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Essays about animals

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Big Brothers Big Sisters Essays and Research Papers. Hearts: Big Brothers / Big Sisters Pamela Naughton Rucker Mrs. McKibbin EH 322-04 March 19, 2001 . OUTLINE Thesis Statement: The Big Brother / Big Sisters program was designed to essays help children from single parent homes. The program matches children with positive adult role models. I. Statement For Euthanasia? Beginning a. History-BB/BS began as early at the 1900's. b. Facts and statistics-Children in the program excel in various areas such as school and relationships with others. About Animals? II.

Role of essay on how, a Big Brother or Big Sister a. Purpose-Our. Big Brothers Big Sisters of America , Birth order , Sibling 1982 Words | 6 Pages. Big Brothers Big Sisters of animals, America (BBBSA) is the largest youth mentoring organization in the United . States. The organization provides one-to-one mentoring relationships between children and adults. Its purpose is to provide friendship, emotional support, and guidance to youth through their involvement with positive role models. BBBSA's national motto is making a difference, one child at a time. According to the Big Brother Big Sister Association of Cincinnati, the idea of developing one-to-one. Big Brothers Big Sisters of essays great, America , Irvin F. About Animals? Westheimer , Sibling 899 Words | 3 Pages. Marketing Efforts at Big Brothers Big Sisters. Big Brothers Big Sisters Metro Atlanta - Marketing Efforts Paper Tolejala Keel PA 572 Managing . Nonprofit Development Programs Keller Graduate School Professor Ian Coyle Table of Contents I. Introduction 3 II. Historical Background 3,4 III.

Mission Statement 4 IV. Marketing Methods- Organization Centered 4,5 V. Marketing Methods- Customer Centered 5,6 VI. Recommendations 6 VII. References 7 Big Brothers Big Sisters. In An? Big Brothers Big Sisters of America , Non-profit organizations based in the United States 1168 Words | 4 Pages. CJAD-325A Big Brothers Big Sisters Program The Big Brothers . Animals? Big Sisters program is a community mentoring program that is for disadvantaged adolescents. The program has been around longer than a century and is composed of 440 agencies that have served more than 220, 000 adolescences across the county in 2005 (Promising Practices Network.2014) .The program matches (most important part of the intervention) non-related mentors with adolescents in order to encourage social responsibility and positive. Big Brothers Big Sisters of America , Non-profit organizations based in the United States 1018 Words | 3 Pages. grandmother was always telling me that it takes more then the immediate family to raise a child well, if a child is to be rear well it takes a whole . community contribution.

This paper is a comparison of two agencies, Big Brother Big Sisters of America and Compeer. Big Brother Big Sister of America focuses on youth that are from single parent homes. Research Papers? Compeer focus is on animals children with a mental disorder. The reason why I have chosen these agencies are to show how the success of both and how each is similar. Big Brothers Big Sisters of America , Mental disorder 1669 Words | 5 Pages. education) health/mental health, justice and reintegration. Essays Great? The idea of these goals is to improve the areas as the animals program goes along to better serve the . young community. Social structured program and delinquency prevention. Thesis Statement For Euthanasia? Big Brothers Big Sisters programs is around United States, headquarters in essays animals, Philadelphia with over 400 locations nationwide, to help juveniles from age 6 – 18 years old and research has served over 250,000 children. Mentors are adult between the ages of 22-49. This program. Big Brothers Big Sisters of America , Childhood , Crime 636 Words | 3 Pages. impact in their communities.

One agency that is essays, well respected and creating a positive change nationally, is thesis for euthanasia, Big Brothers . Big Sisters of South Texas. Big Brothers Big Sisters is located at 202 Baltimore Avenue, San Antonio, Texas 78215. BBBS is a non-profit organization founded in essays, 1904 by Ernest Coulter. Ernest Coulter, a court clerk from short, New York City, started New York Big Brothers when he saw a lack of guidance in the lives of children who were caught up in the juvenile court system. Locally. Essays About? Big Brothers Big Sisters of for euthanasia, America , Non-profit organizations based in the United States , Social work 2391 Words | 4 Pages. High/Scope Perry Preschool Program. ?The High/Scope Perry Preschool Program and essays animals the Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) Program The Perry . Preschool Program was originally established in the 1960s and was available to African-American children between the ages of three and four. Short? These children resided in about, Michigan and came from low-income families. Parks (2000) states, “The original Perry Preschool no longer exists, but the High/Scope Educational Research Foundation—founded in 1970 by Perry Preschool researcher David Weikart—continues. Big Brothers Big Sisters of America 1232 Words | 5 Pages. Effectiveness of Different Methods of Crime Control.

support, describe the effectiveness of essay newspaper, each of the following methods. About Animals? A- Directed Patrol for drugs and guns B- Deferred sentencing for thesis drug offenders C- . Chemical castration for essays about sex offenders D- Student behavior modification program E- Big brother and big sister programs The United States of America has a crime problem. In response to it, we spend billions of dollars annually on everything from prison construction, police salaries, and short count house operations to home security systems, gated communities. Behavior modification , Big Brothers Big Sisters of America , Crime 1471 Words | 4 Pages. organizations that support people and help them succeed in animals, life. Big Brothers Big Sisters is . volunteer-supported youth mentoring organization that strives to help children do better in school, or even just to have a friend to talk to. Poem? The youth meet with their mentor about three times a month for a year. For example my god brother Kyle lives in a house with all women, and does not have a positive male role model to essays animals look up to. Kyle’s “ Big Brother ” has boosted his confidence, helped work on his anger-management. Big Brothers Big Sisters of critique papers, America , English-language films , Family 920 Words | 3 Pages. The Impact of a Disadvantage Socioeconomic Background. dose of essays animals, reality. In-school suspension also demonstrates that unacceptable behavior will not be tolerated.

After completion of in-school suspension and away . Essay On How To Bake A Cake? from the schools care the animals student will be assigned to a local Big Brothers Big Sisters program. Thesis Statement? Big Brother and essays about animals Big Sister volunteers provide children and youth individualized time and thesis statement for euthanasia attention on a regular basis, typically two to four times a month, for two to three hours. During weekly or bi-weekly outings, filled with conversations and. Big Brothers Big Sisters of America , Criminology , Critical thinking 1070 Words | 3 Pages. Animals? violate school rules or perhaps even legal boundaries 4. ENGAGING SCHOOL AND COMMUNITY SETTINGS • After-school settings linked to the school as well as . Essay To Bake? community programs -- such as Boys and Girls Clubs, D,A,R,E, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, Big Brothers Big Sisters , and faith-based youth groups -- provide more chances for students to about build positive relationships with caring adults and, potentially, supportive peers. • Mentors in after-school and community settings are often better positioned to its future communicate. Big Brothers Big Sisters of essays about, America , Drug addiction , Education 632 Words | 13 Pages.

education and be able to help support the student as well as the teacher and staff can be a good partnership. The program should utilize social . program such as community based mentoring programs such as Big Brothers Big Sisters of America as well as school based mentoring ( Big Brothers of America, 2008). Fund raising is a good way to get community involved in the helping of at-risk student as well as donation that will help with the supplies and equipment to get the on how to bake at-risk student more involved. Essays About Animals? Big Brothers Big Sisters of America , Education , Teacher 1224 Words | 4 Pages. was being a bitch but still I wanna speak/ About a nigga that I never even got to meet/ Was feeling like a fat guy he helped me find my feet/ Yeah-sent . Essay? him a track, we called it ‘Gimme Love’/ And even to this day the big homey gives me love/ Could swear that God sent me a brother from essays, above/ And he can relate to my hustle like he was my cuz/ I think I saw him in the Hype Magazine, was thinking damn this nigga looks just like me/ I even thought up a collaboration in my dreams/ I thought but. Big Brother , Big Brother Brasil , My Big Brother 792 Words | 3 Pages. mentoring and planned mentoring. Research Papers? There are many different ways to describe mentoring, but they all boil down to one thing: a positive, supportive . relationship between a young person and a caring adult. Big Brothers Big Sisters of America was started over ninety years ago.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of America (BBBSA) agencies have provided supportive, one-to-one relationships between adult volunteers and youth living in single-parent homes. National studies are showing that participation in essays, BBBS programs. Big Brothers Big Sisters of America , Non-profit organizations based in the United States 449 Words | 2 Pages. Critique Research Papers? 1984: The Watchful Eyes of Big Brother. The Watchful Eyes of Big Brother In George Orwell’s novel “1984” Oceania is under complete control of essays about, Big . Brother . The population lacks any characteristics of individualism and has no freedom in their thought or actions because they are so closely monitored by Big Brother . There are many techniques used to control the people of Oceania, such as propaganda and memory hole. The one in which seems to be the most effective is the placement of telescreens on every street, in every house and building. Big Brother , Closed-circuit television , Emmanuel Goldstein 835 Words | 3 Pages. 1984: Nineteen Eighty-four and Big Brother. himself. He loved Big Brother .” (Orwell 245). Winston understands that at this time in critique papers, that society it is easier to conform like . everyone else then to rebel.

Being ignorant makes him happy now like the rest of the public. He loves Big Brother more than himself now. 8/17/13 3 The novel's main character is Winston Smith. He's a 39 year old man living in Oceania. Winston works at the Ministry of Truth faking information of newspapers, according to the demands of Big Brother . People are concerned. Big Brother , George Orwell , Ingsoc 1928 Words | 5 Pages. the New George Orwell’s novel, 1984, is story about a time where “ Big Brother ” and “The Party” controls everyone and everything. . The people of about animals, Oceania look up to poem in an essay and obey Big Brother , who is a unknown powerful figure who leads and essays about rules everything. Essays Great? Big Brother’s enforcement, The Party, is a group of leaders who make sure everyone is obeying and following the rules of essays, Big Brother . In other words, making sure everyone loves Big Brother . Winston is the main character in essay to bake a cake, this story, a member of the about animals Oceania. Big Brother , Boyzone , Control 1005 Words | 6 Pages. To Bake? community that makes it stay in about, a clean community. The programs are the BBBSP and D.A.R.E. Critique Research Papers? programs that has taught our kids success from personal . experience and from strict up bring instead of spearing the rod rules.

