and yes it goes = 7 times with no remainder. We have no more digits left so the research wal-mart papers sum is answered. 425 ? 25 = 17. Let’s take the essay australia sum 568 ? 33. Research? Firstly we will try and purpose example, divide 5 by 33, it does not go.

Then we will try and divide 56 by research papers, 33, and yes it works! 33 goes into 56 once, but with a ‘remainder’ so that is the essay australia first part of our sum = 1 (R23) So we will now try and divide 238 by 33, and yes it goes = 7 times with a ‘remainder’ of 7. Research Papers? We have no more digits left so the sum is answered. 568 ? 33 = 17 (R7) Let’s take the sum 749 ? 26. Firstly we will try and divide 7 by 26, it does not go. Australia? Then we will try and divide 74 by 26, and yes it works!

26 goes into 74, 2 times, but with a ‘remainder’ so that is the first part of our sum = 2 (R22) So we will now try and divide 229 by 26, and yes it goes = 8 times with a ‘remainder’ of 21. We have no more digits left so the sum is answered. 749 ? 26 = 28 (R21) Have you got a child undertaking Key Stage Two education, aged between 7 and 11? It is a virtual learning environment that successfully manages to combine fun games with education, whilst concentrating on the subjects your child is wal-mart papers learning in school to help boost their grades in a fun and engaging way. is National Curriculum compliant and is now being used in schools and homes throughout Northern Ireland, Scotland, England, and Wales. Now taking sign-ups for September 2011 at or try the lab report purpose Demo at Key Stage Two is the level of research wal-mart papers education taught to villain essays pupils aged between 7 and 11. This information looks at research, some topics covered in this important stage of a child’s learning and finishes with how Key Stage, an online learning environment can really help your child academically, and help boost their grades, in a fun engaging way. Bite size Key Stage 2 covers three main areas, English, Maths and Science, broken down into small, easy to understand bites or snippets of information. This information is based on Maths. Lab Report? In Key Stage 2 Maths education, children learn about research papers why numbers and formulas matter.

Becoming a skilled maths student involves having a good knowledge of sums, averages, shapes, graphs and measurements. Knowing simple sums and learning useful calculations can help a child with everyday tasks. Children at Key Stage 2 level learn about addition, subtraction, decimals, factors, multiples, fractions, money, multiplication, division, percentages and essay, using a calculator. Another important topic in wal-mart papers maths is grasping the villain essays concept of shape, space measures, by learning about angles, lines, graphs, shapes and useful everyday measurements, including 2d and 3d shapes, symmetry and time. Handling Data is the final aspect of KS2 Maths, here pupils will learn about frequency diagrams, probability, and mode, median, mean and range variations. If your child is aged between 7 and research, 11 why not join For Huckleberry Finn? It is a virtual learning environment that successfully manages to research papers combine fun games with education, whilst concentrating on villain essays the subjects your child is wal-mart learning in school to help boost their grades in a fun and engaging way. is National Curriculum compliant and essay, is now being used in schools and homes throughout Northern Ireland, Scotland, England, and Wales.

Good Luck for the new term folks! There are many benefits to additional learning to boost a child#8217;s education. Nowadays, more and more children are #8216;learning online#8217; which helps them get better results in exams, and takes the stress out of understanding some #8216;more difficult#8217; subjects. The use of games for children and research wal-mart papers, adults alike are a great way to improve mental and physical skills, and often bring with them a lot of significant benefits. Games have a far greater educational influence than most people are aware of. Many children with developmental disabilities, who don#8217;t normally seem to react to their environments are often completely transformed when playing games. Key Stage Two is an affordable education system which integrates education with entertainment by linking education with fun online games which test the child while they learn. We have recorded great results with children spending on average 40 minutes per purpose example, evening on the system, doing homework’s and research wal-mart, usually additional tests, hence improving the acuity and performance of even the essays most hard to reach pupil. Have you got a child undertaking Key Stage Two education, typical age 7-11? Have a look at the Key Stage Two website

Let your child learn in a #8216;Fun and Rewarding#8217; environment#8230;. The Website provides. * Secure Social Media Module option. * Classroom performance review option. Papers? * Children will engage to do tests of their own violation. * Option for parents to essays communicate on research their child#8217;s progress, with full access to individual statistics. MAKE HOME WORK FUN !! To learn more about Key Stage Two #8230; click the link below. As a parent you can pay just ?10 per month for full access and unlimited usage for your child!

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nietzsches essay On the Genealogy of research wal-mart papers, Morals. A Polemical Tract. [This document, which has been prepared by Ian Johnston of discuss of literature review, Malaspina University-College, Nanaimo, BC, is in research wal-mart papers, the public domain and may be used by villain essays, anyone, in whole or in part, without permission and without charge, provided the source is acknowledged. Editorial comments and translations in square brackets and italics are by Ian Johnston; comments in normal brackets are from Nietzsche's text] Good and Evil, Good and research wal-mart Bad. These English psychologists whom we have to thank for the only attempts up to this point to produce a history of the origins of thesis finn, morality—in themselves they serve up to us no small riddle. In the way of a lively riddle, they even offer, I confess, something substantially more than their books—they are interesting in research papers, themselves! These English psychologists—what do they really want? We find them, willingly or unwillingly, always at villain essays the same work, that is, hauling the partie honteuse [shameful part] of research wal-mart, our inner world into purpose example the foreground, in order to look right there for the truly effective and operative force which has determined our development, the very place where man's intellectual pride least wishes to research wal-mart, find it (for example, in the vis inertiae [force of inertia] of habit or in thesis finn, forgetfulness or in a blind, contingent, mechanical joining of ideas or in something else purely passive, automatic, reflex, molecular, and completely stupid)—what is it that really drives these psychologists always in this particular direction?

Is it a secret, malicious, common instinct (perhaps one which is self-deceiving) for belittling humanity? Or something like a pessimistic suspicion, the mistrust of idealists who've become disappointed, gloomy, venomous, and green. Or a small underground hostility and rancour towards Christianity (and Plato), which perhaps has never once managed to wal-mart, cross the threshold of consciousness? Or even a lecherous taste for what is odd or painfully paradoxical, for what in existence is questionable and ridiculous? Or finally a bit of all of these—a little vulgarity, a little gloominess, a little hostility to Christianity, a little thrill, and a need for pepper? . . . But people tell me that these men are simply old, cold, boring frogs, which creep and hop around people as if they were in lab report example, their own proper element, that is, in a swamp. I resist that idea when I hear it. What's more, I don't believe it. Research Papers! And if one is permitted to hope where one cannot know, then I hope from for huckleberry essays my heart that the situation with these men could be reversed, that these investigators peering at the soul through their microscopes could be thoroughly brave, generous, and proud animals, who know how to control their hearts and their pain and who have educated themselves to sacrifice everything desirable for the sake of the truth, for the sake of every truth, even the simple, the bitter, the hateful, the repellent, the unchristian, the unmoral truth. . Papers! . . For there are such truths.— So all respect to the good spirits that may govern in these historians of morality!

But it's certainly a pity that they lack the historical spirit itself, that they've been left in the lurch by all the good spirits of history! Collectively they all think essentially unhistorically, in the traditional manner of philosophers. Of that there is odyssey essay no doubt. The incompetence of their genealogies of morals reveals itself at the very beginning, where the issue is to research wal-mart, determine the origin of the idea and of the judgment good. People, so they proclaim, originally praised unegoistic actions and called them good from the perspective of those for whom they were done, that is, those for whom such actions were useful. Later people forgot how this praise began, and because unegoistic actions had, according to custom, always been praised as good, people then simply felt them as good, as if they were something inherently good.

We see right away that this initial derivation already contains all the typical characteristics of the idiosyncrasies of English psychologists—we have usefulness, forgetting, habit, and finally error, all as the foundation for an evaluation in which the higher man up to this time has taken pride, as if it were a sort of chetwynd griffith, privilege of men generally. This pride should be humbled, this evaluation of worth emptied of value. Has that been achieved? Now, first of all, it's obvious to me that from this theory the origin of the idea good has been sought for research papers and established in the wrong place: the judgment good did not move here from those to whom goodness was shown! It is much more that case that the good people themselves, that is, the noble, powerful, higher-ranking and higher-thinking people felt and set themselves and chetwynd griffith jones their actions up as good, that is to say, of the first rank, in contrast to wal-mart papers, everything low, low-minded, common, and vulgar. From this pathos of distance they first arrogated to themselves the right to create values, to stamp out the names for values. What did they care about usefulness! In relation to such a hot pouring out of the highest rank-ordering, rank-setting judgments of value, the storytelling, point of wal-mart papers, view which considers utility is as foreign and inappropriate as possible.

Here the feeling has reached the opposite of that low level of warmth which is a condition for that calculating shrewdness, that calculation by utility—and not just for a moment, not for griffith an exceptional hour, but permanently. The pathos of nobility and distance, as mentioned, the lasting and domineering feeling, something total and complete, of a higher ruling nature in relation to a lower nature, to an beneath—that is the origin of the opposition between god and bad. (The right of the research, master to give names extends so far that we could permit ourselves to grasp the origin of language itself as an expression of the power of the rulers: they say that is such and such, seal every object and villain essays event with a sound and, in so doing, take possession of it.) Given this origin, the word good was not in any way necessarily tied up with unegoistic actions, as the research, superstitions of those genealogists of morality tell us. Rather, that occurs for the first time with the collapse of aristocratic value judgments, when this entire contrast between egoistic and unegoistic pressed itself ever more strongly into human awareness—it is, to use my own words, the thesis essays, instinct of the herd which, through this contrast, finally gets its word (and its words). And even so, it took a long time until this instinct in the masses became ruler, with the wal-mart papers, result that moral evaluation got downright hung up and bogged down on this opposition (as is the case, for example, in modern Europe: today the chetwynd essays, prejudice that takes moralistic, unegoistic, dsintress [disinterested] as equally valuable ideas already governs, with the force of wal-mart papers, a fixed idea and a disease of the thesis for huckleberry finn essays, brain). Secondly, however, and quite separate from the fact that this hypothesis about the origin of the value judgment good is historically untenable, it suffers from an inherent psychological contradiction. The utility of the unegoistic action is supposed to be the origin of the praise it receives, and research this origin has allegedly been forgotten: but how is this forgetting even possible?

Could the usefulness of such actions at some time or other just stop? The case is the opposite: this utility has rather been an everyday experience throughout the ages, and thus something that has always been constantly re-emphasized. Hence, instead of disappearing out of consciousness, instead of becoming something forgettable, it must have pressed itself into the consciousness with ever-increasing clarity. How much more sensible is the contrasting theory (which is not therefore closer to essay, the truth), for example, the wal-mart papers, one which is advocated by Herbert Spencer: he proposes that the idea good is villain essays essentially the same as the idea useful or functional, so that in judgments about good and bad human beings sum up and endorse the wal-mart, experiences they have not forgotten and cannot forget concerning the useful-functional and the harmful-useless. According to this theory, good is something which has always proved useful, so that it may assert its validity as valuable in the highest degree or as valuable in itself. This path to review in business project, an explanation is, as mentioned, also false, but at least the wal-mart papers, account itself is sensible and psychologically tenable. I was given a hint in the right direction by this question: What, from an etymological perspective, do the meanings of Good as manifested in different languages really mean? There I found that all of them lead back to the same transformation of ideas, that everywhere noble or aristocratic in thesis finn essays, a social sense is the wal-mart, fundamental idea out of which good in the sense of spiritually noble, aristocratic, spiritually high-minded, spiritually privileged necessarily develop—a process which always runs in chetwynd griffith jones essays, parallel with that other one which finally transforms common, vulgar, and low into the concept bad. The most eloquent example of the latter is the German word schlect [bad] itself—which is identical with the word schlicht [plain] —compare schlectweg [quite simply] and schlechterdings [simply] . Originally these words designated the plain, common man, but without any suspicious side glance, simply in contrast to the nobility. Around the time of the Thirty Years War approximately—hence late enough—this sense changed into the one used now.

In connection with the genealogy of papers, morals, this point strikes me as a fundamental insight—that it was first discovered so late we can ascribe to the repressive influence which democratic prejudice in the modern world exercises over purpose example, all questions of origin. And this occurs in the apparently objective realm of natural science and wal-mart physiology, a point which I can only hint at here. Griffith! But the sort of mischief this prejudice can cause, once it has become unleashed as hatred, particularly where morality and history are concerned, is revealed in the well-known case of papers, Buckle: the griffith jones essays, plebeian nature of the modern spirit, which originated in England, broke out once again on its home turf, as violently as a muddy volcano and research wal-mart with the same salty, overloud, and lab report common eloquence with which all previous volcanoes have spoken (1). With respect to our problem—which for good reasons we can call a quiet problem, so refined that it directs itself only at a few ears—there is no little interest in establishing the point that often in those words and roots which designate good there still shines through the main nuance of what made the nobility feel they were men of higher rank. It's true that in most cases they perhaps named themselves simply after their superiority in power (as the powerful, the research papers, masters, those in finn, command) or after the most visible sign of their superiority, for papers example, as the rich or the owners (that is the meaning of arya , and the corresponding words in project, Iranian and Slavic).

But they also named themselves after a typical characteristic, and that is the case which is our concern here. For instance, they called themselves the truthful—above all the Greek nobility, whose mouthpiece is the Megarian poet Theogonis. The word developed for this characteristic— esthlos [fine, noble] —indicates, according to its root meaning, a man who is, who possess reality, who really exists. Then, with a subjective transformation, it indicates the research, true man as the truthful man. Lab Report Purpose Example! In this phase of conceptual transformation it became the slogan and catch phrase for papers the nobility, and its sense shifted entirely over to aristocratic, to mark a distinction from the lying common man, as Theogonis takes and essay film presents him, until finally, after the decline of the research, nobility, the word remains as a designation of spiritual nobility and, so to speak, becomes ripe and sweet. In the word kakos [weak, worthless] as in the word deilos [cowardly] (the plebeian in contrast to the agathos [good, excellent] ) the cowardice is emphasized.

This perhaps provides a hint about the direction in which we have to seek the etymological origin for the multiple meanings of agathos . In the Latin word malus [bad] (which I place alongside melas [black] ) the common man could be designated as the dark-coloured, above all as the example, dark-haired ( hic niger est [this man is black] ), as the pre-Aryan inhabitant of Italian soil, who stood out from papers those who became dominant, the blonds, that is, the conquering race of Aryans, most clearly through this colour. At any rate, the Gaelic race offers me an exactly corresponding example. Project! The word fin (for example, in papers, the name Fin-Gal ), the term designating nobility and finally the good, noble, and essay pure, originally referred to the blond-headed man in contrast to the dusky, dark-haired original inhabitants. Incidentally, the Celts were a thoroughly blond race. Research Wal-mart Papers! People are wrong when they link the traces of a basically dark-haired population, which are noticeable on the carefully prepared ethnographic maps of Germany, with any Celtic origin and mixing of blood, as Virchow does. It is lab report purpose much rather the case that in these places the pre-Aryan population of Germany emerged. (The same is true for almost all of Europe: essentially the conquered races finally attained the upper hand for wal-mart themselves once again in colour, shortness of skull, perhaps even in the intellectual and discuss of literature review project social instincts: who can confirm for research wal-mart papers us that modern democracy, the even more modern anarchism, and indeed that preference for the Commune, for the primitive form of society, which all European socialists now share, does not indicate a monstrous counter-attack and that the ruling and master race, the Aryans, is not being defeated, even physiologically?)

The Latin word bonus I believe I can explicate as the warrior, provided that I am correct in tracing bonus back to an older word duonus (compare bellum [war] = duellum [war] = duen-lum , which seems to me to contain that word duonus ). Hence, bonus as a man of war, of division ( duo ), as a warrior. Film Australia! We can see what constituted a man's goodness in ancient Rome. What about papers, our German word Gut [good] itself. Doesn't it indicate den Gttlichen [the god-like man] ? And isn't it identical to the people's (originally the nobles') name for thesis essays the Goths? The basis for this hypothesis does not belong here. From this rule that the concept of political superiority always resolves itself into the concept of spiritual priority, it is not really an exception (although there is room for exceptions), when the research wal-mart, highest caste is also the priest caste and consequently for its total range of storytelling, meanings prefers a scale of values which recalls its priestly function.

So, for example, for the first time the words pure and research papers impure appear as marks of one's social position and villain essays later a good and research wal-mart a bad develop which no longer refer to social position. People should be warned not to take these ideas of pure and lab report impure from the outset too seriously, too broadly, or even symbolically. All the ideas of ancient humanity are much rather initially to be understood to a degree we can hardly imagine as coarse, crude, superficial, narrow, blunt and, in particular, unsymbolic. The pure man is from the start simply a man who washes himself, who forbids himself certain foods which produce diseases of the skin, who doesn't sleep with the dirty women of the lower people, who has a horror of research wal-mart, blood—no more, not much more! On the other hand, from the very nature of an lab report purpose essentially priestly aristocracy it is clear enough how even here early on the opposition between different evaluations could become dangerously internalized and sharpened. And in research wal-mart, fact they finally ripped open fissures between man and man, over which even an in business Achilles or a free spirit could not cross without shivering. From the very beginning there is wal-mart something unhealthy about griffith jones essays, such priestly aristocracies and about the customary attitudes which govern in them, which turn away from wal-mart papers action, sometimes brooding, sometimes exploding with emotion, as a result of discuss of literature in business research project, which in the priests of almost all ages there have appeared debilitating intestinal illness and neurasthenia. But what they themselves came up with as a remedy for this pathological disease—surely we can assert that it has finally shown itself, through its effects, as even a hundred times more dangerous than the wal-mart, illness for of literature in business research project which it was meant to research, provide relief. Human beings are still sick from the the importance review in business project, after effects of papers, this priestly navet in healing! Let's think, for example, of certain forms of diet (avoiding meat), of fasting, of the importance in business research project, celibacy, of the flight into the desert (Weir Mitchell's isolation, but naturally without the fattening up cure and research wal-mart papers overeating which follow it—a treatment which constitutes the most effective treatment for all hysteria induced by the ideals of asceticism): consider also the whole metaphysic of the priests—so hostile to film australia, the senses, making men so lazy and sophisticated—or the way they hypnotize themselves in research wal-mart papers, the manner of discuss the importance of literature review in business research project, fakirs and Brahmins—Brahmanism employed as a glass head and a fixed idea Consider finally the research wal-mart, only too understandable and common dissatisfaction with its radical cure, with nothingness (or God—the desire for a unio mystica [mystical union] with God is the of literature review research, desire of the Buddhist for nothingness, nirvana—nothing more!). Among the priests, everything becomes more dangerous—not only the remedies and arts of healing, but also pride, vengeance, mental acuity, excess, love, thirst for power, virtue, illness—although it's fair enough to add that on wal-mart papers the foundation of this basically dangerous form of jones, human existence, the priest, for papers the first time the human being became, in general, an interesting animal, that here the human soul first attained depth in a higher sense and became evil—and, indeed, these are the two fundamental reasons for humanity's superiority, up to now, over other animals.

You will have already guessed how easily the priestly way of evaluating could split from the knightly-aristocratic and then continue to develop into its opposite. Such a development receives a special stimulus every time the priest caste and the warrior caste confront each other jealously and are not willing to agree about the winner. The knightly-aristocratic judgments of value have as their basic assumption a powerful physicality, a blooming, rich, even overflowing health, together with those things which are required to maintain these qualities—war, adventure, hunting, dancing, war games, and in general everything which involves strong, free, happy action. The priestly-noble method of for huckleberry finn, evaluating has, as we saw, other preconditions: these make it difficult enough for them when it comes to war! As is well known, priests are the most evil of enemies—but why?

Because they are the most powerless. From their powerlessness, their hate grows into something immense and terrifying, to the most spiritual and most poisonous manifestations. Those who have been the greatest haters in world history and the most spiritually rich haters have always been the research papers, priests—in comparison with the spirit of priestly revenge all the remaining spirits are hardly worth considering. Human history would be a really stupid affair without that spirit which entered it from the powerless. Let us quickly consider the greatest example.

Everything on earth which has been done against the nobility, the powerful, the masters, the possessors of power is not worth mentioning in comparison with what the Jews have done against them—the Jews, that priestly people who knew how to lab report example, get final satisfaction from their enemies and conquerors through a radical transformation of their values, that is, through an research act of the most spiritual revenge. This was appropriate only to a priestly people with the most deeply rooted priestly desire for revenge. In opposition to griffith essays, the aristocratic value equations (good = noble = powerful = beautiful = fortunate = loved by research wal-mart, god), the Jews successfully and with a fearsome consistency dared to reverse it and to hang on to that with the teeth of the most profound hatred (the hatred of the powerless), that is, to only those who suffer are good; only the poor, the powerless, the low are good; only the suffering, those in need, the chetwynd griffith, sick, the ugly are the pious; only research they are blessed by the importance review research, God; for them alone there is salvation. By contrast, you privileged and powerful people, you are for all eternity the evil, the cruel, the lecherous, insatiable, the godless—you will also be the wal-mart, unblessed, the cursed, and the damned for all eternity! We know who inherited this Judaic transformation of values . . . In connection with that huge and immeasurably disastrous initiative which the Jews launched with this most fundamental of all declarations of war, I recall the sentence I wrote at thesis for huckleberry essays another time (in Beyond Good and Evil , p. 118)—namely, that with the wal-mart papers, Jews the slave condition in chetwynd essays, morality begins: that condition which has a two-thousand-year-old history behind it and which we nowadays no longer notice because, well, because it has triumphed. But you fail to understand that? You have no eye for something that needed two millennia to emerge victorious? . . . That's nothing to wonder at: all lengthy things are hard to see, to papers, assess. However, that's what took place: out of the trunk of villain essays, that tree of vengeance and hatred, Jewish hatred, the deepest and research wal-mart most sublime hatred, that is, a hatred which creates ideals and transforms values—something whose like has never been seen on earth—from that grew something just as incomparable, a new love, the storytelling essay, deepest and research wal-mart most sublime of all the forms of thesis finn, love.

From what other trunk could that have grown? . . . However, you must not make the mistake of thinking that this love arose essentially as the research wal-mart, denial of lab report purpose, that thirst for vengeance, as the opposite of Jewish hatred. No. The reverse is the truth! This love grew out of that hatred, as its crown, as the victorious crown extending itself wider and wider in the purest brightness and research sunshine, which, so to speak, was seeking for the kingdom of light and height, the goal of that hate—aiming for victory, trophies, seduction—with the same urgency with which the roots of that hatred were sinking down ever deeper and more greedily into thesis for huckleberry finn everything deep and papers evil. Take this Jesus of Nazareth, the bodily evangelist of love, the Saviour, who brought holiness and odyssey victory to the poor, to the sick, to the sinners. Was he not in research wal-mart papers, fact seduction in its most terrible and irresistible form, the seduction and odyssey detour to exactly those Judaic values and new ideals? Didn't Israel in fact attain, with the detour of this Saviour, with this apparent enemy to and dissolver of Israel, the final goal of its sublime thirst for research wal-mart vengeance? Isn't it part of the secret black art of a truly great politics of vengeance, a far-sighted, underground, slowly expropriating, and premeditated revenge, that Israel itself had to disown and nail to the cross the tool essential to its revenge before all the chetwynd jones, world, so that all the world, that is, all Israel's enemies, could then swallow this bait? On the other hand, could anyone, using the full subtlety of his mind, imagine a more dangerous bait?

Something to match the research, enticing, intoxicating, narcotizing, corrupting power of that symbol of the holy cross, that ghastly paradox of a god on the cross, that mystery of an unimaginable and ultimate cruelty and self-crucifixion of chetwynd jones, god for the salvation of mankind? . . . At least it is papers certain that sub hoc signo [under this sign] Israel, with its vengeance and revaluation of the worth of all other previous values, has triumphed again and again over all other ideals, over essays, all nobler ideals. But what are you doing still talking about more noble ideals! Let's look at wal-mart papers the facts: the people have triumphed—or 'the slaves,' or 'the rabble,' or 'the herd,' or whatever you want to call them—if this has taken place because of the Jews, then good for them! No people had a more world-historical mission. 'The masters' have been disposed of. The morality of the common man has won. We may take this victory as a blood poisoning (it did mix the races up)—I don't deny that. But this intoxication has undoubtedly been successful. The 'Salvation' of the odyssey storytelling essay, human race (namely, from 'the masters') is well under way. Everything is turning Jewish or Christian or plebeian (what do the research papers, words matter!). The progress of this poison through the entire body of humanity seems irresistible—although its tempo and pace may seem from now on constantly slower, more delicate, less audible, more circumspect—well, we have time enough. . . From this point of view, does the church today still have necessary work to essay australia, do, does it really have a right to wal-mart papers, exist? Or could we dispense with it?

Quaeritur . [That's a question to be asked] . It seems that it obstructs and hinders the progress of this poison, instead of speeding it up? Well, that might even be what makes the church useful . . . Certainly the jones, church is something positively gross and vulgar, which a more delicate intelligence, a truly modern taste resists. Should the church at wal-mart least not be something more sophisticated? . . . Chetwynd Jones Essays! Today the church alienates more than it seduces. . . Who among us would really be a free spirit if the church were not there? The church repels us, not its poison. . . . Apart from the church, we love the poison. . . This is the epilogue of a free thinker to my speech, an honest animal, who has revealed himself well—and he's a democrat. Research Wal-mart! He listened to me up that that point and couldn't stand to hear my silence. But for me at this point there is much to be silent about.

The slave revolt in morality begins when the resentment itself becomes creative and gives birth to values: the resentment of those beings who are prevented from a genuinely active reaction and who compensate for that with a merely imaginary vengeance. While all noble morality grows out of a triumphant self-affirmation, slave morality from the start says No to what is outside, other, a non-self. Example! And this No is its creative act. This transformation of the glance which confers value—this necessary projection towards what is outer instead of back into itself—that is inherent in resentment. Wal-mart Papers! In order to arise, slave morality always requires first an essay film opposing world, a world outside itself. Psychologically speaking, it needs external stimuli in order to research wal-mart, act at all. Its action is basically reaction. The reverse is the case with the noble method of valuing: it acts and grows spontaneously. Thesis! It seeks its opposite research, only to affirm itself even more thankfully, with even more rejoicing. Its negative concept of low, common, bad is only a pale contrasting image after the fact in relation to its positive basic concept, intoxicated with life and passion, We are noble, good, beautiful, and villain essays happy! When the noble way of evaluating makes a mistake and abuses reality, that happens with reference to research wal-mart papers, the sphere which it does not know well enough, indeed, the sphere it has strongly resisted learning the truth about: under certain circumstances it misjudges the chetwynd jones, sphere it despises—the sphere of the wal-mart papers, common man, the low people.

On the other hand, we should consider that even assuming that the effect of essays, contempt, of looking down or looking superior, falsifies the image of the person despised, such distortion will fall short by a long way of the distortion with which the repressed hatred and vengeance of the powerless man mistakenly assault his opponent—naturally, in effigy. In fact, in contempt there is wal-mart papers too much negligence, too much dismissiveness, too much looking away and impatience, all mixed together, even too much feeling of joy, for film australia it to be capable of wal-mart, converting its object into a truly distorted monster. We should not fail to thesis, hear the almost benevolent nuances which for a Greek noble, for wal-mart example, lay in all the purpose example, words with which he set himself above the lower people—how a constant type of pity, consideration, and research wal-mart papers forbearance is discuss review in business mixed in there, sweetening the words, to the point where almost all words which refer to the common man finally remain as expressions for unhappy, worthy of pity (compare deilos [cowardly] , deilaios [lowly, mean] , poneros [oppressed by toil, wretched] , mochtheros [suffering, wretched] —the last two basically designating the wal-mart papers, common man as a slave worker and beast of burden). On the lab report purpose example, other hand, for the Greek ear the words bad, low, unhappy have never stopped echoing a single note, one tone colour, in which unhappy predominates. Research Wal-mart! That is the inheritance of the old, noble, aristocratic way of evaluating, which does not betray its principles even in lab report example, contempt. (Philologists might recall the papers, sense in which oizuros [miserable] , anolbos [unblessed] , tlemon [wretched] , dustychein [unfortunate] , xymfora [misfortune] were used). The well born felt that they were the happy ones; they did not have to construct their happiness artificially first by looking at chetwynd griffith jones essays their enemies, or in some circumstance to talk themselves into it, to papers, lie to themselves (the way all men of resentment habitually do). Similarly they knew, as complete men, overloaded with power and thus necessarily active, they must not separate action from happiness. Essay! They considered being active necessarily associated with happiness (that's where the research wal-mart, phrase eu prattein [do well, succeed] derives its origin)—all this is very much the opposite of happiness at the level of the thesis finn, powerless, the oppressed, those festering with poisonous and hostile feelings, among whom happiness comes out essentially as a narcotic, an anesthetic, quiet, peace, Sabbath, relaxing the soul, stretching one's limbs, in short, as something passive. While the noble man lives for himself with trust and candour ( gennaios , meaning of noble birth stresses the nuance upright and also probably nave), the research wal-mart, man of resentment is neither upright nor nave, nor honest and for huckleberry essays direct with himself. His soul squints.

His spirit loves hiding places, secret paths, and back doors. Everything furtive attracts him as his world, his security, his refreshment. He understands about remaining silent, not forgetting, waiting, temporarily diminishing himself, humiliating himself. Wal-mart Papers! A race of such men will necessarily end up cleverer than any noble race. It will value cleverness to a very different extent, that is, as a condition of existence of the utmost importance; whereas, cleverness among noble men easily acquires a delicate aftertaste of luxury and sophistication about it. Here it is not nearly so important as the complete certainly of the ruling unconscious instincts or even a certain lack of thesis finn, cleverness, something like brave recklessness, whether in the face of danger or of an enemy, or wildly enthusiastic, sudden fits of anger, love, reverence, thankfulness, and vengefulness, by which in all ages noble souls have recognized each other. The resentment of the noble man himself, if it comes over him, consumes and exhausts itself in research papers, an immediate reaction and therefore does not poison. On the lab report example, other hand, in countless cases it just does not appear, whereas in the case of all weak and powerless people it is research unavoidable.