The BBBSP stands for essays animals The Big Brothers Big Sister Programs which is geared around families needs that helps to instill children who needs help focusing in living arrangements raising up on a not so good area neighborhood or just need that guide to achieve a goal in general with in the community. Big Brothers Big Sisters of America , Criminology , Drug Abuse Resistance Education 531 Words | 2 Pages. matter most. The next nonprofit organization I chose was the Big Brothers Big Sisters . organization. Essays Great? This organization partners with individual donors, foundations, corporations, governments, and others to about build the critical network of support that funds and critique enables the work of carefully matching children with caring adult mentors and providing ongoing support to the child, volunteer mentor and child family’s. Big Brothers Big Sisters Mission Statement: “provide children facing. Big Brothers Big Sisters of America , Management , Mission statement 510 Words | 2 Pages. Test on George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four. age is Julia? a. 26 b. 24 c. Essays About Animals? 30 d. 34 9. Winston commits thought crime by putting what statement in essays great, his diary? a. DEATH TO BIG . BROTHER b. I LOVE BIG BROTHER c. Essays Animals? I HATE BIG BROTHER d. DOWN WITH BIG BROTHER e. Essays Great? DOWN WITH THE PARTY f. Essays Animals? All of the on how to bake a cake above 10.

What Organization try’s to convince children to turn their parents over to the authorities? a. Essays About Animals? Big Brother b. The Junior Spies c. The Outer Party d. The Party Youth 11. What does O’Brien use to Torture Winston in Room 101? a. A Knife . Big Brother , Complex-compound sentence , George Orwell 838 Words | 5 Pages. Critique Research? restaurant bill. Essays Animals? He gives little and expects too much of critique research papers, others. Seeing my father’s behavior tempted me to act the same way. If my father can act this way, I . About Animals? did not see a problem with myself acting in such an egocentric way as well. So I did.

For a big majority of my life, I was selfish. During my birthday, I expected my friends to gift me lavish, expensive gifts that I dream of; however when it comes to title in an essay their birthdays, I end up giving them lackluster gifts. I learned these manners from essays, my father. Title In An Essay? Accountancy , Accountant , Accountants 6307 Words | 16 Pages. of mentoring and essays about animals planned mentoring. There are different ways to describe mentoring, but they all boil down to one thing: a positive, supportive relationship . between a young person and a caring adult. In this essay I will be explaining the Big Brother Big Sister program, which has been around for many years. This program has helped many children and teens become a better person in life. Juvenile Blueprint ProgramsVolunteering with the poem title BBBS of animals, America can be a life altering experience. Mentoring children. Better , Big Brothers Big Sisters of poem, America , Childhood 523 Words | 1 Pages. Animals? building character and essays great competence on the part of the protege (Mentoring 4).

Big Brothers Big . Sisters is the oldest and most prevalent youth mentoring organization in America today. Big Brothers Big Sisters was founded in 1904 by a man named Ernest Coulter. It began as a way to befriend girls who came through the New York Children's Court. After a century of people dedicated and driven by the cause, Big Brothers Big Sisters now serves as an outlet of friendship and understanding for an abundance of. Big Brothers Big Sisters of America , Columbine High School massacre , High school 2788 Words | 8 Pages.

Oceania’s governments scheming ways, altering the resident’s mindset to welcome Big Brother’s policies. He wonders what the world outside of . Oceania is like, free from the about animals party, he often dreams of the Golden Country, lush green fields of freedom. Entering Oceania As the novel begins, Winston is poem title in an, sitting in front of a gigantic screen with his fellow town’s people as they watch their leader Big Brother on the screen, Big Brother gives a speech about Brotherhood, and essays about animals his love for Oceania, he will protect. Big Brother , George Orwell , Newspeak 1049 Words | 8 Pages. greatly with the book 1984.

1984 is based on a man named Winston Smith. Winston lives in the country of Oceania. Oceania is controlled by a party entitled as . Poem Title Essay? The Big Brother . This party controls everything from food rations to what people can think In order to seek absolute power over its people, the ruling Party and its leader, Big Brother , implement physical and mental restrictions, surveillance, propaganda, and degradation of language to gain control of the people's minds. In this dystopian society. About Animals? Abraham Maslow , Big Brother , Dystopia 1788 Words | 4 Pages. George Orwell is poem title essay, one author of this era who shows characters facing and dealing with a society that no longer has values.

Orwell’s 1984 is set in a . totalitarian society where everyone and everything is animals, watched by Big Brother . People work to cover up the lies of the newspaper its future Party to make Big Brother look better even though they secretly hate it. The two lovers, Winston and Julia, represent the essays animals two contrasting ways to resent the oppressing society they live in, but still have a common goal. Title In An Essay? Winston acts and. Essays Animals? Big Brother , George Orwell , Human sexual behavior 1836 Words | 5 Pages. success of the individual is forbidden, while the success of the Inner Party is ultimate. The Inner Party resembled a group of aristocrats. . They ruled the country and all the people in it. They made up a figurehead for themselves, Big Brother , who was almost like a god. Everyone worshiped him because they made it look like he was the one who did everything that was good. The members of the Inner Party had complete and undoubted success because they achieved and maintained their goal. Big Brother , Control , English-language films 913 Words | 3 Pages.

never-ending public mind, along with a totalitarian political system metaphorically named English Socialism (Ingsoc) in completion. Ingsoc is governed by . privileged Inner Party elite; in addition they are astonished to the totalitarian cult of newspaper, Big Brother , who is an essays about animals immortalized figurehead who rules with a philosophy that denounces individuality together with reason as “Thought Crimes”. In consequence the citizens of Oceania are overwhelmed to a supposed collective greater good. On How A Cake? Central character. Big Brother , George Orwell , Ingsoc 1969 Words | 6 Pages. 1984 by George Orwell: Themes, Dialogue, Symbolism. pretty good. Big Brother , is a symbol throughout this book and essays shows us an abstract meaning. All over short essay, London, there are posters . everywhere stating that BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU. Big Brother , is the face of the Party. The citizens are made to believe that Big Brother is the ruler or the nations and essays head of the Party. Big brother symbolizes the Party in its public manifestation; he is a reassurance to most people, but he is also an open threat.

By this, I mean that Big Brother is kind of two. 2005 albums , Big Brother , George Orwell 1252 Words | 4 Pages. romantic love and sexual love are all key to a person's individuality and are, therefore, completely forbidden within Orwell's fictional society. The . Critique? tensions that this creates amongst the essays animals main characters in essays great, 1984, as the state believes that love of Big Brother is the essays about animals only acceptable love, is symbolic of the struggle to survive as human beings in this totalitarian state. Winston Smith, the papers protagonist is essays about animals, this story, spends much of his life thinking about what is lost and trying to short descriptive essay find love. He knows that. Big Brother , George Orwell , Interpersonal relationship 1002 Words | 3 Pages. 1984 by George Orwell: Individualism: Preventing the about Terror of short, Totalitarianism. man's rebellion against the system in animals, a futuristic totalitarian world. Every word and movement of the citizens is monitored and controlled; even their . thoughts are not their own. They are manipulated by the insidious propaganda of the essay newspaper its future government, Big Brother , that serves to weaken the power of the essays about animals people.

This relates to essays great what the dictator, Josef Stalin, once said: Power is not in the hands of those who vote, but rather in the hands of those who count the votes. In other words, people may be led to. Big Brother , Communism , George Orwell 978 Words | 3 Pages. to believe in and respect the law. Essays? The agency that I suggest that we model in the Dorchester community is the Big Brother . Big Sisters of America (BBBSA). Big Brothers Big Sisters of America was started over ninety years ago. BBBSA agencies have provided supportive, one-to-one relationships between adult volunteers and youth living in essays great, single-parent homes. Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) programs currently maintain 75,000 active matches between a volunteer adult and a youngster (Joseph P. Tierney. Big Brothers Big Sisters of essays about, America , Childhood , Conduct disorder 4056 Words | 13 Pages. from AF C: Supporting Quotes from 1984 V: Similarities between the Characters: (Napoleon to Big Brother , Squealer to Winston, . and Boxer to Parson) SI1: Napoleon- Big Brother : After their power is absolute, both Big Brother and essays great Napoleon unveil the qualities of about, a despotic ruler. Similar to Big Brother , Napolean is essay to bake a cake, a furtive plotter who works behind the scenes rather than overtly. Napolean and Big Brother both work continually to undermine and jeopardize their rivals, whether it be by about animals, removing Snowball.

Animal , Animal Farm , Big Brother 636 Words | 3 Pages. ?Ashton Taylor Mr. McCarter English 214-I01 December 1, 2014 Essay #3 Orwell’s satire shaping what a future could become George Orwell’s 1984, depicts a . Short Essay? time of totalitarian and communism rule. Where ever you are big brother is watching you. Winston, Orwell’s main character in the satirical novel is a man struggling with his true identity in this gloomy world. Orwell, constructing this novel after the ending of World War II writes a satirical story that is also a warning to what can become of animals, the. Animal Farm , Big Brother , Brave New World 1880 Words | 6 Pages. A Rhetorical Analysis on Nineteen Eighty-Four. Nineteen Eighty-Four: A Critical Essay on Rhetoric Winston, sitting in an interrogation room, wondered to himself, “How did it come to this?” The . thoughts flowing through his mind when finding out that O’Brien was secretly working for Big Brother and the Party could have ranged anywhere from short, abhorrence to fear. As Winston cries out for the torture to stop in about animals, Room 101, the reader cannot help but to try and feel his pain. In An Essay? Even though Winston knew that this day would eventually come in essays about animals, his. Short Descriptive? Animal Farm , Big Brother , Dystopia 1057 Words | 4 Pages.

Orwell’s novel 1984 these are the slogans of the Party and about of Big Brother which governs Oceania (modern day England). This . society suppresses all free thinking, free enterprise, and all other freedoms. Thesis? George Orwell predicts that the world will come to this if someone does not stand up to the dominant society. This someone is Winston Smith, the essays thoughts and actions of Winston in 1984 place him against the Party, their views, and Big Brother . The Party which is the chief government rule of Oceania. Big Brother , George Orwell , Mind 884 Words | 3 Pages.

Quotations (Pages #s) Literary Device Connection/Significance Winston comes to the realization that the Proles are his only hope for essays great breaking away from . Big Brother and realizing the essays about animals truth. (pg. 63-66) “Proles and animals are free.” (pg. Essays Great? 66) Metaphor Simile After becoming tired of blindly accepting the rules set in place by Big Brother , Winston realizes that if he is to be free, he must seek salvation with the Proles, the poorer, more overlooked social class. “They needed only to rise. Big Brother , George Orwell , Metaphor 851 Words | 4 Pages. aspect of the people’s lives is essays, controlled from birth to descriptive death, in this totalitarian government. In action and thought they are trained to believe that . whatever big brother says is reality. With this kind of power, building enthusiasm for an unknown war is as easy as 1 2 3. After the minds of everyone are controlled, the will of Big Brother spreads through the minds of the people like a plague in 14th century Europe. About Animals? The people in 1984 have little influence on their own thoughts. Papers? Few will stand out. Big Brother , George Orwell , Mind 1014 Words | 3 Pages. symbolic of animals, manipulation by Big Brother . The word Party suggests that it is familiar and fun, even though it is oppressive. . Victory Gin, Victory Coffee, and Victory Cigarettes are truly low-quality. The Party uses these terms in an attempt to attract members and distort their thoughts.

Even the term Big Brother blurs reality. Poem Title? Posters are seen throughout London showing a man above the words Big Brother is Watching You. The face on the posters is that of Big Brother , the face of the Party. He. About? Big Brother , Chess piece , George Orwell 855 Words | 3 Pages. keeping them scared and to make them think that Big Brother is taking care of essays great, them and about will look out for them, and protect them. . Critique Research? The second slogan “Freedom is Slavery”, the inner party is about, trying to thesis for euthanasia control everyone and getting them to hate every other country. This slogan means that to have freedom is to be a slave, which in American eyes is a big lie.

The inner party puts out the about slogan for people to understand it is poem in an, much better to be under Big Brother than it is to be your own individual and have. Big Brother , George Orwell , Ingsoc 1140 Words | 3 Pages. of about animals, “plain folks,” as well as the use of the thesis for euthanasia Big Brother posters to achieve the idea of suppressing freedom. By utilizing . propaganda techniques, introducing new language concepts and using literary devices, Orwell successfully warns us about the potential dangers of totalitarian control in our society today. Orwell uses the phrase “ Big Brother is watching you” to instill fear in the people. Essays Animals? An inevitable motif in Nineteen Eighty-Four is the research papers “ Big Brother Is Watching You” poster, which is essays about, first introduced. Big Brother , George Orwell , Ingsoc 1818 Words | 6 Pages. Alienation In 1984 In the novel 1984 by George Orwell there are many causes which lead to Winston Smith’s alienation. Winston lives in the dystopian . society known as Oceania, which is controlled by essay, the “Party” and a dictator named “ Big Brother .” “ Big Brother ” watches over and controls the thoughts and actions of the citizens in Oceania. Winston feels oppressed by the control of the about animals “Party”.

The actions of the “Party” affect Winston and lead him to feel alienated. To alienate is to make someone. Big Brother , George Orwell , Newspeak 1853 Words | 5 Pages. Manipulations of thesis statement, Memory Used by essays about animals, Orwell and Williams. Manipulations of memory used by statement, Orwell and Williams The steady development of “ Big Brother ” as the essays all-controlling entity in . George Orwell’s 1984 is the premise for the role truth plays throughout the novel. Truth is functioned against society for the benefit of the government. Similarly, Tennessee Williams creates a uniquely different environment for its future his characters in The Glass Menagerie while maintaining the same function of truth as a source of essays, distortion and control. Essay To Bake? Collectively, the themes. Animal Farm , Big Brother , Deception 1359 Words | 4 Pages.

Is George Orwell's 1984 Becoming a Reality? right” or “not the normal”. The article “Orwell’s 1984 becoming a reality in essays about, 2013” talks about how, specifically in the technology category, almost . everything we do is being recorded. The article states: “Every step we take, every move we make, “ Big Data” is watching us. Our computers, phones, and on how to bake countless other devices are generating long trails of electronic data- information that can be stored and analyzed who-knows-where for essays about animals who-knows-what by who-knows-who” (“Orwell’s 1984 Becoming a Reality. Big Brother , George Orwell , Lunar eclipses 1353 Words | 4 Pages. physically unfit? Meet Winston Smith, the main character in George Orwell’s book, “1984”. Winston is a member of the Outer Party, and is under the ruling of . the essays great Inner Party, living under a mask that he is a loyal follower of Big Brother as those who do not follow Big Brother are vaporized and are never to be seen again. No one has the courage to rebel as even thinking various thoughts can result an about animals individual to be vaporized, with everyone being watched at every moment of the day. Winston feels.

Big Brother , Courage , George Orwell 1242 Words | 3 Pages. On How To Bake A Cake? The Loss of Individuality in Nineteen Eighty-Four. Eighty-Four In the essays about world of Nineteen Eighty-Four, individuality is an offence punishable by essays great, death, and the people live under constant supervision. Essays Animals? The . Poem Title In An Essay? main character, Winston, lives in the totalitarian state of Oceania, where a figurehead known only essays about as Big Brother is to bake, revered by essays, the majority of the populace. In this state, those in positions of power are members of the short essay Inner Party, while the rest of the people are either members of the Outer Party or part of the proletariat. Those who choose to rebel against.

Big Brother , George Orwell , Ingsoc 1816 Words | 5 Pages. not like the others in Oceania. Essays About? He secretly hates Big Brother and The Party. Winston has a love affair with another outer party . member named Julia. Winston and Julia elope to a room above an thesis statement old antique shop owned by Mr. Charrington. O’Brien, an inner party member, senses Winston’s discontent for the The Party and invites him to his home to become a part of “The Brotherhood” an underground organization with the intent of bringing down Big Brother . One day while Winston and Julia are in the room above. Big Brother , Federal government of the United States , George Orwell 849 Words | 3 Pages. are stuck in essays animals, their old ways, and can’t enjoy the beauty of exploiting human behavior. Poem Title In An Essay? “On broadcast television, 15 of the top 20 highest-rated programs were . unscripted shows.

The shows all had familiar names, like ‘America’s Got Talent’ on NBC, ‘ Big Brother ’ on CBS, ‘The Bachelorette’ on ABC and ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ on Fox. Essays Animals? What viewers say they want and what they really watch are not the same thing. ‘It’s clear people have their favorite pastime reality shows, and they’re watching them,’ said. Essay Its Future? America's Next Top Model , Big Brother , Flavor of essays about animals, Love 2566 Words | 7 Pages. To Bake? dystopian fiction, which makes the reader see what is the worst to come. Essays About Animals? It is essay newspaper its future, about an ordinary man called Wiston Smith, who is a member of the outer party, . and essays animals he is getting controlled by Ingsoc. Ingsoc is against any talking or thinking against Big Brother . Nineteen Eighty-four is written using three main styles of essay on how to bake, writing, structure, form and language throughout Nineteen Eighty-four, to make it dystopian. Orwell wrote the essays book in descriptive, 1948, at about the end of World War II, when there were fascists around. Big Brother , Dystopia , George Orwell 1717 Words | 4 Pages. conditioning their bodies, Big Brother is able to undermine citizens and use them as puppets.

Though American government isn't as . austere as the fictitious one in 1984, there are definite parallels between Orwell's writings and today's society. In 1984, The Party is in control of every source of information, including historical events occurring in the past and the present. Essays Great? One day at work, the main character of the novel, Winston Smith, has to rewrite a paragraph of Big Brother's speech in such. Big Brother , Federal government of the about United States , George Orwell 928 Words | 3 Pages. and the reading of Goldstein’s book; all these events make it seem like Winston and Julia really are joining a rebellious group against the party. Still, . after thinking they were actually starting a revolution O’Brien shows up once again, creating big confusion on what’s going on but slowly starting to critique research papers point towards Winston’s inevitable fate. The fact that it’s the character’s choices, personality and ideas what leads to Winston’s death at the end of the book is what makes it way more satisfactory. Big Brother , Debut albums , English-language films 934 Words | 3 Pages.

Frankenstein and 1984: Cautionary Tales. rule, Shelley is forewarning the danger of science becoming too powerful for mankind’s own good. In 1984, Winston fully changes as a character from despising . the Party to loving Big Brother . Essays About? If it was not for essay the strong pressure to about animals conform inflicted upon him by the Party, Winston would never have gained the love for Big Brother . In Frankenstein, Victor shifts from a child dreaming of recognition and fame for discovering the secret of life to a twisted man with an obsession with getting revenge on his. Big Brother , Frankenstein , George Orwell 2064 Words | 5 Pages. of power for the party and they achieve it through the use of propaganda and manipulation. They adopt Big Brother as a tool to . implant terror into the people. Residents know that if Big Brother caught them performing unorthodox acts, they would be in danger. The omnipresent government warns its inhabitants through propaganda, which reads, “ BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU” (2). The fact that Big Brother was watching them results in most Oceania residents to obey the short descriptive standards of the society, which causes. Acts of the Apostles , Big Brother , Dystopia 895 Words | 3 Pages. Totalitarian World, Conformity Is Necessary for Survival. and malevolence born out of the creation of a counter utopic totalitarian regime. Orwell’s nihilistic creation of Oceania, presents a world wherein every . Animals? aspect of for euthanasia, private and public life is essays animals, abhorrently regimented and regulated by the autocratic ‘ Big Brother ’. The whole population at large is forced to conform to thesis for euthanasia the ideals and beliefs of the tyrannical ‘party’ as a means of not only survival but also a means of being able to live an unabated existence.

The party opposes all forms of individuality. Big Brother , Communism , Dictatorship 790 Words | 3 Pages. thinking is animals, controlled. In his dystopian novel ? 1984? , George Orwell uses the motif of the government's constant surveillance to depict the oppressive . grasp the totalitarian government has on the Oceania citizens. Orwell uses the essays great recurrence of essays about, Big Brother to illustrate a totalitarian society that uses surveillance to exert complete power over the individual. The society in for euthanasia, ? 1984 ? is that of a totalitarian in which its bureaucratic apparatus controls every aspect of life from essays about, religion,to thought. Big Brother , Communism , George Orwell 1045 Words | 6 Pages.

Paper on Winston's transformation after Room 101 from 1984 by George Orwell. be completely changed. Newspaper Its Future? Winston Smith the protagonist in 1984 was completely changed by the end of the novel. The government transformed Winston's beliefs . from despising to loving Big Brother . By the essays animals end of the novel Winston was fully transformed, his way of thinking was altered and he was brainwashed into loving Big Brother for the rest of his existence. Winston has been tortured, in the Ministry of Love by O'Brien for statement days, maybe weeks or months, we never know. As the torture takes place he never. Big Brother , Darkness at Noon , George Orwell 1393 Words | 4 Pages. About? Nineteen Eighty Four Essay - Power. A Cake? relationships, no desire, “no art, no literature, no science” in order that ultimately “no enjoyment in the process of life” be found. This ensures a . civilisation where the establishment of loyalty and animals love are only thesis statement evident within the security of ‘ Big Brother ’. Essays About Animals? Orwell displays individual power through Winston’s defiance of the Party, in order that Winston may satisfy his inherited human instinct for critique research papers control. The author portrays this lust for jurisdiction through the protagonist’s indulgence in essays, the diary.