The noble man cannot take his enemies, his misfortunes, even his bad deeds seriously for very long—that is the mark of a strong, complete nature, in whom there is a surplus of plastic, creative, healing power, which also can make one forget (a good example for that from the modern world is Mirabeau, who had no memory of the insults and essay australia maliciousness people directed at research wal-mart papers him, and griffith jones who therefore could not forgive, because he just forgot). Such a man with one shrug throws off him all those worms which eat into other men. Only here is research papers possible (provided that it is at all possible on earth) the real love for one's enemy. How much respect a noble man already has for his enemies! And such a respect is already a bridge to love . . . In fact, he demands his enemy for himself, as his mark of honour. Griffith Essays! Indeed, he has no enemy other than one who has nothing to despise and a great deal to respect! By contrast, imagine for papers yourself the enemy as a man of resentment conceives him—and right here we have his action, his creation: he has conceptualized the evil enemy,: the evil one, and as a fundamental idea—and from that he now thinks his way to an opposite image and counterpart, a good man—himself! We see exactly the opposite with the noble man, who conceives the fundamental idea good in advance and spontaneously by himself and from there first creates a picture of bad for odyssey himself. This bad originating from the noble man and that evil arising out of the stew pot of insatiable hatred—of these the first is a later creation, an afterthought, a complementary colour; whereas the second is the original, the beginning, the essential act of conception in slave morality.

Although the two words bad and evil both seem opposite to the same idea of good, how different they are. But it is not the same idea of the research, good; it is much rather a question of essay, who the evil man really is, in the sense of the morality of resentment. The strict answer to that is this: precisely the good man of the other morality, the wal-mart, noble man himself, the essay film australia, powerful, the research papers, ruling man, only coloured over, reinterpreted, and seen through the poisonous eyes of odyssey essay, resentment. Here there is one thing we will be the last to deny: the man who knows these good men only as enemies, knows them as nothing but evil enemies, and research the same men who are so strongly held bound by custom, honour, habit, thankfulness, even more by mutual suspicion and thesis finn jealousy inter pares [among equals] and research papers who, by contrast, demonstrate in relation to each other such resourceful consideration, self-control, refinement, loyalty, pride, and thesis friendship—these men, once outside where the strange world, the foreign, begins, are not much better than beasts of prey turned loose. Papers! There they enjoy freedom from all social constraints. In the thesis essays, wilderness they make up for the tension which a long fenced-in confinement within the peace of the community brings about. Research Papers! They go back to essay, the innocent consciousness of a wild beast of prey, as joyful monsters, who perhaps walk away from a dreadful sequence of papers, murder, arson, rape, and torture with exhilaration and spiritual equilibrium, as if they had merely pulled off a student prank, convinced that the poets now have something more to griffith jones, sing about and praise for a long time. At the bottom of all these noble races we cannot fail to recognize the beast of prey, the blond beast splendidly roaming around in its lust for loot and victory. This hidden basis from time to time needs to be discharged: the animal must come out again, must go back into the wilderness,—Roman, Arab, German, Japanese nobility, Homeric heroes, Scandinavian Vikings—in this need they are all alike. It was the wal-mart papers, noble races which left behind the concept of the barbarian in all their tracks, wherever they went. A consciousness of and discuss review research project a pride in this fact reveals itself even in their highest culture (for example, when Pericles says to his Athenians, in that famous Funeral Speech, our audacity has broken a way through to every land and sea, putting up permanent memorials to itself for good and ill.).

This audacity of the wal-mart, noble races, mad, absurd, sudden in the way it expresses itself, its unpredictability, even the improbability of its undertakings—Pericles emphatically praises the chetwynd, rayhumia [mental balance, freedom from research papers anxiety] of the griffith, Athenians—its indifference to and contempt for research wal-mart safety, body, life, comfort, its fearsome cheerfulness and the depth of its joy in all destruction, in all the physical pleasures of victory and cruelty—everything summed up for those who suffer from such audacity in the image of the essay, barbarian, the evil enemy, something like the Goth or the Vandal. The deep, icy mistrust which the German evokes, as soon as he comes to power—even today—is still an after-effect of that unforgettable terror with which for a century Europe confronted the rage of the blond German beast (although there is hardly any idea linking the old Germanic tribes and research we Germans, let alone any blood relationship). Once before I have remarked on Hesiod's dilemma when he thought up his sequence of cultural periods and sought to express them as Gold, Silver, and Iron. Essay Film Australia! But he didn't know what to do with the contradiction presented to research papers, him by the marvelous but, at the same time, so horrifying world of Homer, other than to make two cultural ages out of one, then placing one after the odyssey storytelling essay, other—first the age of Heroes and Demi-gods from Troy and Thebes, just as that world remained as a memorial for the noble races who had their own ancestors in it, and then the research wal-mart papers, Iron Age, as that same world appeared to the descendants of the downtrodden, exploited, ill treated, those carried off and sold—a metallic age, as mentioned: hard, cold, cruel, empty of feeling and scruples, with everything crushed and covered over in blood. Assuming as true what in lab report example, any event is taken as the truth nowadays, that it is precisely the purpose of all culture to breed a tame and civilized animal, a domestic pet, out of the beast of prey man, then we would undoubtedly have to consider the essential instruments of culture all those instinctive reactions and resentments by means of which the research wal-mart, noble races with all their ideals were finally disgraced and overpowered—but that would not be to claim that the bearers of these instincts also in themselves represented culture. It would much rather be the villain essays, case that the opposite is not only research wal-mart probable—no! nowadays it is visibly apparent. These people carrying instincts for villain essays oppression and research papers a lust for revenge, the descendants of thesis, all European and non-European slavery, and research papers all pre-Aryan populations in review in business research project, particular, represent the regression of mankind! These instruments of culture are a disgrace to wal-mart, humanity, more a reason to be suspicious of or a counterargument against culture in chetwynd griffith jones essays, general! We may well be right when we hang onto papers our fear of the essay, blond beast at the base of all noble races and keep up our guard. But who would not find it a hundred times better to fear if he could at the same time be allowed to admire, rather than not fear and no longer be able to rid himself of the disgusting sight of the failures, the stunted, the emaciated, the poisoned? Is not that our fate?

Today what is it that constitutes our aversion to man? For we suffer from man—there's no doubt of that. It's not a matter of fear, rather it's the fact that we have nothing more to papers, fear from men, that the maggot man is in the foreground swarming around, that the tame man, the hopelessly mediocre and unpleasant man, has already learned to feel that he is the goal, the pinnacle, the meaning of history, the higher man,—yes indeed, he even has a certain right to feel that about himself, insofar as he feels separate from the finn, excess of failed, sick, tired, spent people, who are nowadays beginning to make Europe stink, and feels at least somewhat successful, at least still capable of life, at least able to wal-mart, say yes to life. At this point I won't suppress a sigh and a final hope. What is it exactly than I find so totally unbearable? Something which I cannot deal with on my own, which makes me choke and feel faint? Bad air! Bad air!

It's when something which has failed comes close to me, when I have to smell the entrails of a failed soul! Apart from storytelling essay that what can we not endure by way of need, deprivation, bad weather, infirmity, hardship, loneliness? Basically we can deal with all the other things, born as we are to an underground and struggling existence. Research! We come back again and again into the light, we live over and over our golden hour of victory—and then we stand there, just as we were born, unbreakable, tense, ready for something new, for essay something even more difficult, more distant, like a bow which all trouble only serves to pull more tight. But if there are heavenly goddesses who are our patrons, beyond good and evil, then from time to time grant me a glimpse, grant me a single glimpse into something perfect, something completely developed, something happy, powerful, triumphant, from which there is still something to fear! A glimpse of a man who justifies humanity, of a complementary and redeeming stroke-of-luck of a man, for whose sake we can hang onto a faith in humanity! . . Papers! . For matters stand like this: the diminution and odyssey levelling of European man hides our greatest danger, for the sight of him makes us tired. Research Wal-mart! We don't see anything today which wants to be greater. We suspect that things are constantly going down and down into odyssey storytelling something thinner, more good-natured, more prudent, more comfortable, more mediocre, more indifferent, more Chinese, more Christian—humanity, there is no doubt, is wal-mart becoming constantly better . . . Europe's fate lies right here. With our fear of mankind we also have lost our love for mankind, our reverence for mankind, our hopes for mankind, even our will to be mankind.

A glimpse at man makes us tired—what is today's nihilism, if it is not that? . Purpose! . . We are weary of man. But let's go back: the problem with the other origin of the good, of the good as the papers, man of resentment has imagined it for himself, demands some conclusion. That lambs are annoyed at the great predatory birds is not a strange thing, and it provides no reason for holding anything against these large birds of prey, because they snatch away small lambs. And if the lambs say among themselves These predatory birds are evil—and whoever is least like a predatory bird—and especially who is for huckleberry finn essays like its opposite, a lamb—shouldn't that animal be good? there is nothing to research wal-mart papers, find fault with in this setting up of an ideal, except for the fact that the birds of prey might look down with a little mockery and perhaps say to themselves We are not at all annoyed with these good lambs—we even love them. Nothing is tastier than a tender lamb. To demand that strength does not express itself as strength, that it must not consist of a will to overpower, a will to throw down, a will to rule, a thirst for enemies and essays opposition and triumph—that is as unreasonable as to demand that weakness express itself as strength. A quantum of research wal-mart, force is just such a quantum of drive, will, action—indeed, it is griffith nothing but these drives, willing, and actions in themselves—and it cannot appear as anything else except through the seduction of language (and the fundamental errors of research papers, reason petrified in it), which understands and misunderstands all action as conditioned by something which causes actions, by a Subject. In fact, in just the same way as people separate lightning from its flash and take the latter as an action, as the effect of a subject, which is called lightning, so popular morality separates strength from the example, manifestations of that strength, as if behind the strong person there is an indifferent substrate, which is free to manifest strength or not. Research! But there is no such substrate, there is no being behind the doing, acting, becoming.

The doer is merely invented after the fact—the act is everything. People basically duplicate the event: when they see lightning, well, that is an action of an action: they set up the same event first as the cause and then again as its effect. Natural scientists are no better when they say Force moves, force causes and so on—our entire scientific knowledge, for all its coolness, its freedom from feelings, still remains exposed to the seductions of language and has not gotten rid of the film australia, changelings foisted on it, the Subject (the atom, for example, is such a changeling, like the Kantian Thing in itself): it's no wonder that the repressed, secretly smouldering feelings of rage and hate use this belief for themselves and, in research papers, fact, maintain a faith in nothing more strongly than in the idea that the strong are free to be weak and predatory birds are free to be lambs—and in so doing, they arrogate to themselves the right to blame the essay film australia, birds of wal-mart, prey for being birds of prey . . . When the oppressed, the downtrodden, the conquered say to the importance review, each other, with the wal-mart papers, vengeful cunning of the thesis essays, powerless, Let us be different from research wal-mart evil people, namely, good! And that man is good who does not overpower, who hurts no one, who does not attack, who does not retaliate, who hands revenge over to God, who keeps himself hidden, as we do, who avoids all evil and demands little from life in general—like us, the patient, humble, and upright—what that amounts to, coolly expressed and without bias, is essentially nothing more than We weak people are merely weak. It's good if we do nothing, because we are not strong enough. But this bitter state, this shrewdness of the lowest ranks, which even insects possess (for in great danger they stand as if they were dead in the importance review in business research project, order not to do too much), has, thanks to the counterfeiting and self-deception of powerlessness, dressed itself in the splendour of a self-denying, still, patient virtue, just as if the weakness of the weak man himself—that means his essence, his actions, his entire single, inevitable, and irredeemable reality—is a voluntary achievement, something willed, chosen, an act, something of merit.

This kind of man needs to believe in the disinterested, freely choosing subject out of his instinct for self-preservation, self-approval, in which every falsehood is habitually sanctified. The subject (or, to use a more popular style, the research wal-mart, soul) has up to now probably been the best principle for belief on odyssey storytelling earth, because, for the majority of the dying, the weak, and the downtrodden of all sorts, it makes possible a sublime self-deception which establishes weakness itself as freedom and papers their being like this or that as something meritorious. Is there anyone who would like to take a little look down on and under that secret how man fabricates an ideal on earth? Who has the film australia, courage for that? Come on, now! Here is an open glimpse into this dark workshop. Just wait a moment, my dear Mr. Presumptuous and Nosy: your eye must first get used to papers, this artificial flickering light. Purpose! . . So, enough! Now speak! What's going on down there? Speak up.

Say what you see, man of the most dangerous curiosity—now I'm the one who's listening.— —I see nothing, but I hear all the research, more. It is a careful and crafty light rumour-mongering and whispering from every nook and odyssey storytelling cranny. It seem to me that people are lying; a sugary mildness clings to every sound. Weakness is going to be falsified into something of merit. There's no doubt about it—things are just as you said they were. —and powerlessness which does not retaliate is being falsified into 'goodness,' anxious baseness into 'humility,' submission before those one hates to papers, 'obedience' (of course, obedience to the one who, they say, commands this submission—they call him God).

The inoffensiveness of the the importance of literature in business research project, weak man, even cowardice, in which he is rich, his standing at the door, his inevitable need to wait around—here these acquire good names, like 'patience' and are called virtue. That incapacity for revenge is called the wal-mart papers, lack of desire for revenge, perhaps even forgiveness ('for they know not what they do—only we know what they do!'). And people are talking about 'love for one's enemy'—and sweating as they say it. They are miserable—there's no doubt about chetwynd jones, that—all these rumour mongers and counterfeiters in papers, the corners, although crouched down beside each other in the warmth—but they are telling me that their misery is purpose example God's choice, His sign. One beats the wal-mart, dog one loves the most. Perhaps this misery may be a preparation, a test, an film education, perhaps it is even more—something that will one day be rewarded and paid out research wal-mart papers with huge interest in gold, no, in happiness. They call that 'blessedness'. Now they are telling me that they are not only better than the odyssey essay, powerful, the masters of the earth, whose spit they have to research wal-mart papers, lick (not out of fear, certainly not out of fear, but because God commands that they honour those in authority)—they are not only villain essays better than these but they also are 'better off,' or at research wal-mart papers any rate will one day have it better.

But enough! Enough! I can't endure it any more. Bad air! Bad air! This workshop where man fabricates ideals—it seems to me it stinks from nothing but lies. —No! Just wait a minute more! So far you haven't said anything about the chetwynd essays, masterpiece of these black magicians who know how to make whiteness, milk, and innocence out of every blackness. Have you not noticed the perfection of their sophistication, their most daring, refined, most spiritual, most fallacious artistic attempt.

Pay attention! These cellar animals full of vengeance and research wal-mart papers hatred—what are they making right now out of that vengeance and chetwynd griffith essays hatred? Have you ever heard these words? If you heard only their words, would you suspect that you were completely among men of resentment? —I understand. Once again I'll open my ears (oh! oh! oh! and hold my nose). Now I'm hearing for the first time what they've been saying so often: 'We good men—we are the righteous'—what they demand they don't call repayment but 'the triumph of righteousness.' What they hate is research papers not their enemy. Thesis For Huckleberry Finn! No! They hate 'injustice,' 'godlessness.' What they believe and hope is not a hope for revenge, the intoxication of sweet vengeance (something Homer called 'sweeter than honey') but the victory of God, the righteous God, over research wal-mart, the godless.

What remains for them to love on earth are not their brothers in jones essays, hatred but their 'brothers in love,' as they say, all the good and righteous people on the earth. —And what do they call what serves them as a consolation for all the suffering of life—their phantasmagoria of future blessedness which they are expecting? —What that? Am I hearing correctly? They call that 'the last judgment,' the coming to their kingdom, the research wal-mart papers, coming of villain essays, 'God's kingdom'—but in the meanwhile they live 'in faith,' 'in love,' 'in hope.' Belief in what? Love for research papers what? Hope for what? There's no doubt that these weak people at chetwynd griffith some time or another also want to be the strong people, some day their kingdom is supposed to arrive—they call it simply the kingdom of research wal-mart papers, God, as I mentioned.

People are indeed so humble about everything! But to experience that, one has to live a long time, beyond death—in fact, people must have an eternal life, so they can win eternal recompense in villain essays, the kingdom of God for this earthly life in faith, in love, in hope. Research Wal-mart! Recompense for what? Recompense through what? In my view, Dante was grossly in error when, with an ingenuity meant to inspire terror, he set that inscription over the gateway into his hell: Eternal love also created me. Over the for huckleberry finn essays, gateway into the Christian paradise and research wal-mart its eternal blessedness it would, in any event, be more fitting to set the inscription Eternal hate also created me—provided it's all right to villain essays, set a truth over the gateway to a lie! For what is the bliss of research papers, this paradise? . . . Essays! We might well have guessed that already, but it is better for it to be expressly described for us by an authority we cannot underestimate, Thomas Aquinas, the great teacher and saint: . Research Papers! Beati in regno coelesti , he says, as gently as a lamb, videbunt poenas damnatorum, ut beatitudo illis magis complaceat [In the kingdom of heaven the blessed will see the punishment of the damned, so that they will derive all the more pleasure from their heavenly bliss.] Or do you want to hear that message in a stronger tone, something from the mouth of a triumphant father of the church [Tertullian] , who warns his Christians against storytelling essay the cruel sensuality of the public spectacles.

But why? Faith offers much more to wal-mart papers, us, he says, something much stronger. Thanks to the redemption, very different joys are ours to command; in place of the athletes, we have our martyrs. If we want blood, well, we have the blood of Christ . . . Research! But think of what awaits us on the day of his coming again, his triumph!—and now he takes off, the rapturous visionary: At enim supersunt alia spectacula, ille ultimus et perpetuus judicii dies, ille nationibus insperatus, ille derisus, cum tanta saeculi vetustas et tot ejus nativitates uno igne haurientur. Papers! Quae tunc spectaculi latitudo!

Quid admirer! Quid rideam! Ubi gaudeam! Ubi exultem, spectans tot et tantos reges, qui in coelum recepti nuntiabantur, cum ipso Jove et ipsis suis testibus in imis tenebris congemescentes! Item praesides (the provincial governors) persecutores dominici nominis saevioribus quam ipsi flammis saevierunt insultantibus contra Christianos liquescentes! Quos praeterea sapientes illos philosophos coram discipulis suis una conflagrantibus erubescentes, quibus nihil ad deum pertinere suadebant, quibus animas aut nullas aut non in pristine corpora redituras affirmabant!

Etiam pots non ad Rhadamanti nec ad Minois, sed ad inopinati Christi tribunal palpitantes! Tunc magis tragoedi audiendi, magis scilicet vocales (better voices since they will be screaming in greater terror) in sua propria calamitate; tunc histriones cognoscendi, solutiores multo per ignem; tunc spectandus auriga in flammea rota totus rubens, tunc xystici contemplandi non in gymnasiis, sed in igne jaculati, nisi quod ne tunc quidem illos velim vivos, ut qui malim ad eos potius conspectum insatiabilem conferre, qui in odyssey storytelling essay, dominum desaevierung. 'Hic est ille, dicam, fabri aut quaestuariae filis (in everything that follows and papers especially in the well-known description of the mother of Jesus from the chetwynd griffith jones, Talamud Tertullian from this point on wal-mart papers is referring to the Jews), sabbati destructor, Samarites et daemonium habens. Hic est, quem a Juda redemistis, hic est ille arundine et colaphis diverberatus, sputamentis dedecoratus, felle et aceto potatus. Hic est, quem clam discentes subripuerunt, ut resurrexisse dicatur vel hortulanus detraxit, ne lactucae suae frequentia commeantium laederentur.' Ut talia spectes, ut talibus exultes, quis tibi praetor aut consul aut quaestor aut sacerdos de sua liberalitate praestabit? Et tamen haec jam habemus quodammodo per fidem spiritu imaginante repraesentata. Essay! Ceterum qualia illa sunt, quae nec oculus vidit nec auris audivit nec in cor hominis ascenderunt (1. Cor. 2, 9.) Credo circo et utraque cavea (first and fourth tier of research wal-mart, seats or, according to others, the comic and odyssey tragic stages). Through faith: that's how it's written. [ However there are other spectacles—that last eternal day of judgment, ignored by nations, derided by research papers, them, when the accumulation of the thesis for huckleberry finn essays, years and all the many things which they produced will be burned in a single fire.

What a broad spectacle then appears! How I will be lost in admiration! How I will laugh! How I will rejoice! I'll be full of exaltation then as I see so many great kings who by public report were accepted into heaven groaning in research wal-mart, the deepest darkness with Jove himself and alongside those very men who testified on their behalf! They will include governors of provinces who persecuted the name of discuss the importance of literature project, our lord burning in wal-mart, flames more fierce that those with which they proudly raged against the Christians! And those wise philosophers who earlier convinced their disciples that god was irrelevant and who claimed either that there is no such thing as a soul or that our souls would not return to their original bodies will be ashamed as they burn in the conflagration with those very disciples. In Business Research Project! And the wal-mart, poets will be there, shaking with fear, not in front of the tribunal of Rhadamanthus or Minos, but of the Christ they did not anticipate! Then it will be easier to hear the tragic actors, because their voice will be more resonant in their own calamity ( better voices since they will be screaming in greater terror ). The actors will then be easier to recognize, for griffith jones the fire will make them much more agile. Then the charioteer will be on show, all red in wal-mart papers, a wheel of storytelling, fire, and the athletes will visible, thrown, not in the gymnasium, but in the fire, unless I have no wish to look at research papers their bodies then, so that I can more readily cast an insatiable gaze on for huckleberry finn essays those who raged against our Lord. This is the man, I will say, the son of a workman or a prostitute (in everything that follows and especially in the well-known description of the mother of Jesus from the Talamud Tertullian from this point on is refering to the Jews) , the wal-mart papers, destroyer of the sabbath, the lab report, Samaritan possessed by the devil.

He is the man whom you brought from Judas, the wal-mart papers, man who was beaten with a reed and chetwynd essays with fists, reviled with spit, who was given gall and vinegar to wal-mart papers, drink. He is the man whom his disciples took away in secret, so that it could be said that he was resurrected or whom the gardener took away, so that the crowd of visitors would not harm his lettuces. What praetor or consul or quaestor or priest will from his own generosity grant you the sight of such things or the exultation in them? And yet we already have these things to a certain extent through faith, represented to us by the imagining spirit. Besides, what sorts of purpose, things has the research wal-mart papers, eye not seen or the ear not heard and what sorts of things have not arisen in finn essays, the human heart (1. Cor. Research Papers! 2, 9)?

I believe these are more pleasing than the race track and the circus and chetwynd jones both enclosures (first and fourth tier of seats or, according to others, the comic and wal-mart tragic stages). Through faith: that's how it's written. Let's bring this to a conclusion. The two opposing values good and bad, good and evil have fought a fearful battle on thesis earth for thousands of years. If it's true that the second value in each pair has for a long time had the research wal-mart papers, upper hand, there's no lack of villain essays, places where the battle goes on wal-mart without a final decision. We ourselves could say that in discuss of literature research, the intervening time the battle has been constantly drawn to research, greater heights and greater depths and has become continuously more spiritual, so that nowadays there is perhaps no more decisive mark of a higher nature, a more spiritual nature, than that it is split in chetwynd jones essays, this sense and is truly a battleground for these opposites. The symbol of this battle, written in wal-mart papers, a script which has remained legible through all human history up to the present, is called Rome Against Judea, Judea Against Rome. To this point there has been no greater event than this war, this posing of film, a question, the contradiction between these deadly enemies. Rome felt that the Jews were something contrary to nature itself, something like its monstrous polar opposite. In Rome the Jew was considered guilty of wal-mart papers, hatred again the finn, entire human race. And that view was correct, to the extent we are right to link the health and the future of the human race to the unconditional rule of aristocratic values, the Roman values.

By contrast, how did the research papers, Jews feel about Rome? We can guess that from a thousand signs, but it is review in business sufficient to treat oneself again to the Apocalypse of John, that wildest of all written outbursts which vengeance has on its conscience. (Incidentally, we must not underestimate the deep consistency of the wal-mart papers, Christian instinct, when it ascribed this very book of hate to the name of the disciple of love, the same man to whom it attributed that wildly enthusiastic amorous gospel—there is some truth to this, no matter how much literary counterfeiting may have been necessary for villain essays that book to research wal-mart, make its point) The Romans were the for huckleberry essays, strong and noble men, stronger and nobler than any people who'd lived on papers earth up until then—or even than any people who'd ever been dreamed up. Villain Essays! Everything they left as remains, every inscription, is wal-mart papers delightful, provided that we can guess what was doing the writing there. By contrast, the Jews were par excellence that priestly people of resentment, who possessed an unparalleled genius for popular morality. Just compare people with related talents—say, the Chinese or the Germans—with the Jews in film australia, order to understand who's in first place and who's fifth. Which of them has proved victorious for the time being, Rome or Judea? Surely there's not the research papers, slightest doubt. Just think of who it is people bow down to today in lab report example, Rome as the personification of all the highest values—and not only in research, Rome, but in almost half the earth, everywhere where people have become merely tame or want to become tame—in front of three Jews, as we know, and one Jewess (before Jesus of Nazareth, the fisherman Peter, the carpet worker Paul, and the mother of the first-mentioned Jesus, named Mary).

Now, this is very remarkable: without doubt Rome has been conquered. It's true that in the Renaissance there was a brilliant, incredible re-awakening of the classical ideal, the noble way of evaluating everything. Storytelling Essay! Rome itself behaved like someone who'd woken up from a coma induced by the pressure of the new Jewish Rome built over it, which looked like an ecumenical synagogue and was called the research wal-mart papers, church. But immediately Judea triumphed again, thanks to that basically vulgar (German and English) movement of resentment, which we call the Reformation, together with what had to follow as a consequence, the re-establishment of the church, as well as the villain essays, re-establishment of the research, old grave-like tranquillity of classical Rome. In what is an even more decisive and deeper sense, Judea once again was victorious over villain essays, the classical ideal at the time of the French Revolution. The last political nobility which we had in Europe, in seventeenth and wal-mart papers eighteenth century France, broke apart under the thesis finn essays, instinct of research, popular resentment—never on earth has there ever been heard a greater rejoicing, a noisier enthusiasm! It's true that in the midst of all this the most dreadful and most unexpected events took place: the old ideal itself stepped physically and with unheard-of splendour before the eyes and the conscience of humanity—and once again stronger, simpler, and more urgently than ever rang out, in opposition to the old lie, to the slogan of resentment about the privileged rights of the griffith, majority, in opposition to that will for a low condition, abasement, equality, for the decline and extinguishing of research wal-mart papers, mankind—in opposition to all that there rang out a fearsome and delightful counter-slogan about the privileged rights of the few! As a last signpost to a different road, Napoleon appeared, the most singular and late-born man there ever was, and in discuss the importance of literature research, him the problem of the papers, inherently noble ideal was made flesh. We might well think about what sort of a problem that is: Napoleon, this synthesis of the inhuman and the superhuman . . . Did that end it?

Was that greatest of all opposition of ideals thus set ad acta [aside] for all time? Or was it merely postponed, postponed indefinitely? . . . Some day, after a much longer preparation, will an even more fearful blaze from the old fire not have to of literature review research, take place? More than that: isn't this exactly something we should hope for with all our strength—even will it or demand it? . . . Anyone who, like my readers, begins to reflect on these points and to think further will have difficulty coming to a quick conclusion—reason enough for me to come to a conclusion myself, provided that it has been crystal clear for a long time what I want, precisely what I want with that dangerous slogan which is written on the body of papers, my last book: Beyond Good and Evil . . . at least this does not mean Beyond Good and odyssey Bad I'm taking the opportunity provided to papers, me by this essay publicly and formally to state a desire which I have expressed up to now only in occasional conversations with scholars, namely, that some philosophical faculty might set up a series of chetwynd griffith essays, award-winning academic essays in wal-mart, order to serve the advancement of villain essays, studies into the history of morality. Perhaps this book will serve to provide a forceful push in precisely such a direction.

Bearing in mind a possibility of this sort, let me suggest the following question—it merits the attention of philologists and historians as much as of research wal-mart, professional philosophical scholars: What indications does the scientific study of language, especially etymological research, provide for the history of the development of moral concepts? On the other hand, it is, of course, just as necessary to attract the participation of physiologists and of literature project doctors in this problem (of the value of all methods of evaluating up to now). That task might be left to the faculties of research, philosophers, after they have completely succeeded in converting the relationship between philosophy, physiology, and medicine, originally so aloof, so mistrusting, into the most friendly and fruitful exchange. Discuss In Business Research! In fact, all the tables of value, all the you should's, which history or ethnology knows about, need, first and foremost, illumination and interpretation from physiology, rather than from psychology. And all of them similarly await a critique from the research papers, point of view of medical science.

The question What is this or that table of values and 'morality' worth? will be set under the different perspectives. For we cannot analyze the question Value for what? too finely. Something, for example, that has an apparent value with respect to the longest possible capacity for survival of a race (or for an increase in odyssey storytelling essay, its power to adapt to research papers, a certain climate or for the preservation of the greatest number) has nothing like the same value, if the issue is one of developing a stronger type. Chetwynd Griffith Jones Essays! The well-being of the majority and the well-being of the fewest are opposing viewpoints for values. We will leave it to the navet of research wal-mart, English biologists to finn essays, take the first as the research, one of inherently higher value.

All the sciences from now on have to advance the future work of the philosopher, understanding this task as solving the problem of essay, value, determining the rank order of values.

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The Infamous Canon Resume/Stop/Reset Button. 2011-02-23T11:52 February 23, 2011. The following information relates to small handful of Canon ink cartridges including the PG-37, CL-38, PG-40, CL-41, PG-50, CL-51, PG-510, CL-511, PG-512, CL-513, PG-540, PG-540XL, CL-541 and CL-541XL. The warnings vary from printer to printer but should be similar to the following: “The following ink cartridge may have run out: The function for wal-mart papers, detecting the odyssey, remaining ink level will be disabled since the ink level cannot be correctly detected. If you want to continue printing without this function, press the printers Stop/Reset button for at least 5/five seconds. Canon recommends to use new genuine Canon cartridges in order to obtain optimum qualities. Please be advised that Canon shall not be liable for any malfunction or trouble caused by research papers, continuation of printing under the ink out condition.” “The following ink has run out: Black PG-510 or PG-512.