Animal Farm , Authority , Big Brother 1099 Words | 3 Pages. 1984 by George Orwell: Synopsis of the Book. protagonist is Winston Smith. The antagonist is the Party and Big Brother . B. There are two other important characters. One is . Julia and the second is O’Brien. Essays Great? Character Development: Winston smith and Julia are both a round and essays dynamic character. They start off being devoted to the Party but rebel against it with their own free thoughts. Later they end up being sucked back into on how to bake a cake, the Big Brother ways forever. The Party/ Big Brother is a flat, static character in the book.

It’s always watching. Big Brother , George Orwell , Ingsoc 1101 Words | 4 Pages. main argumentative idea about animals communication is that it is thesis statement, collapsing in Nineteen Eighty-Four when really, it is growing. His opinion on the “… breakdown in . communication – not extension but breakdown…” (Ranald 251) is weak because the only way Big Brother has power is by its influence on messages. Telescreens in the novel were the most important form of communication used. They were bi-directional, pushing propaganda while acting as a security camera in every room, it “could be dimmed, but there.

Animal Farm , Big Brother , George Orwell 859 Words | 3 Pages.

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MatadorU Photography Course Review. (This MatadorU Photography Course review updated December 2015, originally published Dec 2011.) There is, I think, still value to the MatadorU program. However, you should know what you expect to animals gain from the program before you decide whether the cost is thesis, worth it to you and essays if it will help you accomplish the short, goals you’ve set. This MatadorU photography course review aims to do just that: give some thoughts on my experience with the about animals, program and discuss who else it may be a good fit for. I made around $7000 last year (2014) through writing and photography contacts that I attribute to the MatU program , either through postings directly on their Access boards (which I’ll discuss below) or via contacts I made through the Matador University program. So, for me, the $350 course fee was definitely a worthwhile investment. This number doesn’t even include photography work I picked up through other channels, which I undoubtedly owe some competency credit for to the MatadorU photography course but which becomes a lot harder to assign value to. Having signed up relatively early in the MatadorU development (in 2011), I’ve seen several iterations of the course over the past several years. While it was once a good resource to get direct authoritative feedback on your work as you grew as a photographer / writer (and later videographer), the ability to directly interact with the professors of MatU has gradually gotten smaller and descriptive essay smaller. From what I’ve seen, the course now offers three opportunities during the curriculum to get direct professional feedback on your personal work.

What this means, essentially, is that once per week for 12 weeks you’ll receive access to a lesson in your chosen field (photography being mine, but writing and videography also popular course options) to complete on your own schedule. Due to the rate the lessons are released you can’t finish the course early, however there are reports of students signing up for several courses concurrently. Then, once per about, month, you’ll be able to send your assignments to one of the MatadorU staff for c ritique from descriptive essay a professional in animals your field. However, perhaps to make up for this change, they’ve also instituted ‘Labs’ that run once every week or two where you can submit one photo/story/video and have other members of the community and several of the staff provide a few quick thoughts. From an essays great, academic point of view, then, the course has lost a bit since I was originally involved. Where it has gained value, though, is in the community. Part of the MatadorU sign-up promise is essays about animals, that student keep access to essays great the MatU community for life. In realistic terms, this usually means engaging with other students on story research or blogging woes or trading links/ social media shares. It also, importantly, means admission to the Matador Access boards where staff post opportunities for travel media publishers to get out and actually make cash. So, not only do students get tips on preparing and sending pitches in the lessons, but they’re also provided the essays about animals, chance to essays great put this into practice through editorial contacts that show up in Access.

I easily picked up enough small assignments through here to cover the cost of the essays, course, and essay that lifetime ability to get to the boards means that I occasionally continue to visit and about find more opportunities there to this day. The downside : this has recently been opened up to those outside the essays great, MatadorU community as a separate paid option, which of course means more competition for the same finite number of opportunities. If you’re just looking for job leads, though, this could be a solid alternative to the full courses. For those looking to make more serious money at photography or travel writing, one of the biggest challenges is often the need to show clips of published assignments. As you pitch editors at new publications, they want some sort of evidence that you can carry through on an assignment and essays animals are capable on both the creative and the practical sides of working on essays great an assignment. Essays About! The easiest way to know this, of course, is simply to see that you’ve done so before! One of my proudest publications from 2014 was a photo essay on essays great the BBC Travel website, and the original pitch email was a very brief description of the festival and essays about how I planned to cover it followed by a link to clips of similar events I’d attended in the past few year and descriptive essay published on. This is one of the most important parts of essays animals, MatU for those who are just starting out, I think, because Matador offers its students the essay newspaper its future, chance to about publish on their in-house channels as well as providing tips for other potential outlets to build up your portfolio. The lessons themselves focus on a wide range of things, starting with the basic technical side of photography (i.e. how to work a camera – in manual and semi-auto modes instead of essay its future, full auto especially) and moving on to thinking more deeply about about animals framing and atmosphere as well as the business side of things like how to pitch editors and prepare invoices. I can definitely see progress in the quality of essays great, my photography when I look at before and after shots, and learning to animals be more comfortable with the camera I had was also part of what convinced me to its future move up to better gear. The other side of this , of essays about animals, course, is that you could find much of the same information online elsewhere, often for free . The convenience factor of MatadorU is that is essay on how, has all been gathered together for you and programmed to slow-drip into your system, with assignments for each lesson to make sure you’re retaining part of what you learn.

If you’d prefer just a few quick photo tips for an occasional refresher, I’d suggest the YouTube channels of essays animals, The Art of Photography and papers Brendan Van Son. So, final thought. Essays About Animals! Don’t go into to bake MatadorU thinking it will give you the immediate skills to leave your normal life behind for about animals a fabulous life of world travel. However, if you’re looking to both build skills and gain access to both a community of thesis, fellow travel media producers and a posting board that will advertise opportunities to put your skills into action… well, go check it out. Find this review helpful? Head over to my photography portfolio to see more of my work, or connect with me on social media at the links below to share some of yours! 25 Responses to MatadorU Photography Course Review. Hey, so, I am a senior graduating from animals a high school in just a couple of weeks and I have opted to essays great take a gap year instead of essays about, go to college. I am just now stumbling upon this Matador U and am skeptical because of how great it seems to be. If I decide to enroll, can I advertise myself as a photographer going to New Zealand and willing to research papers take pictures of desired locations for pay or trade of some sort?

I realize this is a great opportunity for about getting into the photography field and don’t mean to be a bother if there are better places to ask these questions. I would appreciate a point in poem title the right direction. Hi Nate. You can do so, and I’ve seen posts on their student message boards get some traction for things like that. They actually at one point even had an ongoing program where they would set up deals with destination marketing organizations to send a MatU student for a few weeks or months to document the place (I think it was called the ‘Road Warriors’ program) but I haven’t seen anything from that in quite a while. That being said, what will more likely help you if you do the course is that you’ll learn how to market yourself and your photography a little more professionally within the essays, MatU course, and thesis statement for euthanasia then turn around with that information and essays contact potential employers in on how a cake New Zealand to try and strike up work agreements yourself. Depending on where your passport is essays, from, New Zealand actually has a pretty open Work Holiday program so this could be a fairly reasonable plan for you. Hope that helps? Let me know, though, if you have any further questions regarding the MatU program and I’ll answer them as best I can. Read many reviews on the Matador U programs and am on the verge of joining. Essays Great! I am confused about travel writing and about travel photography though.

I am a hobbyist photographer so am naturally inclined to statement for euthanasia the photography course. Could you give me an idea of what the assignments are like, in the case of photography? in other words, what does a typical assignment sound like? thanks a ton in advance. The course progresses as you go on, starting with the very basics (aperture, rule of 1/3rd, stuff like that) and moving towards things like photo editing, how to pitch your photography to publications, and how to work towards building a career of essays about, your photography. Generally the lessons involve a bit of reading from descriptive whatever the topic is, a look at the practical applications of the information, and then an essays about animals, assignment that asks you to put that info into practice for yourself. As I think I mentioned in this post, some of these assignments are reviewed by MatU staff but not all. However, often other students are willing to for euthanasia give feedback.

If you’re really on the fence, think about signing up for their $10 ‘Test-Drive’ to check it out and see if it looks like something you want to stick with or not. Hope that helps! Thanks a lot for essays the response. Could you also tell me the nature of the poem title essay, paid assignments that one could expect from the Matador Network? I am able to imagine how a typical travel writing work assignments would look like but am wondering how it would be for travel photography. Really liked your blog by the way. Great work. About Animals! Keep travellin #128578; Well, so consider first off that they’re not guaranteed.

Matador seems to offer first priority for essay on how publishing on their channels to students, but they only pay like $25 per essays about, article/photo essay/whatever. Their ‘Access’ board pulls together publishing opportunities from around the world (one of which I mention in research papers this blog post, a tour company I’ve worked with a lot over the past year) though a glance right now shows it more leaning towards blogging/writing and press trips rather than strictly the photo side. Hi Stephen, I am a second year student at essays about, a design school in India, which doesnt offer too much exposure into photography as such. So I was thinking of opting out of that and into the MatadorU travel photography and writing course. Would you recommend I stay in college or do you think the course offers me the same opportunities a college would? In terms of the future. Would love your advice and suggestions.

Also, I was wanting to essays great know if the courses require you to essays animals travel for assignments? P.S. Love your blog, Very inspirational. To answer the simpler question: No, the on how to bake a cake, course doesn’t require you to essays travel for assignments. I happened to essays great start the essays about animals, course while I was traveling through Indonesia and so many of my initial assignments used that as a backdrop, but you could just as easily do them from poem title your home town. In many ways, that might be more useful as it will also encourage you to about see familiar surroundings from a new perspective – a useful skill for any aspiring journalist.

I think the answer to the larger of your two questions, though, depends on a number of cultural and personal factors. I don’t know the a cake, case in about India, but in the US a degree from an online course rarely carries the same weight as one from a more traditional school. Essay To Bake A Cake! If you’re hoping to work in mainstream society, often that simple piece of paper can make a huge difference. In terms of the information available, I certainly think the MatU photography program provides enough to essays about animals take somebody to absolute newbie to descriptive fairly competent with a camera in a quick period of time. This is basically my own experience with the program. About! The key is, will you be disciplined enough to essay to bake a cake do the essays animals, assignments and then practice those skills everyday until the next lesson? As I said I was traveling at the time and so it made sense that I was out essay on how, working on my photography everyday anyways.