Colour CL-511 or CL-513. Replace the ink cartridge and close the cover. If printing is in progress and you want to lab report purpose example, continue printing, press the papers, printers RESUME button for at least 5 seconds with the ink cartridge installed. Then printing can continue under the ink out condition. The function for detecting the thesis essays, remaining ink will be disabled. Replace the research wal-mart papers, empty cartridge after printing. The resulting quality is not satisfactory, if printing is continued under the ink out lab report, condition.” In addition to wal-mart, these on screen messages you may also get “Check Ink” messages on your printer with the codes E13, E16, Check ink U162 and jones Check ink U163. Research Papers. Whatever the case your printer requires the STOP/RESET/RESUME button be held down for a specific amount of time, but in most cases this is finn essays, 5 seconds.

However I have encountered many people that simply don’t know which button this is, as the research wal-mart papers, message itself is not massively clear. So to clarify you are looking for a button with the following symbol… Whilst it is normally red/pink but on newer printers you may fine it is discuss project, white or a duller grey in appearance. So before you take your trouble shooting any further I would advise locating this button on your printer and research holding it down for at least 5 seconds and with any luck your printer will jump into life and you will be able to continue printing. Please note that if you have changed multiple cartridges you may be required to indicate to the printer that you wish to continue using the cartridges individually so it may be worth holding it down again if the first attempt was not successful. Please note that it is perfectly normal for a remanufactured or refilled cartridge to behave in this way as the cartridge itself has no way of physically checking how much ink it is odyssey, carrying. Instead the printer relies upon the cartridge communicating how many pages it has printed in its lifetime and from this the research wal-mart papers, printer estimates and ink level.

As such the cartridge has simply retained the ink level estimate it has had previously that will normally indicate it is either partially used or empty. Please note that despite the purpose, ominous warnings to wal-mart papers, the contrary there is no way that continuing to use cartridges under these conditions can damage your printer. As the film australia, ink comes straight from the cartridge to the paper at no point does any non-Canon product come in contact with your machine. Whilst the print head of the cartridge will eventually cease to function correctly after it has been refilled a significant amount of times the only thing that can inflict damage prior to this point is prolonged printing when the ink has physically run out. I hope you have found this advice useful. Research Wal-mart. If however you continue to essay film, have problems with the cartridge please do get in contact with your supplier or check out our other troubleshooting videos to help identify the problem. This advice is applicable to the following printers Canon Fax JX200, MultiPass 450, MP150, MP160, MP170, Pixma iP1200, iP1300, iP1600, iP1700, iP1800, iP1900, iP2200, iP2400, iP2500, iP2600, MP140, MP150, MP160, MP170, MP180, MP190, MP210, MP220, MP450, MP460, MP470, MX300, MX310, iP2700, iP2702, MP230, MP240, MP250, MP252, MP260, MP270, MP272, MP280, MP282, MP330, MP480, MP490, MP492, MP495, MP499, MX320, MX330, MX340, MX350, MX410, MX420, MG2150, MG2250, MG3150, MG3155, MG3250, MG3550, MG4150, MG4250, MX375, MX395, MX435, MX455, MX515 and finally the Pixma MX525. If you have any other questions or have something to add, please let us know below in the comments. I have been involved in the printer industry since I was 18 and research have been an employee of Refresh Cartridges since early 2009. I am a dedicated family man, gamer, music fan and friend to all. I write the purpose, majority of the wal-mart, content here on Igloo and villain essays am responsible for research, its upkeep.

March 3, 2012 at 5:08 pm (UTC 0) On my pixma MP490 I have refilled my color and black cartridge for odyssey essay, the third time. The printer now gives me the message The printer head is research, not installed referring specifically to finn, the black cartridge. although I know i have carefully place cartridge into wal-mart printer and pushed down until the click. I have removed and replaced a dozen times and still get same message. Is this cartride not good anymore or can it be salvaged. I tried holding down the reset per you instruction with no result. I also disconnected and reconnected USB and chetwynd jones power without result. Any suggestions?

Thand you and research papers Regards. March 9, 2012 at for huckleberry 2:15 pm (UTC 0) If the cartridge is clicked in all of the way I can only imagine the cartridge is having trouble communicating with the cartridge electronically meaning the electronic contacts have either ceased functioning or are being obscured in some way. Research. I would recommend taking the storytelling, following steps: -Remove the cartridge from the wal-mart, printer.

-Turn the printer off from the machine itself. -Run a dry cloth across the gold contacts on villain essays the front of the cartridge. -Run the cloth across the corresponding contacts inside the printer. -Turn the printer back on. -Re-install the cartridge again. Hope this helps. March 5, 2012 at 7:19 pm (UTC 0) FOUND YOU ON YOUTUBE. Wal-mart. My MP490 was working fine until I manually refilled the two cartridges.

This is the third time I have done this and had no problem in jones the past. Research Wal-mart. This time I am getting the message print head is griffith jones essays, not installed, install the print headwith an error code of UO51. I have carefully removed reinstalled cartridge many times without success. The only further info i#039;ve got is research wal-mart, that it is the odyssey, black cartridge causing the problem. I have no problem buying an OEM cartridge but am afraid this might not even solve the problem. Wal-mart Papers. I have tried pushing and holding reset button, etc. and it doesn#039;t seem to help. Do you have any thoughts or solutions?

March 13, 2012 at 12:06 pm (UTC 0) Sadly the UO51 error cannot be overcome with the villain essays, holding of the resume button. It occurs when the wal-mart papers, printer is having trouble recognising the cartridge electronically. You can always wipe the contacts of the cartridge (and the corresponding ones inside the printer) with a piece of lab report kitchen tissue to remove any oils, ink etc. to see if that helps. March 16, 2012 at 10:08 pm (UTC 0)

God bless you Matthew for that video and explanation. Tearing out my remaining hair and foaming at the mouth while. doing everything I ever did before to try and coax my. Canon mp250 back to life including Polynesian incantations, all in the. middle of working on my taxes to research, print out IRS forms, your. explanation appeared, a true gift from the gods.

I sort of , kind of, did what you said, I think, as I was not fully in discuss in business research project control. of my senses after battling the printer for 3 hours, but whatever. I did following your step by step, it worked. No more clanking, spinning, rattling noises followed by. a half minute of eerie silence and then the dreaded beep-beep. and a bloody error message to drive my blood pressure up. Whatever we did, you and wal-mart papers me, it worked! I#039;m printing again. I#039;m.

almost happy to pay my taxes now that the goddamn printer works once again. Almost. April 18, 2012 at 9:59 am (UTC 0) I have tried the information given about the reset button but still no joy -as this printer was bought from Argos -I cannot ask them ,so can you please recommend an agent in this area of agrsvesend ,North Kent who can help ?? D,Kingsnorth. Many thanks for your comments. April 18, 2012 at 10:09 am (UTC 0) Sadly I do not know anybody in jones essays the area who could help you in the flesh. If however you wanted to let me know a detailed description of the problem along with any messages you are getting from the printer I would be happy to try and wal-mart help. Alternatively feel free to post any printer/cartridge related queries on our Facebook page:

April 18, 2012 at 10:05 am (UTC 0) I have done what you advise ,press the particular button which iI have now identified. with your lucid diagram but still no joy. What next ? Can you advise a cannon retailer -agent who can help as I bought at Argos. 11.05 on the 19th. April 18, 2012 at 10:14 am (UTC 0) I am sorry to hear it. Essay Film. So I have a better idea what we are dealing with could you please let me know the wal-mart papers, exact error message you are getting from the printer or the nature of the problem? I can then hopefully advise further.

You can also locate Canon service centres here: September 20, 2012 at 8:39 pm (UTC 0) I#039;m also getting the print head is not installed, install the essay film, print head error on research papers a Canon MP 470. This happens with both a BS and a color cartridge that I recently bought. I don#039;t see any obstructions on the cartridge. Has anyone made progress in storytelling solving this?

September 25, 2012 at 11:56 am (UTC 0) This error occurs when the printer is wal-mart, having trouble recognising a cartridge electronically. I would advise trying the following: -Remove the cartridge from the printer. -Turn the printer off from the machine itself. -Run a dry cloth across the gold contacts on the front of the cartridge. -Run the lab report purpose, cloth across the corresponding contacts inside the printer.

-Turn the printer back on. -Re-install the wal-mart, cartridge again. If this does not help it is entirely possible that the electronics on film australia the cartridge are either damaged of have ceased functioning. In which case replacing the wal-mart, cartridge is the discuss research, only alternative. September 26, 2012 at 10:52 pm (UTC 0) RefreshCarts, thanks very much for the reply. November 13, 2012 at 2:26 pm (UTC 0) I’ve got a Canon MP495 printer and have just put a refilled black ink cartridge in. It was the original one which I had filled by a local shop. Is there any way to get the orange low ink light to go out. Research Wal-mart Papers. There doesn’t seem to essays, be an wal-mart papers error message just the ink low light.

I’ve tried holding down the essay, reset button but it’s made no difference. Any ideas? November 13, 2012 at research papers 3:13 pm (UTC 0) There is no way to reset the ink level of these cartridges. A low ink warning by itself will not stop you printing however. Once your printer believes the cartridge is empty you will have to hold down the button to continue, but that is as taxing as it gets.

December 3, 2012 at 3:12 pm (UTC 0) thanks for your advice, alls well until i came to refil my cartridge for thr 2nd time. Example. As the refil was disabled i had the stop printing mode and then pressed the red triangle as you recommend. now having refilled the cartridge there appesrs to be excessive ink flowing out , which i have dried several times, i#039;ve checked that the refil hole is sealed. howeve the test print from clean the head is perfect yet the printer will not print letters. why can the test be detail perfect yet the p;rint not work. March 4, 2013 at research 9:54 pm (UTC 0) I have the U051 message on an MX340, with a brand-new 211XL cartridge. But when I put the discuss the importance review in business, old, used-up cartridge in, I get no error message at all (except Low Ink, of wal-mart course). I called Canon tech support and they agreed it sounded like a defective cartridge and sent me a new one.

Unfortunately, it also gives U051. Example. This time tech support says it means that my printer (only two years old!) is research papers, defective and I either have to buy a new one or go without color printing (I can put the old one back in so that I don#039;t get an error message and can therefore print, but only black, of discuss in business course, since the old color cartridge is empty). They also said that what I was describing didn#039;t make sense (old cartridge recognizable and new one not). Research Papers. I asked them if they had any idea why it might be happening and they said it#039;s an anomaly(. ) I came the advice on your site to press the Reset button, but that didn#039;t work (and further down on example your website I came across your note that it would not work for U051). Research Papers. I tried your advice of cleaning the contacts and that didn#039;t work either. I would assume that it really is the printer which is defective … except that it *does* recognize the old cartridge! Any idea why this could be, and example what to do about it? Thanks. November 9, 2013 at 2:32 pm (UTC 0) Did you ever find an answer to research papers, this, I#039;m having the same issue. May 12, 2013 at 7:38 pm (UTC 0)

Hi, I have just had the cartridges for my MP495 filled and installed them. Essays. I#039;m getting no error messages and I have been able to use the photocopy function in colour. But when I try to research wal-mart, print something from my computer (like a word document) the essay film australia, printer won#039;t print in research wal-mart papers colour. Odyssey Essay. Any idea why this might be? Cheers. May 14, 2013 at 9:56 am (UTC 0)

If you printer is going through the motions of printing but not putting any colour ink to paper I would recommend doing cleaning/deep cleaning cycles from your printer or printer software. Research. This pushes additional ink into the printhead and is likely to resolve print quality issues. if the discuss the importance of literature in business research project, problem persists after a few of research papers these cleans then I would recommend taking th cartridge back to whoever refilled it. Hope this helps. May 14, 2013 at griffith essays 7:25 pm (UTC 0) I have a cannon pimxa mp495, just installed 2 new compitable ink cartridges into my printer and am now getting an wal-mart papers error e14 flash up? I not sure how to essays, fix it? June 1, 2013 at research wal-mart 1:31 pm (UTC 0) Do you know the pin sequences for these cartridges… I mean there must be a way to reset the cartridge itself or at least fool the thesis finn, printer into thinking there is an everlasting cartridge in the slot? (perhaps something like it resets every time the printer is switched off and on) Also is wal-mart papers, there a way to villain essays, factory reset the printer and in papers that way it loses all its memory. I have the Epson stylus dx8450 and a canon ip1900. June 13, 2013 at odyssey 9:49 pm (UTC 0)

Oh my god. Thank you thank you thank you. Research Wal-mart Papers. I had tried everything to bring my damn printer back to life and this is the only thing that worked. You#039;re a ?. August 19, 2013 at odyssey 1:22 pm (UTC 0) Argos are selling Canon printer real cheap at the moment and these canon printers take the research, 540 Black and 541 Colour these printers have a page counter installed in them so they will not except refilled cartridges. Do you know any way round this please. August 20, 2013 at 9:44 am (UTC 0)

Whilst these cartridges will warn of low ink as described in this article you can still get around it easily using the method described here. There is nothing stopping you using refilled cartridge in these machines as long as the essays, sensitive electronics are not damaged during refilling. Wal-mart Papers. If the contacts are damaged you will receive a message stating that the cartridge cannot be recognised. Sadly this message is pretty terminal and in business research project there is no way around it. Hope this helps. September 26, 2013 at 12:56 pm (UTC 0) I recently purchased refill cartridges for my Canon MP220, this is the very first time I have replaced the cartridges for my machine but I am continually getting an error message U051, I have tried resetting the machine using your instructions above but it still wont recognise the cartridges, please help.

September 26, 2013 at 3:48 pm (UTC 0) In my experience U051 indicates that your printer is having trouble recognising a particular cartridge and is different to the low ink warning covered here. Sadly all you can do to research wal-mart papers, is ensuring the gold contacts on the front of the cartridge are clean. If this doesn#039;t help there is likely an issue with the cartridge electronically and it will need replacing. October 11, 2013 at australia 5:50 am (UTC 0) I have a cannon pimxa ip1800, just installed 2 new ink cartridges into wal-mart papers my printer and an now getting an error of 7 flash up. The printer send me a message that the color cartridge is jones, not installed properly but and wal-mart papers sure it is. I not sure how to fix it? October 16, 2013 at storytelling essay 8:53 am (UTC 0) Error E07 does indeed relate to the printer not being able to recognise the cartridge.

This does not however mean the cartridge is wal-mart, not installed correctly, just that the printer cannot read the chetwynd jones, contacts of the cartridge correctly. In this instance I would recommend taking the following steps: -Remove the cartridge from the printer. -Turn the printer off. -Wipe the research, contacts on the front of the cartridge firmly with a piece of kitchen tissue. -Wipe the corresponding contact inside the purpose example, printer.

-Turn the printer back on. -Reinstall the cartridge. This will hopefully remove any oil, dirt or ink that is stopping the printer recognising the cartridge and allow you to research, continue printing. If however this does not help it may be that the chetwynd, electronic components of the cartridge have either become dead electronically or have been damaged. in this case I can only wal-mart papers recommend replacing the ink cartridge. November 4, 2013 at 7:41 pm (UTC 0) Canon mp495 will not print on the left side of paper (about 1 and 1/2 inches) the discuss the importance research project, right side is fine. November 11, 2013 at 12:34 am (UTC 0) I have just refilled my cartridges for my mp490 and wal-mart it will only print out in discuss in business black and pink how can I fix this. November 12, 2013 at 5:04 pm (UTC 0)

Hello! I have a Canon PIXMA MX455 printer, and no matter how many times or for how long I press the wal-mart, Stop/Reset button, I cannot get rid of the low ink warning. Do you know a way to griffith jones essays, reset the papers, type of printer mentioned above? November 12, 2013 at 6:00 pm (UTC 0) It is important to note that the holding down resume does not get rid of the thesis finn, low ink warning. Pressing this button down is only to be done when your printer believes the wal-mart papers, cartridge is empty and stops your printing. The ink level estimate will still read as low after this point, but you will be able to continue printing with the discuss the importance in business, black or colour cartridge in question until it physically runs out of ink. November 16, 2013 at 9:52 pm (UTC 0)

Hi I have a canon MG4150 and research wal-mart have refilled my colour cartridge but my printer wont acknowledge it how do i reset it. November 19, 2013 at 11:27 am (UTC 0) Your printer will not give an ink level reset after refilling but should still recognise it. What error message are you getting? September 16, 2014 at griffith 5:55 pm (UTC 0) did you ever sort this out, as I have the wal-mart papers, same problem, and de -pressing the stop button is chetwynd, not working either. November 20, 2013 at 4:42 pm (UTC 0) I#039;ve got an ip3500. Quite suddenly the wal-mart papers, lights went out on villain essays the cartridges (not Canon#039;s) and it won#039;t print. error message cartridges not recognised and I get a flashing yellow light – 4 times. Any fix available??

November 26, 2013 at 8:43 am (UTC 0) I have a Canon Pixma ip5200 and have used compatible cartridges with no bother until recently when I got resume light flashing 5 times, with a pause. I thought it would be the print head so have replaced this to research papers, no avail- still flashing in sequences of 5 and no response when trying to film australia, print. Have tried power off and papers reset codes etc. Would be grateful of any advice. December 17, 2013 at 10:54 am (UTC 0) I replaced black ink cartridge pg 512 for canon mp490 (a non original one) and I get error U052 Printer head not installed. Australia. I tried to press and hold the research wal-mart papers, reset red button, as well as other buttons but nothing happens.

What am I doing wrong? Does this printer accept only odyssey original canon ink cartridges? Please help! Thanks? December 24, 2013 at 12:09 am (UTC 0) Hi, I have a MP490. Replaced the cartridges with refilled ones, did the whole reset button for x amount of time. The black has registered on the printer, but colour is still saying it is low…but on the flip side it still prints fine in both black and colour.

Should I just live with it? Or… Thanks for your time. December 24, 2013 at 11:27 am (UTC 0) Even after holding the reset button down the cartridges should still read as being low. This process is research papers, designed to get you up and printing once the printer has decided the cartridge is empty (and temporarily stops you printing). As such do not worry about lab report it, your printer will let you carry on until ink physically runs our or your printer thinks the other cartridge is empty. January 14, 2014 at 11:20 pm (UTC 0) Thanks for the useful info! I just got a Pixma MX395 and I was wondering how many times I can refill the research wal-mart papers, original cartridges and still be able to print.

I used to have an Epson with CISS, which broke, and chetwynd griffith jones now I have a lot of leftover ink from it. Can I use it for my Canon? Kinda like a CISS, except manually refilling the cartridges whenever ink runs out. In other words, is there any way of using this printer without periodically investing money in new (original or not) cartridges? I only want to buy the ink from now on. Hope my questions made sense. January 15, 2014 at 1:20 pm (UTC 0)

You can continue to refill these cartridges until the wal-mart, printhead of the essay film, cartridge ceases to function mechanically. This could be on the first refill or after several. Papers. Canon design these cartridges for thesis for huckleberry, single use only so anything in excess of this is research wal-mart, a bonus. I am not however aware of thesis any CISS kits for papers, this printer. I can see no reason why you could not continue to use the ink you already have and australia replace the ink cartridge occasionally though. January 18, 2014 at 3:08 am (UTC 0) Sir, I am getting an error somewhat like this in my Canon pixma ip1300:

The Following cartridge cannot be recognized. Printing cannot be executed because ink cartridge may not be inserted properly or may not be compatible for this printer. sir, any help would be gladly appreciated. January 26, 2014 at 6:17 pm (UTC 0) I have a Canon Pixma MX310. I#039;ve been refilling cartridges for research wal-mart papers, several years and pressing the the importance review, stop/reset button and this has worked This time however, nothing. I gave in and bought a Canon cartridge, still nothing. I get a yellow warning light and research wal-mart a Check Ink message on chetwynd essays the printer plus an error message when I try to print like the research wal-mart papers, one in your video.

Can you suggest anything else to odyssey essay, try? Thanks very much – you have saved me hundreds of £ over the years! January 28, 2014 at 10:44 am (UTC 0) I can only research wal-mart imagine the storytelling, #039;Check Ink#039; message is papers, referring to something other than low ink as this is storytelling essay, a 100% fix for this. Are there any other codes and references that are presented alongside Check Ink? If not could you please confirm the full error message given to you on your computer screen? January 28, 2014 at 9:36 am (UTC 0) Hi, I had buy a canon MP 280 printer four years ago. but it didn#039;t work properly from the beginning and it had cartridge error. the research, guaranty service was not available in my country. after four years I want want to know if it is storytelling, repairable or not, and how can I get rid of cartridge error. I would be so glad if you could help me. thank you for you kind answer. February 8, 2014 at research 5:40 pm (UTC 0)

I have just purchased a Canon Pixma mx455 I have set up as instructed, but everytime I open the cover to install paper, the discuss of literature research, ink cartridges move across and pop open the papers, cover door. Message states #039;can replace cartridge#039;. I have taken them out and replaced 3 times. Is it me or the damed machine. The Importance. They are the cartridges packed with the machine. February 10, 2014 at 9:45 pm (UTC 0) I have a Canon printer Mp272, i would like to know if I need both cartridges black and colour in order for it to work as it shows me E5 and papers does not print. February 11, 2014 at 9:43 am (UTC 0) This printer does indeed need the black and colour cartridge to be recognised in order for it to carry on printing.

E05 indicated that one of the cartridges is essay, unrecognisable by the printer and I can only recommend replacing the problematic cartridge. March 4, 2014 at 10:43 am (UTC 0) Hi I just bought a cannon pixma MG3150 The ink head will not open automatically and I am getting warning P 02. There is research, no paper jam and this is the first time ink will be put into the printer. HELP. June 4, 2014 at 6:47 pm (UTC 0) Thank you so much for essay film australia, the tip!

Saved me so much time and research wal-mart papers effort! June 25, 2014 at 1:50 am (UTC 0) My Canon mp230 is brand new and lab report purpose the light flashes 22 times.the scanner nor the research papers, printer want to work. July 20, 2014 at jones 10:36 pm (UTC 0) Sir i have a problem on my canon ip2700 printer..the error says that the wal-mart, waste tank is villain essays, full and i try to reset it two times but the research wal-mart, reseter did not it only 4 times of chetwynd griffith jones failed reseting and papers the printer will be dead? Can you recommend me wher to download a reliable reseter? July 22, 2014 at 11:30 am (UTC 0) Sadly holding down the resume button will not resolve any issues relating to discuss the importance review, the waste ink tank of your printer. To continue printing you will need to find a method of wal-mart papers resetting the purpose example, waste ink tank/ink absorber counter. After a quick Google I found several methods or doing so but i have note had experience resetting this particular printer personally. July 25, 2014 at 11:36 am (UTC 0)

hi i HAVE A CANON IP1300 PRINTER . I HAVE REFILLED THE CARTRIDGE CORRECTLY BUT MY PRINTER IS NOT RECOGNIZING IT.CAN YOU TELL ME A SOLUTION HOW I CAN USE THE REFILLED CATRRIDGE….SAY IF I CAN DO SOMETHING WITH THE CHIP. August 16, 2014 at research papers 12:34 pm (UTC 0) Thank you so so much for the information. I was wondering it says my cartridge is for huckleberry, empty even after I have refilled the ink. So now I know it#039;s normal so thank you so much. My mind is at ease now. #128512; September 13, 2014 at papers 3:41 pm (UTC 0)

I have installed a refilled CL41 in my Cannon MP210. The Importance Of Literature Review In Business Research. It says: Printing cannot be executed because the Ink cartridge may not be installed properly or may not be compatible with this printer. I did try cleaning the contacts as well as holding the Stop/Reset bottom, but no luck, it does not let me print. Any way to research wal-mart papers, get around this? September 18, 2014 at thesis for huckleberry 10:43 am (UTC 0) Hi my canon mg3550 has the green and amber light flashing alternately for 4 flashes (2 each) There is ink in the cartridges, I have taken them out and put them back, but it will not start or reset, any ideas? September 30, 2014 at 3:46 pm (UTC 0) pls… help me. i need resetter for papers, canon pixma p200, where i download the restter? October 28, 2014 at lab report 3:00 am (UTC 0) was there a reply, answer or solution, am in need of same for canon p200….help pls.

October 20, 2014 at 6:58 am (UTC 0) if i refill the 512 black faxes cannot be recieved and the printer stores them until i install an original before releasung. Research Papers. please help. October 24, 2014 at 6:38 am (UTC 0) Hi, I have a Cannon pixma 160 and I just replaced the villain essays, black and research papers color cartridge and when it goes through the motion to print it acts like it is printing but the lab report purpose, sheets come out blank. Please does anyone know what could be wrong? I did remove the wal-mart, strip like it said on the box. Thanks. October 25, 2014 at 12:38 pm (UTC 0)

Sounds like the ink isn#039;t where it need to be in the cartridge. I would recommend running a couple of cleaning/deep cleaning cycles from your printer or printer software. Essay Film Australia. If this fails to research, help, simply sit it on a damp patch on some tissue for 30 seconds and this should help get the ink flowing. November 11, 2014 at 11:45 am (UTC 0) Hi, I have a canon mx 395, it worked fine until last week. It receives faxes fine, but when it sends a fax the recipient gets a blank sheet, I tried copying but again a blank sheet. Lab Report Purpose Example. Why will it receive faxes but scans blank sheets?

Thanking you in advance for your help. November 19, 2014 at 11:26 am (UTC 0) November 24, 2014 at 11:41 am (UTC 0) hi Matthew, i have a canon mp220 series, when i want to print , the paper slide directly through to research papers, the out storytelling essay, tray. It was working perfectly prior to going away for a month, any advice would be much appreciated. November 25, 2014 at 8:27 am (UTC 0) I have a canon Ip4200, is wal-mart papers, was printing normaly and all of a suden, it prints blanks. I did a head cleaning, Nozzle Check, only the black ink print when I do a Nozzle Check, all the catridges are full. What can the chetwynd griffith jones essays, problem be? November 29, 2014 at wal-mart 7:33 pm (UTC 0) where is the resume button in canon ip 2600.

December 2, 2014 at 10:19 am (UTC 0) Near top left, under the essay film australia, power button. I believe it doubles as a paper feed button. December 15, 2014 at 5:26 pm (UTC 0) Hi I have a pixma 287 printer. With refilled cartridges it was working well, then suddenly message displayed cartridges cannot be recognised how to research wal-mart, restore printing.

December 17, 2014 at 4:02 pm (UTC 0) Hi Matthew. Chetwynd Griffith Essays. Thank you for sharing all this information with us all. Very grateful and much appreciated. January 2, 2015 at 5:42 pm (UTC 0) I cant get my printer to research wal-mart papers, work after it ran out of paper. I#039;ve filled the purpose, paper, pressed and held the reset button for up to research papers, 10 seconds, pressed both colour and black buttons, turned it on and off a few times and still it says paper tray needs refilled. Any ideas on other ways to clear this? the lab report, printer is brand new, first time priiting from research wal-mart it. January 23, 2015 at 7:18 am (UTC 0) Canon Inkjet iP1300 printer showing error. The following ink catridge cannot be recognized.

printing cannot be excuted because the ink catridge. may not be compatible with this printer. Install the appropriate ink catridge. If you want to cancel printing, click cancel printing. February 18, 2015 at 8:16 pm (UTC 0) I have a Canon Pixma IP2500 with original cartridges. The colour one ran out of ink and I have had it refilled. I have reset the options for black only but no matter. what I do it will not print and comes up with the. Warning that an ink cartridge is not installed properly.

and consequently won#039;t print. I have tried the 5 sec. Reset but to no avail. Discuss The Importance Of Literature Research Project. Any ideas please. November 30, 2015 at 12:08 pm (UTC 0) I need the wal-mart papers, same advice as David above as my printer is lab report purpose example, doing the wal-mart papers, same no matter how many times i reset! plesase can you provide a solution to this. thank you.

March 3, 2015 at 2:13 pm (UTC 0) My Canon mp230 is brand new and the light flashes 22 times.the scanner nor the chetwynd griffith, printer want to work. March 4, 2015 at 5:28 pm (UTC 0) Hello sir, I need to help reset ink level of research canon pixma e560 wifi model, please send me solution of that printer, March 6, 2015 at 11:05 am (UTC 0) Help!

I have a Cannon MP5550 – replaced all cartridges, however it will print all other colours but black. Essay. I have done a deep clean, cleaned nozzles. Should I reset? Please help! March 11, 2015 at papers 5:19 pm (UTC 0) Please, any one can tell me how to Reset Ink Level Of Canon Pixma E560 wifi printer,

cartridge no. is film australia, PG-89 and CL-99. March 13, 2015 at 8:11 am (UTC 0) Brilliant – was pulling my hair out wal-mart, as the magenta cartridge wasnt working after id changed it. Of Literature In Business Project. No warnings or error messages – just wasn’t printing magenta. Wal-mart. Held it down for about 15 seconds and worked straight away.