For somebody at home, it can be easy to let other issues become distractions that prevent you from animals putting in as much time to photography as you should to get the most out of the course. If you don’t have that level of self-motivation, however, perhaps a more traditional class structure (and professors expecting assignments three times a week) will be a better tool for title in an you? As I said, though, this is something only you can decide for yourself based on your own situation and drive. Hope that helps? Thank you so much Stephen! Yes, the situation regarding the degree/ diploma weight-age is the same here. This is great help! I will be enrolling for the trial-program very soon!

Best of luck, and essays if you do sign up send me a message through MatU and I’ll follow you to see some of your shots! I am very interested in signing up for MatadorU’s Travel Writing and Travel Photography courses concurrently. I also just applied for a Working Holiday Visa for Australia a few days ago and I am currently waiting to essays great hear back. My question is similar to about Nate Brieva’s in essay a cake the above posts. If I start my MatadorU courses in January 2015 and leave for Australia (assuming I am granted the visa) mid-February, would I be able to about animals advertise myself as available for freelance assignments in Australia and poem title in an essay surrounding areas?

Have you heard any more about the “Road Warriors” program? I realize I will have to work harder and be self-disciplined to complete the two courses while also working in about animals Australia to support myself until I get assignments (which I may have to title in an work only essays about, part-time to descriptive essay allow enough time in the day for the courses), but is this something you believe is doable? I would appreciate any advice! Several thoughts here. The first is that it sounds like you’re underestimating the time that all these things are going to essays take. Work plus two courses plus freelance writing/photography is a lot to essay a cake take on at once, so be real with yourself about (1) whether you’re able to animals do it and essay its future (2) whether you want to commit your working holiday so heavily to the working side and so little to the holiday! Keep in mind, as I said to Nate, that there are no guarantees through MatadorU’s courses. You have priority for being published on about animals their in-house channels and their Access Board is open to you, so they do put you in a position with both the skills and the contacts to be able to make something of it. They don’t however, guarantee that you’re going to show up to Australia and get hired to start shooting for somebody based on the strength of to bake, your Matador course.

On top of essays about, your other commitments, you’ll still have to hustle to connect with companies and essay on how a cake market yourself as a writer/photographer. If anything, I would encourage you to start the courses NOW. Essays! The better prepared you are and the further you’ve gotten into their lessons by the time you get to Australia, the more confidently you’ll be able to market yourself as soon as you hit the ground and essays great so the more time you’ll have to publish while you’re there. If you have the time and experience to do so now, it would be worth doing a bit of research from home to prepare some pitch ideas with editors at publications you’d like to target so that as soon as you’re on the ground you can send them off and see what happens. I hope that helps! Thanks for the words of advice Stephen! They have helped a lot in animals my decision. Title Essay! You’re right, I don’t want to get too far in over my head with too many commitments all at once. Essays About! I’ve decided to begin my courses now and essay to bake a cake only work part-time in Australia so I can fully commit to my writing and photography and build a solid foundation for animals myself.

Then I will go from there #128578; I appreciate your help! Safe travels! I think that if you’re committed to doing it, that sounds like the most reasonable plan. Safe travels to you as well! (And, if you haven’t yet signed up for poem in an essay the course, I’d be much obliged if you’d do it through the essays about, links on this page.) Hello Stephen. I hope I’m not being too forward here.

I am a long-time suburban and daily newspaper photographer (in mid-life, but not having a crisis) in and around Toronto, Ontario. I was writing and shooting previously, and had a number of travel/feature articles with photos published regionally and nationally in Canada. I decided to concentrate on my photography full time a number of years ago and left the writing on hold. Short! I am now returning to travel writing. My desire is to turn travel photography and writing into a profitable full time gig in about one to essays two year’s time. I’d like to find an advanced course or coach or guide to poem specifically help me market myself effectively and create strong query letters. Do you feel your advanced travel writing program might be a fit for me, or is there someone you can suggest I contact to discuss my specific needs with further? I’ll qualify this by saying that I was on essays about the photography side of the short descriptive, course and not the writing (the two operate exclusively in terms of lessons, though share the community forums and Access board). But, the photog course included info that did a good job of getting me started with writing pitches and I can only assume the writing course includes even more info on essays that. I’d suggest you check out the ‘Free Preview’ option and essays great have a look around at the curriculum and that specific lesson, and maybe use that as a better barometer of essays about animals, whether it seems like it will be useful to you.

Or, perhaps try to dig up blogs of for euthanasia, students that are/were in the Advanced Writing course and see if they can offer any deeper insights? (Also, note that I’m not directly involved with MatadorU, I was just a student of their courses.) Hope that helps, Can you say that attending this school has helped you find work or just helped educational wise? For me it was a bit of both, an initial primer on how to grow as a photographer and animals then later lessons that pointed me along the its future, first steps of growing photography as a business.

As an ongoing proposition the work is the main value I still get from it – I rarely ever look back through the lessons but check the ‘Access’ board every few weeks to see what has been added. Just adding my two-cent to young people. Look at MatadorU as a network rather than a skills program.As you build your career (wherever), you’ll realize that network is more valuable than being the best in your category (of course, you still need to have skills). Keep this in about mind and you’ll realize the course itself is just an critique research, icing. Thanks for your comments Louie, I would definitely agree with that. I think the skills/marketing aspect of the MatU course is what gets people in the door, but in the end it’ll be the network and Access boards that continue to be useful over the long run. Hi Stephen. First of all, thank you for the info. There are SO many classes, articles, schools, websites, etc. dedicated to helping one become a “freelance-forever-profitable-travel photographer!” and we all know that half of them aren’t worth their space on the www.

I have a BFA in fine art photography and that certainly doesn’t pay any money. So now I’m interested in honing my editorial photo-essay skills. I gave the free preview a whirl, but I wanted to hear from about animals someone who can tell me if it would be appropriate for someone with a degree in critique research papers all of the essays animals, mechanics of photography but wants additional instruction with the skill of the editorial photo-essay? Any feedback on this will be great. and p.s. If I join the course, it will be via a link on your blog #128521; Hey Tia, first off I really like that ‘House of ADD’ photo on on how to bake a cake your webpage. If you already have the tech stuff in hand, which from seeing your portfolio it seems very much like you do, the major value for you would be in the information on how to present yourself to publishers. If you’ve already got experience researching and writing pitches, I would say something like a MediaBistro subscription might be a more intelligent choice.

If you’re starting from scratch on how to reach out to potential outlets, though, Matador does a good job of walking you through the about animals, basics of this and then offering some leads through the Access boards to publishers who are actively looking for title essay content (though, these on the Access are often pretty low-paid). As to animals the skill of the photo essay/storytelling, I think MatU does a fairly good job of this actually. When you played with the free preview, they didn’t give you access to the later lessons on this stuff? Thank you for descriptive the complement Stephen! That really made me feel good #128578; I’m pretty much starting from scratch on putting together and essays about submitting pitches.

I only poem in an essay, have had a few “real” assignments and I got those just because networking is one of my strong skills. And don’t get me wrong.. all of them have been lower paying so Access will be right along with what I’m doing now. ha ha. I didn’t see the later lessons but I should take another peek at it. Essays Animals! Would you suggest MediaBistro after getting the on how to bake a cake, hang of the basics that MatU teaches? Thanks again Stephen for the down-low!

Haha.. it’s all gotta start somewhere. Yea, MediaBistro also has good into for higher-level journalists and importantly has a lot of essays about animals, contact details for pubs that pay a bit more. Matador is start to post more stuff like this too, though, so by the time you finish the to bake, courses perhaps that advantage will have been mooted. Great info, thanks again Stephen! I will scrounge up the animals, $$ to get rolling on one of those sites making sure, of course, to enroll in Matador through your blog link #128521; Take care and safe travels! p.s.

What was that saying “if you do what you love, the money will come..” I must be missing a crucial step #128521; Hey there! I'm Stephen, this is my travel blog, and that's me in the poofy hat up there. I'm a photographer / writer on the road since 2008, and I've been doing my best to visit as many amazing places as I can since then. My current focus is on how a cake, Central Asia, because for essays animals a hiking and camping enthusiast this is about as good as it gets.

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The Ultimate List of AP Biology Tips. Are you shooting for a score of 4 or 5 on the AP Biology exam? If you’re taking the class, you’re probably nodding your head right now or shouting “yes!” After all, who doesn’t want free college credit, the experience and challenge of taking a college-level biology course, and about a great looking high school transcript? The first thing you need to know, however, is that the AP Bio exam will be a challenge for you, no matter what kind of research papers experience you have. It’s helpful to look at past AP score distributions to animals, show you the level of difficulty of the exam. On the 2014 AP Biology exam, only 6.5% of on how to bake a cake all test takers earned the coveted score of 5. (Fun fact: 3 students out of 214,000 got a perfect score!). That may sound intimidating, but it’s not all bad since 22.2% earned a 4 and 35.1% earned a 3, meaning 63.8% of all test takers passed the 2014 exam. Only 36.2% did not receive a passing score, with 27.4% earning a 2, and 8.8% earning a score of 1. This means that more than half of essays students passed the exam, which should boost your confidence and show you that it’s definitely doable.

However, the test is by no means easy. Essays Great! In fact, it’s one of the hardest AP exams out there. Sure, you need to memorize facts and essays animals concepts, but you also have to be able to think scientifically and analytically, which is much easier said than done. Luckily, this list of 50 AP Bio tips is here to essay to bake a cake, give you the best chance of getting that 5. Whether you’re taking this class in school or self-studying, these tips will tell you everything you need to about animals, know, from how to study , what to study, what the exam consists of, and everything in between. Let’s get started! 1. Familiarize yourself with the format of the exam. The first step in getting ready to study for the AP Biology exam is knowing what the exam will look like.

The exam is 3 hours long and consists of two sections. The first 90-minute section has two parts: a multiple-choice part with 63 questions and a grid-in part with 6 questions. Section I makes up 50% of thesis for euthanasia your overall exam score. Section II, also making up 50% of your exam score, consists of 8 free-response questions. You’ll have 90 minutes to answer two long free-response questions, one of which will be lab or data-based, and six short free-response questions, which each require a paragraph-length argument or response. 2. Get your vocabulary down first! Vocabulary is essays animals extremely important in AP Bio, but understanding concepts and making connections is even more important. Why, then, do you have to focus on vocab first? It just makes sense. Essay On How! When you think about it, concepts are useless if you don’t understand key terms. About! “This thing does this to that and this process works by doing that.” It just doesn’t work.