Thank you! April 8, 2015 at for huckleberry finn essays 2:19 pm (UTC 0) I have a canon Ip4200, is was printing normaly and all of a suden, it prints blanks. I did a head cleaning, Nozzle Check, only the black ink print when I do a Nozzle Check, all the catridges are full. What can the research papers, problem be? May 14, 2015 at 5:05 pm (UTC 0) I brought a new PC and for huckleberry finn its windows 8.1, my canon MG4150 print is not sharp any more. I downloaded the appropriate driver on wal-mart papers the canon website, I#039;ve performed the auto align, and this has not cured the problem, despite performing these operation 2 or 3 times, and removing and re installing the driver. New printer maybe?? August 9, 2015 at 11:16 am (UTC 0)

I have a canon Pixma MG3550 printer. I have replaced the villain essays, standard cartridges with XL cartridges but now I get four flashes. What can i do to remedy this. Thanks in advance for any help. August 10, 2015 at 11:49 am (UTC 0) my canon mg2550 printer is showing paper jam. I cannot see any paper. What can i do. October 9, 2015 at research wal-mart 9:10 am (UTC 0) I have canon 6750dn can i get total pages print till date in ubuntu machine. November 1, 2015 at thesis for huckleberry 2:36 am (UTC 0)

I have a MX475 the /Stop/Reset Button to continuing printing work on this printer to? November 9, 2015 at 10:16 am (UTC 0) I have a canon mx410 printer. Can the ink tanks be (for example) cl-211/pg-210xl or do they have to be cl-211/pg-210. I keep getting the code u051 and research wal-mart papers I was wondering if this was the problem. November 15, 2015 at 4:14 pm (UTC 0) Hi. I have a canon e460 using pg-47 and cl-57. Chetwynd Griffith Jones. I have refill the cartridges and the printer prints nothing, looks like the ink cartridges don#039;t spill out in even they are full. Research Wal-mart Papers. What should I do now?

Thanks. January 1, 2016 at 2:20 pm (UTC 0) how do I reset the example, Canon MP640 printer it wont tune on I#039;m getting a yellow light to wal-mart, the right of my printer led screen wont come on is there away to fix it thanks. January 9, 2016 at 6:53 pm (UTC 0) I have canon pixmaE460 and its black ink lamb is villain essays, continously flesh then what its mean and how i can solve this problem. January 19, 2016 at 4:22 pm (UTC 0) Canon Pixma MP230 flashes green and research wal-mart papers orange alternately 22 times. What should I do ? January 28, 2016 at for huckleberry finn 5:56 am (UTC 0) I have mx310 and wal-mart I lost the drivers of it and I download it from canon company,my system is windows 8.1, after I install the driver for mx310 , I can#039;t find the thesis finn essays, Icons for papers, the scaner or the other Icons , does it hied some where in that windows? if there is australia, something wrong with the driver that I had can you give me a link for the real driver? thank you. February 3, 2016 at 12:40 pm (UTC 0) I have recently returned to South Africa and brought with me my a Cannon Pixma MG-3250 printer.

I now need to replace the cartridges but they are not available in South Africa. My Cartridges are Black PG-540 and wal-mart papers colour CL-541, I can get cartridges that will fit i.e 440 and 441 but the machine refuses to thesis for huckleberry essays, accept them. Research. Is there anyway to fool the printer into accepting them? February 17, 2016 at 6:29 pm (UTC 0) Yes no problem if you can buy the film, ink in SA just refill the cartridge and follow the above instructions,filled mine about 4 times now,good luck. March 5, 2016 at 12:58 pm (UTC 0)

Hi mattew I need ur help I have a Canon printer Mp280 I change both catridges but is not working the research wal-mart papers, alarm light is on. March 31, 2016 at 4:28 pm (UTC 0) Same with mine. Villain Essays. I keep changing the cartidge and wal-mart papers am using a branbd-new not refilled cartiridge. But it won#039;t accept any cartridge.

I have tried cleaning it out Severalo times. April 8, 2016 at 2:11 pm (UTC 0) I have a Canon Pixma printer MX 455 series and message comes up out of ink, the ink cartridge is a replacement colour 541 the black cartridge is 540XL is essay, there a way to use these inks are togethor. April 25, 2016 at research 1:34 pm (UTC 0) can i use 510 and 511 cartridges in my pixma mx395 although they require 540/541. April 28, 2016 at villain essays 10:24 am (UTC 0) Sadly not.

You printer will only accept PG-540XL, CL-541XL, PG-540 CL-541 ink cartridges. June 11, 2016 at 10:07 am (UTC 0) How to refill black ink in research wal-mart papers PG-47 cartriage. July 21, 2016 at 7:28 pm (UTC 0) The Cannon mg5550, is the odyssey storytelling essay, biggest load of rubbish i have ever brought, it makes loads of research wal-mart papers noise when starting to discuss the importance of literature review in business research project, print,it takes ages to start printing,when the ink runs low it wont print it says hold the reset button for 5 seconds if you want to carry on ,as you have gused it this dosent work either or to even find the research wal-mart, reset button! its quite new for the amount i have used it. i will go back to my lexmark shouldnt have so called up dated in thesis for huckleberry finn essays the firt place..

July 21, 2016 at 7:29 pm (UTC 0) then they wont post any bad things about their printer will they………………… October 13, 2016 at 8:34 pm (UTC 0) New refilled 513 ink won#039;t fit into my Canon printer.Should I break the black case before fitting.thanks. October 15, 2016 at wal-mart 12:47 pm (UTC 0) Many remanufactured/refilled versions of these cartridges come with a protective clip that covers the sensitive electronics on the front of the cartridge. If it will not fit then I would recommend double checking that all protective packaging has been removed. November 20, 2016 at 2:35 pm (UTC 0) Hi , I have canon pixima g2000 printer.

Please tell me that how can i got to essay, know about the total pages printed by my printer till now . Thanks and papers warm regards, November 23, 2016 at the importance of literature in business project 4:36 pm (UTC 0) HI My canon MG4250 won#039;t print colour, the colour button will no longer press. February 2, 2017 at 4:01 pm (UTC 0) Hi, I have CANON PIXMA MP230, it just only print one document then I have to restart my laptop to print new one…so I decided to research wal-mart papers, reset my printer and follow the reset/off button thing….. and now my printer did’nt work at odyssey storytelling all as in no light once I press the button….. I need your help…. please ……..what can I do? May 8, 2017 at 7:40 am (UTC 0) HI there I have a canon Pixma MG2550 its running off my laptop that has Windows 10 it wont let me use the wal-mart papers, Scan facility all of chetwynd griffith jones a sudden..can you help much appreciate! Cheers Jo.

June 8, 2017 at 11:41 pm (UTC 0) My pixma mp140 changed to research wal-mart, coloured ink while printing because black cartridge ran out I,m assuming so I bought new cartridge and my printer is stuck on colour and wont print says printer is in thesis finn essays error but I cant do anything HELP. June 14, 2017 at 7:28 pm (UTC 0) My IP 2600 worked fine up until now. Research. It sat with an thesis old black cartridge and is not working with new one.

Computer gives message to consult aboit settings using black cartridge only. Can#039;t find it so far. July 27, 2017 at 5:18 pm (UTC 0) I just picked up a canon MG5650 from an old store it Gives me error: The following Ink tank cannot be recognized Support Code 1410, there is research wal-mart papers, no to disable ink level indicator like d way i did with my Canon iP7240 iP4940 press resume for 5 sec. but MG5650 dint have the option.. pls help. August 29, 2017 at 12:31 pm (UTC 0) a great help to many users of Canon but I dont find the solution to in business research project, my problems a gtreat pity for us bye MINOU moi. How to the Reset Purge Counter on a Brother Printer (With a Numerical Pad) 478 comments Epson inkjet printer rejecting printer cartridges? Try this! 220 comments How to Reset Purge Counter on a Brother Printer (Without Numerical Pad) 267 comments Clearing the Canon Pixma E04, E05, E14 or E15 Error Message 42 comments The Infamous Canon Resume/Stop/Reset Button 112 comments. Currently adding a new kids stationery range to research, our website including products from villain essays @Crayola :) #Crayola #Stationery 09:19AM - 2 Oct 2017 Good morning everyone!! Happy Monday morning to you all :) Have no fear!

We are here to save you money on wal-mart Ink To… 08:28AM - 2 Oct 2017 RT @BoostTorbay : Forgot to get inks over the weekend? Pop in and see @Refreshcarts , your local toner and ink provider:… 08:27AM - 2 Oct 2017. Address: Refresh eCommerce Ltd , Unit 3, Longpark, 163 Newton Road, Torquay , Devon , TQ2 7AL.

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Let your reader know your intentions too. Following these simple rules will allow you to write essays that will transport your reader to the destination of your choosing. Have a safe trip. Writing a critical essay is like#133; Any baker will tell you that creating a successful confectionery demands his paying attention to a great many details, all of which can be compared to writing a successful critical essay: baker's recipe = writer's outline. This is the overall blueprint which represents not only the desired end result of your efforts, but the exact way in which you will achieve that end. It includes the names and amounts of ingredients, directions on how to research wal-mart, prepare, combine, and cook ingredients, and any other details necessary to the project. Villain Essays! A writer's outline should offer an overall view of the project, carefully setting forth not only the arguments of the essay, but how those arguments will be argued. good ingredients = supporting details. The baker's ingredients might include eggs, flour, milk, and sugar. Research Wal-mart Papers! The writer's ingredients might be details of plot and supporting quotations from the chetwynd text.

In neither case is it acceptable to plop down the wal-mart ingredients and call it a finished product! You wouldn't call a bag of groceries a cake; don't call a collection of details an essay! Take your raw material and lab report, make something of it! Both bakers and writers must determine exactly how much room to wal-mart papers, devote to particular ingredients. In both cases, an ingredient might be essential, but too much of that one thing could ruin the cake. You can easily err in the other direction, too. Careful! order of thesis for huckleberry essays, presentation of ingredients. A good recipe will tell the research papers baker to keep dry ingredients separate from liquid, or in what order to add certain ingredients in the cooking process. A good writer will understand that it is not just the argument itself that can persuade, but the overall presentation that can augment or diminish the storytelling persuasiveness of the research wal-mart presentation. Purpose Example! All writers should consider in what order to present his arguments - which to save for last, which to start off with.

It can make a world of difference in wal-mart papers the end. how to mix the ingredients. A lot depends on the right method of mixing the ingredients together: sometimes the of literature research recipe calls for papers a gentle folding-in of ingredients, and sometimes you really have to chetwynd griffith essays, mash stuff together using a blender! The same goes for research papers writing an essay - determine the best and most persuasive way to present every argument. Is this a good place to paraphrase the text, or does this observation need a direct textual citation as support? Don't belabor a minor point, and don't leave a major point in villain essays chunks.

Everything should be blended into the body of the research wal-mart essay appropriately, according to finn essays, its nature. After a cake is prepared according to the recipe, it needs to go in the oven, where everything comes together. The baking time of an research, essay can correspond to the time the writer devotes to crystallizing the ideas he has set forth in the course of the essay. If you don't bake it long enough, then you risk ending up with mush. If you keep it in too long, your reader will get indigestion. Spend just enough time at the end of your essay pulling together the threads of your argument. and then let it cool! Every cook has his own secret ingredient that makes his concoction uniquely his own.

Writers work that way, too, except with writers it is chetwynd griffith, more a question of style than anything else. A nice presentation caps a baker's effort. Make your essay look like it is worth reading (neat, proofed), just like any good cake looks like it is worth eating. Wal-mart Papers! Reading a critical essay is like. Essay Australia! . Research Wal-mart Papers! taking a roller-coaster ride blindfolded. Make your ideas flow smoothly #150; you are taking your blindfolded reader on a roller coaster ride of your design #150; nothing too jarring, but not a straightaway stretch for the whole length of the ride, either. Good anticipatory progression toward your best argument, with all the chetwynd griffith excitement of that last climb and downward swoop.

You are the architect - design a good coaster! . or going on a long car ride. Remember the research wal-mart papers driving analogy? Well, now imagine you are the passenger in that car. As a passenger, wouldn't you get more out of a car ride to an unfamiliar place if you were prepped before hand on purpose interesting landmarks you might pass along the wal-mart papers way, and the route you were going to take on odyssey storytelling essay your way there? Otherwise, might it just be a boring, untutored waste of research, time during which your attention wandered away from the main point? Your paper's introduction should act as such a map of the journey you are about to take your reader on. Your reader will then be able to enjoy the australia different legs of the trip, marvel at the landmarks you might pass, and research wal-mart papers, otherwise get a good overview of the journey right from the beginning. Each paragraph should begin with a spot-check of interesting landmarks you are about to pass.

When you get to the end of the film trip you will feel fulfilled and confident that as a reader you have gotten everything out of the trip you could have #150; remember #150; it is not the destination (thesis proven) that reflects the writer's skill, style and papers, spirit, but the journey the reader takes to get there. Villain Essays! copyright 2001 Janice Siegel, All Rights Reserved.

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Creating A Killer Online Portfolio Website Using WordPress. If you’ve ever looked for research wal-mart, a job in thesis for huckleberry finn a creative field, you’ve likely seen those job ads. You know the ones that ask for your resume and papers your portfolio? As if a resume weren’t bad enough, right? Throw a portfolio into jones the mix and it’s enough to send creative types running for the hills. Organization! Structure! The horror!

Despite a seeming reluctance to adopt a portfolio structure for your website, it’s the established method of presenting your best work to potential clients. Wal-mart! There’s just no getting around it. Basically, if you want to get a gig (or at least dramatically improve your odds of getting a gig) you need to put some time and effort into storytelling how you present yourself online. Namely, you need to think about your portfolio. Oh, I don’t know. Maybe everybody?

Okay, enough with my sass. The truth of the matter is anyone who creates things for a living can make use of a portfolio. I’m talking web designers and developers, here. Writers and artists. Architects and engineers. Musicians and dancers. Anyone, anywhere who makes things for a living needs to have a digital space to represent their work. How else do you expect to attract attention for what you do? How else can you keep your work organized, current, and ready for display?

One of the most important things you can do before setting out to create a portfolio in WordPress is to figure out why you want one in research wal-mart the first place. That is, what do you want to accomplish with it? According to Smashing Magazine, there are four common portfolio goals. Once you figure out which you’re trying to accomplish, the better your chances are of creating something that actually achieves it. These common goals include: Trying to get a job Sales/lead generation Reputation/brand building Networking/building a community.

Rest assured, it’s totally okay (and normal) if you decide to try to accomplish more than one of these goals with your portfolio. What All Good Portfolio Websites Have in the importance in business Common. Image by Dooder / Portfolio websites can be a godsend in wal-mart terms of landing new jobs and attracting the attention of potential clients. Of course, you need to film, make sure it’s working hard for you if you ever hope to experience such benefits. A good way to ensure your portfolio is up to snuff is to model it after existing portfolios out there. Research Papers! Whether it’s built on discuss review project WordPress or not, the very best portfolios all share some key characteristics: It showcases your work.

This should probably go without saying, but the best portfolio websites out there actively show off your work in research such a way that builds interest in you and lab report example your services. You’d be surprised by how many portfolios actually fail to complete this step. Not because people forget to upload work examples, mind you. Rather, this happens because the portfolio owner chooses a layout, navigation method, or other detail that distracts from the work to research, be viewed. Your work should do all the talking—the website is just there as a frame for it. It’s focused. There’s no need to chetwynd, include every single piece of work you’ve ever completed in your portfolio. Unless you’re just starting out, you can and should be selective in what you include in wal-mart this space.

It’s supposed to be the best representation of you and the importance of literature review in business project your work, so make sure every piece you include serves a purpose and carries its own weight. It’s targeted. This goes right along with being “focused,” I know but I’m referring more to wal-mart, targeting your intended audience here rather than just keeping your portfolio contents streamlined. Knowing the goal you want to discuss of literature review research, accomplish with your portfolio can be helpful here as well. For instance, if you’re looking to research wal-mart papers, use your portfolio to get a job designing medical websites, then your samples should obviously reflect this niche. Straightforward navigation. Another key component the best portfolios out there share is intuitive and easy-to-use navigation. Essay Film Australia! Whatever you do, do not make potential clients work to find what they’re looking for on your site. Wal-mart! Use standard navigation and menus here. Now is not the time to get artsy. As tempting as it may be to use the essay film, portfolio itself as an example of your artistic flair, it’s much better to use it as a frame from papers, within to showcase your best pieces.

Just like you would in an art gallery! Request a quote. The best portfolios include some kind of griffith jones, contact information on them. How else do you expect to wal-mart papers, land a new client? If somebody has to poke around your site for a long time to find an email address or contact form, you’re not doing yourself any favors, let’s be honest here. The Importance Review Research! Create a dedicated contact page that displays all of wal-mart papers, your relevant details, including your social media links. Villain Essays! A contact form where people can leave details about their project needs might also be relevant, depending on your specific industry.

The details of your portfolio might vary a bit but these qualities are typically pretty standard. Now, let’s move on to discussing how you can actually build an awesome portfolio website using WordPress. One of the simplest ways to incorporate a portfolio into your WordPress site is to use a plugin, of course. This is a good option if you’re really committed to papers, keeping your current theme. If you don’t want to change up your design at this moment but still need to add a professional portfolio that looks like it was always meant to the importance in business, be there, these plugins ought to prove helpful as you get you started in your research: The Awesome Filterable Portfolio plugin certainly lives up to its name. Research Wal-mart! It works by letting you create a portfolio or gallery that can be filtered based on storytelling criteria you set.

It uses image hover effects and animations to create an attractive interface. Set as many categories as you want and research wal-mart papers include as many items as you want. It’s simple, straightforward, and definitely awesome. The aptly named Portfolio plugin is another option for putting your work on display. Once installed, you can create a dedicated page for your portfolio. Essay! You can include project details along with each item as well like a short and long description, URL, screenshots, and a date of completion. You can also change image sizes and the number of images displayed in each row as well as enable or disable the display of research, additional fields. So some of these plugins aren’t getting brownie points for name creativity here but that doesn’t mean they’re not feature-rich.

The WordPress Portfolio Plugin is highly useful, letting you automatically populate a portfolio page using thumbnails. Just insert the short code [wp-portfolio] wherever you’d like it to appear and voila! This is a perfect solution for web designers, as it can create thumbnails of the for huckleberry, websites you’ve worked on research wal-mart automatically. Full customization through HTML and CSS is available as is the ability to use a custom image rather than the thumbnail. WordPress Picture / Portfolio / Media Gallery. The Nimble Portfolio plugin is highly versatile and can be used to display your images, videos, and other media for gallery or portfolio purposes. It can easily be customized to display photography, logos, screenshots, videos, or anything else related to odyssey storytelling essay, your work. It includes jQuery sort filters for easy grouping and categorization. It also comes with the PrettyPhoto lightbox, is responsive, and research wal-mart establishes a custom post type for the importance in business research, your portfolio items.

PDF preview is research wal-mart papers, available. It also comes with three different styles of odyssey, thumbnail for better integration with your existing theme. The Waving Portfolio plugin creates a simple interface that still manages to be quite aesthetically pleasing. Once installed, you can quickly set it up to display your best work over the long term in a portfolio grid. To do this, just navigate to the Portfolio menu in the dashboard and add some posts, each with a featured image. Once you set up your portfolio page, these posts will be pulled into papers the grid and displayed in an attractive manner. Create a portfolio with just one click. Auto Grid Responsive Gallery is film, a premium plugin that works by scanning an image folder in your WordPress installation and uses any subfolders contained within to define categories for your portfolio.

A responsive, grid style gallery is then created automatically based on wal-mart this information. The only setup requires putting the images you want to appear in the portfolio in the importance review the designated folder. Then, just use the shortcode [autoGrid] to wal-mart, display your portfolio in any post or page. This plugin will cost you $16 but its flexibility might be worth the price tag to you. The last plugin I’m featuring here is called Go – Responsive Portfolio for WP and it really lives up to its $22 price tag. Essay! It’s simply loaded with features. For starters, you can use custom post types to research papers, create new portfolio entries or use existing blog posts (or even product pages) to populate it. You can insert it on other pages and posts to display post teasers, product showcases, and chetwynd essays more. And it works with WooCommerce, too.

Integrating Your Portfolio Community Profile. Sometimes the task of wal-mart papers, building a portfolio on your WordPress site is daunting because you already have one on villain essays a portfolio community site. And if you’ve built up a good following there, it can feel like all of that hard work you put into the community-building aspect will go to waste. Thankfully, there are a few plugins out there that let you integrate your portfolio site profile into your WordPress site with relative ease. Not all of research wal-mart, these will allow you to create dedicated portfolio pages but they do at least give you the villain essays, opportunity to make a connection to papers, the community site profile.

If you already have a portfolio built on of literature review in business research Behance, then you might just want to import it directly into research your WordPress site instead of dealing with two separate entities all the time. That’s where Behance Portfolio for WordPress comes in purpose handy. This plugin is easy to research wal-mart, set up and only costs $15. Have a presence on deviantART already established? Then you might be able to make use of the deviantART Widget. It’ll set you back $9 but with it you can insert your latest gallery or favorites in a widget on film your site. This won’t make for the most robust portfolio, of research, course, but it is a good way to lab report, at least integrate your deviantART presence onto your WordPress site without having to manually bring the papers, content over. The Awesome Flickr Gallery plugin makes it simple to add any portfolio you’ve established on Flickr onto your WordPress site.

You can use photos from essays, your Flickr Photostream, Gallery, Group, or Photoset. You can even build a gallery based off of wal-mart papers, tags. Crop images, set image sizes, and use custom CSS if you want. Not too shabby for a free plugin, I’ve got to say. A quick way to get a portfolio set up is to essay film australia, just use a theme dedicated to research wal-mart papers, its creation. Portfolio themes come in a wide variety of styles. Chetwynd! Some are free and some are premium. I highly suggest you look through several options before making a decision, especially if you plan on wal-mart shelling out cash. A theme purchase is an investment.

Make it a good one! Folio Black by Authentic Themes is truly stunning. And the best part of film, it is research wal-mart papers, how simple the discuss of literature review research, presentation is. No fancy stuff here at all. Papers! Just straightforward design that serves to lift up the pieces to be featured in the portfolio. That’s it. Features include a gallery slider, various shortcodes, robust theme options, and the ability to purpose example, set the whole thing to full-width. Our very own Divi theme is designed to serve a variety of functions, one of which is to papers, act as a portfolio. Thesis Finn Essays! Using the Divi Builder, you can create any kind of papers, site you want from a simple blog to a robust portfolio. Here’s an example of a portfolio layout. Essay! The idea here is to make it so you don’t even have to look at code to make a beautiful website.

Beyond the portfolio layout, Divi comes with 18 layouts total that you can then build on top of to create a custom site. Each layout is responsive and can be customized using Divi modules. The sky’s the limit here, folks. The Lilith theme by wal-mart Bluxart is a true visual feast. It’s responsive, flat, and looks super creative. Though it can be used for an agency or blog site, it’s also completely perfect for a portfolio. Select from grid, masonry, striped, or wall layouts to best suit your purposes. The Importance Review In Business! This theme includes a page builder, theme options, Revolution slider, and plenty of short codes to streamline development.

Lilith is research wal-mart, built on Boostrap 3.0 and includes WooCommerce and WPML Multi Language Plugin support. Akin by chetwynd Bitfade is a minimalist theme that includes a parallax header and Ajax portfolio so you can build a stylish site that best highlights your past work and services. The typography is stylish, the layout simple. Papers! And you can use the built-in page builder to achieve precisely the look you want. Storytelling Essay! Akin will cost you $43 but the smooth hover effects and one page simplicity might just be enough to wal-mart, win you over. Another Elegant Themes selection, Origin was designed with portfolios in mind. And call me biased, but I think it’s pretty beautiful.

Sporting a grid layout, this theme lets you put your best work on display in a big way. It’s responsive and super customizable. Included page templates let you build feature-rich pages without having to odyssey, dig into code. Wal-mart! Beyond a portfolio, you can also build a contact page, a gallery, a blog feed, a sitemap, and more. If you’ve ever thought the barrier to building a portfolio on discuss of literature research WordPress was too high, I hope after reading this article you’re changing your tune. WordPress makes it so easy to build a portfolio, it’s not even funny. And I’m not just talking about cobbling together some rinky-dink layout, either. Research! I’m talking a full-featured, aesthetically pleasing experience that works hard to sell potential clients on your work and on your services. From defining your goals to selecting from plugin and theme-based solutions, you should now have a thorough understanding of how to build a portfolio that’ll serve you and your business well. Australia! But now I’m curious: did I miss anything? Is there a plugin or theme that you just can’t live without?

Please share your ideas in wal-mart the comments below! Article thumbnail image by vasabii / I just discovered Go Portfolio (included in your list) and found that it not only villain essays allows for filters, but videos can be played in a lightbox without leaving the portfolio page you can also include a link to research papers, each video’s page, where a text description and other information can be provided). Do any of the other filterable options you mention include a “play in lightbox” option for videos, perhaps also including the option to villain essays, add a text description under the video? I recently finished a portfolio website for master sculptor Lena Toritch. Wal-mart! I used the Divi theme and a couple of thesis for huckleberry finn essays, my own custom plugins. Research Wal-mart! I find the challenge with creating portfolio website is that my clients have few good photos to work with. I end up working around best images available or taking new photos when possible. I found the Divi theme enjoyable to work with, and odyssey storytelling its built in features really helped show off my clients work. Wal-mart! Please see Lena’s portfolio at

Thanks for the education Brenda, sincerely, Divi is acting like a James Bond theme in wide wide west! I love every part of her and I need EXTRA #128578; Nick, please make Extra to villain essays, be compatible with buddypress. I LOVE Divi so much I switched my own website design theme in research wal-mart May, and since then my quote enquiries have resulted in a 100% conversion to villain essays, client! The amazing team at research Elegant Themes make it too easy to create stunning websites, I’m on chetwynd griffith essays to my 7th client site using Divi;) Can’t wait for the Monarch social sharing plugin too!!

This is research wal-mart, perfect timing Brenda! I just started a freelance writing business and I’m building my portfolio. I had no idea that it could get this complex. Thanks for another awesome post! Very interesting read. As a photographer I find there is a huge hole in the wordpress community for thesis, descent portfolio plugins.

Especially for displaying portfolio items in a custom order – as photographers like to do with their work. I’ve managed to get around this by wal-mart using NextGen Gallery combined with my own custom CSS to create a descent sortable gallery, and place them in ET tabs, which gives users the ability to navigate through portfolio categories without leaving the thesis essays, page. You can view my travel photography portfolio here: Nice solution Clint, that looks and works great! And your photos are even more impressive #128521;

Thanks Amy, very much appreciated your kind words #128578; Thanks for share a valuable information of portfolio plugins. Before a one month ago I search many plugins for filterable portfolio ( in shortcodes), but didn’t find any genuine plugin that work fine in latest WordPress version. Pretty long post with great information. Learning more about wal-mart portfolio is good. Wow,this is essay, awesome.You provides such a beautiful pieces of designs. having completed profile and portfolio sites for papers, client I wanted to pass on some insights I have gained. The major one to remember is lab report, that the people looking at your client’s site are recruiters and they generally do not want to spend more time than they need to in reviewing a potential candidate. This means as a designer you have to make sure the papers, navigation is quick and simple and they can get to the information they want easily. I have found that the Divi theme works very well by odyssey creating a one page site with a sidebar navigation linked to wal-mart, the different sections. Use the Divi portfolio module so they quikcky filter and can click through to the projects which you will have created on separate pages..

btw keep up the good work … I love the storytelling essay, blogs.. I always read your posts. They are clear and helpful, and I would like to thank you for your shared insights. I have two problems. I’m a DIVI fan.

Therefore I followed your suggestion to use DIVI to wal-mart papers, create a good portfolio. Your link display a beautiful layout, but I’m not able to find this layout within the chetwynd griffith essays, DIVI templates. Could you or someone else give me advise. The second problem appeared with Auto Grid Responsive Gallery. It leads to research wal-mart, Envato which is absolutely confusing. With my best regards. Jon, with respect to griffith jones, the Logo – dark site… I suspect this is research wal-mart, just a matter of using the fullwidth section – portfolio ..but I havent tested it yet..will look at australia this tomorrow.. I agree though .. Papers! Looks cool. I had tried a bunch of villain essays, free plugins and editing my own portfolio. The Go Portfolio is exactly what I wanted.

Should have come here first! Thanks! Great write up! “The truth of the matter is anyone who creates things for a living can make use of a portfolio. I’m talking web designers and developers, here. Wal-mart! Writers and for huckleberry finn essays artists. Wal-mart Papers! Architects and engineers. Musicians and dancers.

Anyone, anywhere who makes things for a living needs to have a digital space to represent their work.” I couldn’t agree more!! It amazes me that so many people undermine the power of e-portfolios. Personally, I’ve found great success in example using Portfolium. ( It allows you to visually showcase your work in research wal-mart an organized and beautiful way.

I brought it into my last job interview using my iPad. The interviewers (aka my current employers) were very impressed! Jon, with respect to the Logo – dark site… I suspect this is just a matter of using the fullwidth section – portfolio ..but I havent tested it yet..will look at this tomorrow.. I agree though .. Looks cool. Anyone knows divi can combine with behance api ? I want to use divi theme to showcase my portfolio, it takes time if I have to repost my portfolio on behance to my own site. I saw on codecanyon, someone sell plugin behance for essay, wordpress. is it support with divi theme if I buy that plugin.

I don’t want to restyle again. because I am not expert for HTML and CSS. I am totally new in the field of building a website, basically never made one. Have been reading up on a lot of theme reviews and trying to understand if this is wal-mart, a task I can venture into. My my blog reviews sustainable products, and I have shortlisted some themes, where Divi is thesis finn, #1. One thing I?ve found out is how relatively “easy” Divi is compared to other themes, and was wondering if Ajax media portfolio plugin can be used with the Divi theme? Crossing my finger that someone in research papers this thread understand this far better than me and can enlighten me on this issue:-) Thanks for your post. Looking at discuss review research project the existing portfolio templates Divi is way better than other suggestion.

We have a made a further look on what a freelancer portfolio website should include in wal-mart this post and thought it might be worth your readers’ attention: Thanks for your great post. Thank you so much for lab report, this post: I’ve been searching high and low for this information! Divi is the most powerful theme I have eve seen. Thanks to eleganttheme for research papers, giving us that type of villain essays, work. I am transitioning over to Divi from Optimize Press, absolutely loving the new plugin that allows the page builder to research wal-mart papers, be used on other themes.

Can anyone help me to find masonry Portfolio plugin for divi theme… Yes…absolutely very wonderful details for a startup who wants to launch their portfolio website. I personally like Divi which is best option for quick SEO friendly portfolio’s. Essay! Thanks a lot… 437,821 Customers Are Already Building Amazing Websites With Divi. Join The Most Empowered WordPress Community On The Web.

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