Make and use flashcards regularly, learn the Greek and poem in an essay Latin prefixes, suffixes, and roots , and take great notes. When you know vocabulary terms inside and out, it is much easier to think analytically, apply terms to essays about animals, different situations, and essay its future make important connections. Quizlet’s Ultimate AP Biology Vocabulary review flashcards has a great list of all the vocab terms you need to know, complete with definitions and helpful diagrams and images. 3. Know what is NOT included on the exam. There are a number of concepts, facts, terms, and ideas that are beyond the scope of the AP Biology exam. Essays About Animals! You do NOT have to know: • Names, molecular structures, and specific effects of to bake plant hormones.

• Details of animals fossil dating methods. • Names and dates of extinction events. • Steps in its future the Calvin cycle, the structure of the molecules and the names of essays enzymes (EXCEPT for ATP synthase) • Names of the specific electron carriers in the ETC. • Names of specific stages of embryonic development. • Names and phases of mitosis. • Details of sexual reproduction cycles in plants and animals. • Specific mechanisms of thesis statement diseases and action of drugs. • Details of communications and community behavioral systems.

• Types of nervous systems, development of the about animals human nervous system, details of the various structures and features of the brain parts, and newspaper its future details of specific neurologic processes. • Molecular structure of specific nucleotides, chlorophyll, amino acids, lipids , and carbohydrate polymers. • Functions of smooth ER in specialized cells. • Specific examples of how lysosomes carry out intracellular digestion. • Specific symbiotic interactions. 4. Make flashcards with diagrams. Diagrams are important in AP Bio. You’ll have to essays about, interpret many of them on descriptive essay the exam.

That’s why it’s really beneficial to draw your own diagrams on about animals your flashcards. Use different colors, label the important parts, and list the steps. Whether it’s the title in an Krebs cycle or the nitrogen cycle, find a way to make it stick in your brain. 5. Essays! Don’t lose track of the big picture. As you’re studying for the exam, you’ll probably find yourself getting hung up on little details.

AP Bio has a way of throwing a lot of facts, specific names, dates, and functions at you. It would be impossible to memorize everything! That’s why it’s essential to remember why you’re reading a certain chapter, what that chapter contributes to the bigger picture, and essays great how all these concepts you’re reading about connect together. Don’t overwhelm yourself with trying to know absolutely everything about everything. 6. Keep on top of the readings. Did you know that AP Bio is one of the most reading-intensive AP classes that the CollegeBoard offers? Your teacher will probably require you to read one or two chapters per about, night, which means you’ll probably have to tackle 30 to poem title in an essay, 60 pages of AP Bio material each evening. That’s why you absolutely must keep on top of it since even if you miss one night of reading, you’ll fall behind very quickly. Don’t just passively read the information, either. About Animals! You have to actively read and essays great make sure you’re actually absorbing the material as you go.

Try reading the chapter summary first, highlight important info, take meaningful notes, and explain a concept to yourself out loud if you seem to be struggling with it. 7. Know the 4 Big Ideas. The CollegeBoard divides the AP Biology curriculum into 4 Big Ideas. This means that all the key concepts and content you need to about animals, know for the exam are organized around four main principles: Big Idea 1: The process of evolution drives the diversity and unity of life.

Big Idea 2: Biological systems utilize free energy and title in an molecular building blocks to grow, to about, reproduce and to maintain dynamic homeostasis. Big Idea 3: Living systems store, retrieve, transmit and respond to information essential to life processes. Big Idea 4: Biological systems interact, and these systems and their interactions possess complex properties. To find out more about the 4 Big Ideas and in an essay the information you need to know for each, check out the about AP Biology Curriculum Framework . 8. Invest in thesis a review book. AP Biology textbooks are heavy, thick, and full of details that are sometimes beyond the about scope of the essays great exam. How do you know, then, which information you actually need to about, know? Buy a review book! Many of them come with practice exams, chapter reviews, and helpful hints. It’s important to only buy a review book that has been published in 2013 or later, since the exam was completely redesigned in 2013. Check out our Best AP Biology Review Books of 2015 to find out which review book is statement best for essays, you. 9. Watch the Crash Course Biology series on YouTube.

Sometimes, reading textbooks and review books can get tiring. Research! When you find yourself bored and unmotivated, try watching biology videos. The Biology Crash Course on YouTube has 40 videos dedicated to teaching you all the most important biology concepts. Animals! Injected with humor, fast-paced, and entertaining, these videos make it feel like you’re not actually studying at all. Still, make sure to actively watch, take notes, pause if you don’t understand something, or make a flashcard for a new term you hear about.

10. Participate in the “Dirty Dozen” labs. Odds are, you’ll be able to newspaper, participate in these 12 important labs in essays about animals class. If not, you should research them for yourself. Bozeman Science has videos on all 12 labs, walking you through the steps of essay each.

The LabBench is also a great resource for understanding the key concepts and about animals technical terms behind the 12 labs, along with self-quizzes to make sure you understand the material. AP Biology Multiple-Choice Review Tips. 1. Know what the multiple-choice questions look like. The multiple-choice questions on essay on how to bake a cake the AP Bio exam are probably different to essays about, other AP exams you’ve taken. They involve a lot of reading and analyzing diagrams, data, and images. They aren’t just simple “What do plants release during photosynthesis?” fact-recall type questions. You’ll have to read a paragraph for each question, or interpret a graph or diagram, and use your knowledge of biological concepts to choose the best answer. Let’s look at a few examples: By discharging electric sparks into a laboratory chamber atmosphere that consisted of essays great water vapor, hydrogen gas, methane, and ammonia, Stanley Miller obtained data that showed that a number of organic molecules, including many amino acids, could be synthesized. Miller was attempting to model early Earth conditions as understood in the 1950’s.

The results of essays animals Miller’s experiments best support which of the following hypotheses? A. Essays Great! The molecules essential to life today did not exist at the time Earth was first formed. B. The molecules essential to life today could not have been carried to the primordial Earth by a comet or meteorite. C. About Animals! The molecules essential to life today could have formed under early Earth conditions. D. Short Descriptive Essay! The molecules essential to about animals, life today were initially self- replicating proteins that were synthesized approximately four billion years ago. When DNA replicates, each strand of the original DNA molecule is research papers used as a template for the synthesis of a second, complementary strand.

Which of the following figures most accurately illustrates enzyme-mediated synthesis of essays animals new DNA at a replication fork? As you can see from these two example questions, there is more to think about than just simply recalling facts. Often, several questions will be based on the same data sets and diagrams. For more questions like these, check out critique research papers, . 2. Find and read the question first. Lab-set questions and diagram questions can be tedious since you’ll have to do so much reading and analyzing. Skip the about animals diagram or any long paragraph at first, find the question they’re asking you, and then go back to the data to find the answer to that question. It’s a simple technique, but when you have 63 long multiple-choice questions to read, analyze, and answer in statement for euthanasia such a short time, pinpointing the actual question first can be helpful. 3. About Animals! Use standard multiple-choice strategies. Using multiple-choice techniques, such as process of elimination, making educated guesses, and budgeting your time are important for any multiple-choice test. Let’s look at research papers, how these apply to the AP Bio exam. On the multiple-choice section, you will have four options, rather than five.

This means that if you can eliminate two choices, you have a 50% chance of getting the answer correct. When it comes to budgeting your time, it’s important to remember that you have about 45 seconds to about animals, 1 min for each multiple-choice question. Try and stick to that time limit for each question, otherwise you may run out of time and have to leave some questions unanswered. You should also watch out for reverse questions, such as “EXCEPT,” since all the data and information they’re throwing at you can be distracting and you may miss important keywords. 4. Thesis Statement For Euthanasia! Practice! The only way to get better at answering complicated AP Bio multiple-choice questions is to practice as much as possible. Practicing gets you familiar with the format of the questions and essays about gives you some much-needed confidence.

You can find practice questions online, in review books, and in the CollegeBoard’s AP Biology Course and Exam Description . Make sure you’re practicing questions from poem in an essay, 2013 and later, because exams before that follow the animals old, fact-recalling multiple-choice format and won’t help you for future AP Bio exams. • Your answer can start in any column. • Extra columns should be left blank. • Fill in only one bubble per column. • Use decimals and title in an other symbols if necessary. • The grid is essays about animals machine-scored so fill in the bubbles correctly. • Mixed numbers need to be gridded as a decimal or improper fraction. 2. Pay attention to the instructions. The directions will specify how to round your answers and whether or not your fractions should be reduced. Pay close attention to these instructions because even if your answer is correct, you won’t get any points if it’s not in on how to bake the proper form and not bubbled in correctly. 3. Don’t memorize formulas.

For the AP Bio exam, there is no need to memorize formulas since you will be given a formula list to about, use during the exam. Look over this list to see what kinds of formulas you need to be practicing. It’s important to remember, though, that while you don’t have to memorize formulas, you still need to be familiar with them. 4. Know how to apply mathematical formulas. The most important thing you need to know for the grid-in questions is how to apply a formula to reach the correct answer. You need to know how to work with Chi Squares , surface area and volume, water potential, Hardy-Weinberg , probability, and standard deviation. Newspaper Its Future! This comprehensive AP Biology Math Review has everything you need to know math-wise for the grid-in section of the exam.

Remember that you are allowed to use a basic four-function calculator (with square root), but NOT a graphing calculator, on the exam. 1. Know the FRQ format. At the start of the AP Bio free-response section of the exam, you will be given a 10-minute reading and planning period. After that, you’ll have 80 minutes to animals, answer 8 essay questions, broken down like this: 2. Use the title essay entire 10-minute reading period. Don’t underestimate the importance of the essays about planning period! It’s given to you for a reason. You should read through all 8 of the questions, re-read them, and use the “planning space” to statement, start putting your thoughts on paper. Draw diagrams, underline keywords, make notes, outline your responses, or whatever else you need to do to start formulating your answers. Ten minutes will feel like a long time, but use the entire time. Make sure you really know what the question is asking you; take the time to fully digest the question.

3. Define your terms. Essays! Never write down a biological term without defining it. For example, you probably won’t get the point if you just write osmosis , without mentioning “movement of thesis for euthanasia water down a gradient across a semipermeable membrane.” Always incorporate a definition of some shape or form to show the AP readers that you know what you’re talking about. In other words, don’t just inject fancy vocab words into your essays if you don’t know what they mean; the AP readers will know. 4. Connect biological concepts to larger big ideas. Your main focus in studying for essays animals, the AP Biology exam should be making connections. Knowing your vocabulary and labs is not useful if you can’t connect them to larger big ideas. Essay! On the FRQs, you’ll have to essays animals, make claims and defend them, providing evidence to support your reasoning. How can you do this, while still making insightful connections across big ideas?

The CollegeBoard has a few suggestions: 5. Be aware of the free-response booklet instructions. Critique! It’s helpful to know the actual AP Bio FRQ exam instructions: • Each answer should be written out in paragraph form; outline form is not acceptable. • Do not restate questions or provide more than the number of examples called for. • Diagrams alone will not receive credit, unless called for in the question. • Begin each answer on a new page. • Cross out any errors you make. 6. Know the types of questions. The table below outlines some of the most common free-response question types, how to answer them, and real example questions from past AP Bio exams.

*Click on about animals the links included in the example questions to see sample responses. Many times, a single free-response question on the AP Bio exam will include several of these key terms, while some only include one key term. Pay attention to exactly what the question is asking you to do and be sure to poem in an, answer every part. An example of a question that asks you to do several things in one would look like this: “Based on the data in the table below, draw a phylogenetic tree that reflects the evolutionary relationships of the about organisms based on the differences in their cytochrome c amino-acid sequences and explain the essays great relationships of the animals organisms. Based on essay the data, identify which organism is most closely related to the chicken and explain your choice.” 7. Claim + Evidence + Reasoning. Essays About Animals! This model of scientific argumentation can be helpful to keep in mind when writing your FRQs. Essentially, you have to read and essays great understand the question you’re being asked, directly answer this question with a claim statement, back up your claim with detailed examples of evidence, then use reasoning to explain how this evidence justifies your claim. Just remember claim, evidence, reasoning when you’re writing your essays.

8. Answer the parts of the question in the order called for. Try not to skip around too much when answering your FRQs. If you do, you might accidentally miss a part of a question. Instead, use the animals question’s labels (a, b, c, d, etc.) to stay organized and essay to bake a cake clear. Make it as easy as possible for the AP readers to follow your answer. 9. Know how to about animals, answer “Design an Experiment” questions. Essays Great! Sometimes, you’ll be asked to design an experiment as part of animals your FRQ.

This is where your knowledge of the “Dirty Dozen” labs comes in. You need to be familiar with lab procedures and terms. Research Papers! In your response, make sure to include: • Hypothesis (using the “if…then” structure) • Independent and dependent variables. • Control, stating directly, “Controls are…” • Explanation of the data you will collect and how you will measure it. • Procedure list (what you will actually do)

• Description of how the data will be graphed and essays about analyzed. • Conclusion (what you expect to happen and why, compare your results to critique research, your hypothesis) Remember that your experiment should be at least theoretically possible and that your conclusions should stay consistent with the way you set up your experiment. 10. Know how to answer “Draw a Graph” questions.

If you’re asked to draw a graph based on data, be sure to about, include the following in your response: • Labeled x-axis (independent variable) and y-axis (dependent variable) • Equal and proportional increments. • If more than one curve is plotted, label on each curve instead of using a legend. Hint: Most of the short descriptive essay points for a graphing question come from proper setup! 11. Be specific and thorough.

Avoid flowery and essays vague language in your essays. You don’t want to thesis statement, say something like: “Many parts of essays animals a cell are important in cell respiration.” This sentence is descriptive way too general and doesn’t really say anything at all. Whenever you use a biology term in your essay, offer specific examples of that term. About! Remember that your goal is to convince an AP reader that you know what you’re talking about. 12.

Manage your time. It can be easy to get carried away when writing your FRQs. Just remember that you have to essays great, write 8 essays in animals only 80 minutes. You need to spend more time on the two long free-response questions than on the six short free-response questions. You should be spending 20 minutes on each long FRQ and only 6 minutes for each short FRQ.

Use a watch and time yourself during the exam. You don’t want to end up with no time to answer a question and miss out on 10 points. 1. Look for “real life” examples of what you’re learning. Go to websites like Biology News , Science Daily , and The Chemical Heritage Foundation . In An! Search for articles in the subject you’re learning. The more ways you learn something the better! 2. Watch Bozeman Biology videos.

Mr. Essays Animals! Anderson, the teacher behind Bozeman Biology , has a wide variety of videos for AP Bio. Watch them before you start a unit to get a general idea of what you’ll be learning and before tests so you can review. Thanks to Ms. Lorie X. from essay newspaper its future, Riverdale High for about animals, the tips! 3. Underline important terms in the question. On How To Bake! Such as: “OR” and essays animals “CHOOSE TWO” and the power verbs such as: ‘DESCRIBE,’ ‘IDENTIFY,’ ‘LABEL,’ ‘CONSTRUCT,’ ‘DESIGN,’ or ‘EXPLAIN.’ 4. Thesis Statement! Find the essays animals core biology topic. Even if you don’t understand the question or you draw a blank, find the poem title essay ‘core biology topic’ being asked about and elaborate on it.

Thanks to Mrs. S. from North High School for essays about, the tips! 5. Papers! Write! Write! Write! For the free-response questions, usually, the about animals longer your answer to the question, the more points you will earn! That being said, don’t just do a mind dump. 6. Apply the essays great language of science.

FRQs require that you show depth, elaboration, and give examples. You need to loop together your ideas and essays show how they connect. A Cake! Don’t just rely on factual regurgitation. Thanks to essays, Mr. Jeremy M. from Blue Valley Northwest High School for the tips! 7. Know how to set up your essays. When you’re planning your essays, follow this structure: 1. Introductory sentence. 2. Several broad points. 3. Examples to prove your points.

4. Closing sentence to summarize. Fill in this general structure with details and essays great specifics. Write in short, declarative sentences. Thanks to Mr. C. from Alliance Cindy Bill Simon Technology Academy High School for the tip! 8. Answer the question as concisely as possible. Avoid writing down everything you know about a certain topic. Animals! If you do, you might contradict yourself or write down something which is wrong. You can be penalized for this. Essay Newspaper! Thanks to Mr.

F. from Dauphin Regional Comprehensive Secondary School for the tip! 9. Remember that the AP graders are looking for certain statements to essays animals, award points. If a FRQ asks you describe mutualism, for example, you need to research, both define it and elaborate on it to receive full points. As a general rule, always support your definitions with at about animals, least one example. Thanks to Dr. L. from Framingham High School for essays great, the tip! 10. Answer something for every question. If you don’t know how to answer a free-response question, don’t panic. Begin with defining some terms related to the topic.

Elaborate with an example or more detailed explanation of the essays about things you can remember. Statement For Euthanasia! Thanks to Ms. Kelly O. from Colleyville Heritage High School for the tip! 11. No detail is too small as long as it is to the point and on topic. For example, if a question asks about the structure of DNA , talk about the helix, the bases, the hydrogen bonds, introns, exons, etc. Do not waste time talking about RNA, expression, Mendelian genetics , etc. Thanks to Ms. Louise H. from Friedrich Von Steuben Metropolitan Science Center for the tip!

Tips from Past AP Biology Students. 2. For test prep, use the about animals released exams! I worked through all the a cake available FRQs on the CollegeBoard website, and my teacher provided multiple-choice practice from the about last two years. Those went a long way in helping me figure out the type of questions they ask, the common material they test, and how to manage my time. I would also recommend checking out the student answers to released FRQs, as well as the FRQ answer keys to get an idea of what kind and how much information are needed to get the points. 3. It helps to memorize things. AP Bio is less memorization than it used to be, but it still helps to memorize things.

You should still be able to recall things at the drop of a hat, but you don’t need to know all 12 of the poem title essay reactions involved in essays animals glycolysis like you once did. 4. The human body is important. It’s important to know your anatomy and human body systems. Focus on the nervous, immune, and endocrine systems . Don’t just memorize the parts, but understand the processes. For example, know how an short antibody attacking postsynaptic receptors leads to about animals, certain responses. 5. When in doubt, focus on these topics: • Genetics/genetic regulation (transcription, translation, etc.) 6. Understand the descriptive essay concepts, functions, processes and relationships between subjects. The AP Bio test isn’t simply just recalling facts anymore. You need to analyze information rather than just recall information from your studies. 7. Make sure you know all about DNA/RNA (transcription/translation), cellular respiration/photosynthesis, and evolution.

Make sure you have a great detailed and conceptual understanding of these topics! 8. Know the essays “how” and “why” of essays great a topic. If you can’t explain how something works, knowing it is pointless. Stop and quiz yourself about something you just learned. How does that process work? If you can’t explain it in about your own words, you need a better understanding of it. 9. Know all about anatomy/physiology.

This includes both humans and plants. Know the basics of plant transport systems and focus on the nervous and endocrine systems . 10. Make study sheets or chapter outlines. Poem Essay! Making study sheets requires more active work than flashcards, which helps the information stick in your head. It also refreshes your memory on the definitions in context , which is important for AP Biology. Are you a teacher or student? Do you have an awesome tip?

Let us know! Educators, are you looking to improve student outcomes? Rigorous, standards-aligned interactive learning for about animals, all AP courses. College Entrance. Up-to-date learning supplements for thesis, SAT and ACT. Differentiated Foundations. Math, literacy, and writing supplements for school-wide implementations. Essays About! NGSS Engage. An innovative CCSS-aligned supplement to accelerate NGSS adoption. *AP® and poem title in an Advanced Placement® are registered trademarks of the College Board, which was not involved in essays animals the production of, and does not endorse, this product. SAT® is a registered trademark of the College Board, which was not involved in the production of, and research does not endorse this product.

ACT® is a registered trademark of ACT, Inc., which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse, this product. GMAT® is a registered trademark of the Graduate Management Admission Council®, which was not involved in essays about animals the production of, and does not endorse, this product. Poem Essay! GRE® is a registered trademark of essays Educational Testing Services (ETS), which was not involved in the production of, and papers does not endorse, this product.

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Critique on Plato’s Apology of Socrates Essay. Socrates was a great philosopher of his time. There came a point in his life when his beliefs were questioned and his teachings doubted. He was charged for evil deeds and wrong doings. His accusers said he made people see the worse as better and passed them on as truths.

They also said that he corrupted the youth and that he did not believe in the gods recognized by the state. Socrates addressed the Athenians in defense of essays about, his philosophical life. He appealed to the Men of Athens to hear him out and exercise caution in a cake judging him because he had all the answers for them. He said he was a wise man and his wisdom came from the oracle. He believed in essays about gods contrary to what they accused him of.

He taught the critique research youth of virtues and denied he corrupted them. He never feared death as much as he feared the unjust… The Athenians wanted to know how Socrates became a famous wise man and where he got his wisdom from. A philosopher like Socrates engaged people in discussions. About Animals? He gave learned opinions and essays great answers to the most puzzling and difficult questions that often confronted ordinary minds. About Animals? When these people were convinced and enlightened they went away with nothing but praises and title in an essay admiration for about animals Socrates, reasons why they called Socrates, a wise man. Many people came to him to learn more.

It can not be said that wisdom is something one is born with. In the case of Socrates his wisdom came from the oracle. He had divine guidance in his teachings. One with a divine guidance taught not only what was good and what was right but also lived by those tenets. The oracle was also what kept Socrates from arrogance. Socrates knew he was wise because he knew that the wisdom he possessed meant little or was nothing compared to God’s infinite wisdom.

A philosopher may be wiser than any man, but is never wisest, as only God is. Socrates was asked why he did not share his wisdom with the state and gave it sound advice. Newspaper? The oracle was the inner voice or the conscience of Socrates. When he was a child the oracle prevented him from doing what he intended to do. The oracle never ordered him to do anything which was why he never entertained the thoughts of becoming a politician. He will never be any good to the state by becoming one. Good and righteous men in politics did not live long to do more good. Essays Animals? Towards the end of the trial, when Socrates was sentenced to death, Socrates mentioned the oracle again. The oracle did not oppose what he said or stopped him from leaving the house which was unusual if something bad was to happen.

In the end, Socrates was happy to die because the oracle had meant it for him. A philosopher was sought after for wise counsel and in an essay Socrates who sought the counsel of the about oracle. Critique Papers? The oracle symbolized the Divine Guidance which was the source of wisdom of Socrates. It strengthened his defense because it proved that his wisdom came from the divine and animals not from evil. Socrates tried to convince the Athenians that he believed in gods. At the start of the trial began with a reference to God under whose name he said he will make his defense. For Euthanasia? God symbolized the highest authority that Socrates subjected himself to. He respected a just and essays about righteous authority. Socrates warned the Athenians that should they harm him, they will sin against God.

God had a purpose for him in the Athenian affairs of the essays great state. Essays? He was to shake the descriptive state up whenever it was in stupor. Animals? If they killed him after the trial the state will forever be in descriptive stupor as there will be no one to shake it up. He was not one to go against the state over any matter because God meant him to help keep order and not chaos. He must to speak up whenever that state was in neglect of its duties. He knew what his responsibilities were to the state and knew that he must keep them, for about God. God was the authority over and above the state. Socrates gave the state its due place, an authority under God and originated from God. God was acknowledged by everyone as just and righteous. Critique? To believe in God meant that Socrates conformed to the ways of God and it followed that he was just and essays righteous also. The impact of this in his defense was that Socrates, first of all was not an atheist as alleged by his accusers.

Second, he was respectful of authority, God and the state. Third, he was a good man who kept the essays great ways of essays, God. God as the Supreme Being is the symbol of the highest, just and righteous authority. Socrates was given the essay to bake a cake chance to go free on the condition that he stopped teaching and speaking to people. He refused outright because he would be negligent of his mandate from the oracle to go and teach Virtues to men. Essays Animals? Virtues symbolized knowledge. It is a virtue to know right and wrong and to make enlightened choices of right over wrong. He had promised God that he will continue to teach for as long as he was able.

He taught the people to put more value on thesis the enrichment of the soul, the animals pursuit of essays great, truth and animals wisdom instead of gaining material wealth, fame and glory. Essays Great? A person with virtue knows his real worth, he never underestimates neither does he overrates himself. He reminded them that their souls must take precedence over about their persons and their possessions. He taught virtues to poem in an, anyone who came to him, young or old, bad or good, rich or poor. As a teacher he counseled them to lead good and essays righteous lives. He was like a caring parent or brother.

Those among the young who had heard him speak became sensible adults. The charges against him were wrong. He never corrupted the youth with the kind of teaching he did. There was nothing greater for him than to obey the command of God to teach the essays great people about animals, virtues. The knowledge that a philosopher shares with his students is a good defense for the philosophical life, while disproving that he was a corruptor of the youth. Virtues or knowledge that he shared should convince the Athenians that Socrates was a virtuous man who sought the enlightenment of others. Teaching others so that they may not be ignorant and so that they may lead virtuous lives can not be said as evil deeds. Taking others to the path of righteousness can not be called corruption. Socrates should be vindicated of the charges against him as they were baseless and purely lies. Socrates was never sorry for the kind of life he lived even if it eventually led him to newspaper its future, his death. Death was symbolic of the good for Socrates.

Death to save a friend, death in defense of a right, death for one’s moral convictions was all good deaths. Essays Animals? A person who feared death lacked wisdom, because he feared the unknown. Socrates feared committing injustice and wrong more than he feared death. When he was a senator, the generals were on trial for leaving the bodies of the essay slain in essays animals a battle. They were all tried at the same time, which he opposed because it was illegal. He was the only one in short essay opposition. In spite of the threats of impeachment and essays animals arrest he stood his ground. He took the risk for law and justice. Those were in the days of essays great, democracy. His resolve never wavered even during the oligarchy.

When Leon from Salamis was to be executed he with four others was ordered to bring the Salaminian to the rotunda. He refused and instead went home. He faced possible death without fear. Essays Animals? What he feared most then was to side with injustice. When threatened with death or enticement of being saved from death even if it meant doing wrong, he would rather die a thousand times. For Socrates death is good. He philosophized that it was a state of deep sleep or one of blankness. Either way it is a restful state. It is a state that we never experience in most of our nights. He likened it to a journey which all of us will take at essay its future some point in our lives. In death we will once again see those friends and heroes who have gone before us.

There will also be those victims of fate worst than his with whom he will be able to compare notes with. In the trial of Socrates, death was associated with good. Socrates was never afraid to die for he was sure something good was bound to happen to him. That should dampen the desire of his accusers to about, ask death for Socrates. Why wish the best for someone whom you wanted punished for misdeeds. The oracle symbolized divine guidance. It proved difficult for Socrates to claim that his wisdom came from the oracle from the god of Delphi. Statement? His only about credible witness was a dead man. A brother of the dead man was present in court but he did not volunteer as witness.

Socrates did not call him as witness to corroborate his story. The oracle called him wise. His wisdom was attainable for the ordinary man. He did not claim that he had extraordinary wisdom for that would not be true. The teaching of Socrates was about righteousness, justice and humility. These are works of critique, goodness that logically will originate only from the divine. God is a symbol of authority. What God commanded Socrates to do he followed. Between the God and state, Socrates placed God first. A philosopher has respect for authority and that should convince the Athenians that Socrates was a good man. He would very likely pass on this virtue to others.

Virtue is a symbol of knowledge. Socrates shared his philosophies with others so that they may be enlightened. He taught only the good as his wisdom was from the divine source. Animals? In his trial he made the Athenians know that his accusers know nothing of critique, what they were accusing him of. As they were non-believers, with whom he had not shared his wisdom, his accusers remained ignorant. Death is the symbol of something good and pleasant, something one should not fear just like Socrates. The Men of Athens will see Socrates as a man of courage who was not scared of death and an enlightened disciple of the divine who treated death as a journey, a deep slumber or a crossover. In the trial of Socrates we found a man with a strong faith in God, despite accusations of atheism. He chose right over animals wrong all the time even at the threat of death and harm. He lived what he preached carried a meaningful and purposeful life. He wanted to convince the Athenians that teaching the right values and exalting the virtues in people was no corruption.

An evil doer would do no such thing. Thesis? No amount of pressure or threat or enticement would compromise his values. He kept God’s command to him to continue teaching at all cost to him. This came from a true believer of God and not from an atheist as Meletus had accused him to be. A philosopher would teach only about things that would be of value to people as well as those things that will do the person enormous good. A philosopher’s measure of short descriptive, value puts the spiritual over about and above the thesis statement physical and the material.

That is what separates the ordinary man from the philosopher. The wants of the ordinary man is of this world and the philosopher’s is of the higher realm. There were many lessons learned from the arguments of essays about animals, Socrates in his defense. Papers? They let us into the mind of a philosopher with its depth, humor, eloquence, drama and wit. It is difficult to understand a philosopher because he is in about a level all by himself.

His logic is simple and clear at the start but he can be confusing towards the research papers end. It is amusing how they turn one’s argument against his own like what he did to Meletus. Socrates’ arguments are too profound for animals the ordinary mind to research papers, follow. A philosopher’s life is too dull to essays animals, wish for poem oneself and too unappealing to desire. He goes for the simple and uncomplicated. He is not attached to the material. He can work with no pay and treasures the fulfillment in doing the job for God and about fellowmen. It is enough remuneration for a philosopher that others learn of truth and wisdom from him. Essays Great? Socrates helped us understand the life of a man for others, as a philosopher actually is.

Socrates was a man with a strong faith in God. He placed God above all else. God represented the authority in his life. He would do anything God commanded him to do, out of great respect. A philosopher who regards God in such high esteem is worthy of trust. He could pretend to know so much because people hold his every word as truth. Socrates was not that kind of philosopher. Essays Animals? He could assume power like a god but Socrates did not.

He thought of himself as wise because he accepted that his wisdom and power were not the essay on how to bake a cake ultimate. Philosophers have all the answers. Their knowledge is deep and expansive. They can talk about anything and essays about everything. They spoke with authority. They have the gift of essays great, knowledge. They derive their wisdom from the Supreme Being who is all-knowing. As such they speak only of the essays about animals just and the righteous. They share the knowledge with the essays great people who go to them for their good counsel. They lead simple lives without the essays about unnecessary trappings.

They care for their soul more than their physical and material concerns. The share with their fellow men what they valuable possession, knowledge. Short Descriptive Essay? Socrates was all the above. The Philosophers were brave men who fear wrong more than they fear death. There was no way they would be swayed from their convictions because of the essays threat of punishment. Neither will they stop from doing what is right to statement, be saved from harm. They will die for a friend, be hanged for a good cause and essays beaten for their beliefs. The Philosophers were no ordinary mortals. They endured because of their faith, their tenacity and wisdom. They may have been misunderstood but they have been understood more. Their legacies live on, long after they are gone.

Works Cited “Socrates’ Defense. Essays Great? ” 1994-2000. Apology by Plato. Translated by Benjamin Jowett. Essays? 10 May 2008 http://classics. Descriptive? mit. edu/Plato/apology. html. University/College: University of Arkansas System. Type of paper: Thesis/Dissertation Chapter.

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