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Wipo economics research working papers

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Wipo economics research working papers

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KEI s opening statement at WIPO s 2017 General Assembly focuses on

AS Level Art and research, Design Coursework: Abstract paintings of instruments 100% February 8, 2017 by Amiria Gale. This AS Painting Coursework project gained 100% in 2008. It was completed by and all statistics Nikau Hindin, while studying A Level Art Design (CIE 9704) at wipo economics papers, ACG Parnell College, Auckland, New Zealand. Four x A1 sheets of supporting work for review writing services, Nikau#8217;s 100% AS Coursework project. Nikau began her AS Coursework project by economics research conducting a visual investigation into instruments. She was particularly interested in traditional Maori instruments, and how these were used to tell stories that were passed from generation to generation. Nikau began by arranging these instruments with a violin, triangle and trumpet, in compositions that were influenced by the works of on market American artist Jim Dine. Working Papers? Vertically aligned, the instruments faded in and out of messy textural backgrounds, in the way that a memory or story might ebb and flow through generations – clear and distinct in some places; blurry and obscured in research others. Often these grounds were ‘found’ – i.e. bits of research splattered pieces of paper that Nikau then worked over optimist and pessimist essay, with washes of paint and ink. This unpredictable mark-making strategy provided welcome contrast to the tight, controlled forms of the instruments themselves.

These mixed media drawing of instruments were completed on messy, textural backgrounds of splattered paint and ink. Wipo Economics Papers? Throughout her folio, Nikau worked in a range of drawing and painting mediums, including graphite, Indian ink, black pen, coloured pencil, watercolour and review of paper, acrylic paint. After completion of the first half of an A1 sheet of preparation work, Nikau analysed her artworks (in an accompanying sketchbook which also contained artist studies and economics research working, further media trials and exploratory work). She identified several visual elements that played a crucial role in her artwork, i.e. the of paper repetition of strong vertical lines (violin neck and strings / trumpet pipes etc); the repetition of curving, organic form (body of the violin and the kowhaiwhai patterns in the carvings on the Maori instruments). It was at this stage that a colour scheme was also defined – one that would remain consistent throughout her Coursework project. These aspects of the composition were considered carefully, not just in working terms of their aesthetic potential, but in terms of how they might allow her to optimist, best represent and express her ideas. For example, the repetition of wipo vertical lines – which became more prevalent throughout her folio – might help to express the passage of time, and the linking of common forms was a way to illustrate the connection of ideas from past to present. Statistics? The bottom half of Nikau#8217;s first A1 sheet includes a series of smaller preparatory works. The next stage of development resulted in the continued use of a wide range of media, splattered grounds, stenciled layers and the gradual disintegration and manipulation of tone and economics, form. The vertical reflective lines on dissertation on market research, the trumpet were transposed onto to the surface of the violin and into parts of the background, while kowhaiwhai patterns from the carved instruments become a graphic element that interlaced across different parts of the painting.

Many of the works were completed in wipo economics research working series, with several pieces being worked on review of paper writing, at one time. The artworks have many rich layers, with mediums worked over each other many times. This work (enlarged detail shown on wipo papers, the left) includes a beautiful abstraction of a musical instrument disintegrating and falling through space a reflection of the larger scale disintegration of memory, story and form that was occuring in her paintings. Over the remainder of the preparatory pages, Nikau continued to develop her work by abstracting form (with reference to cubist artists, such as Juan Gris) and playing with scale. She refined and developed her painting technique, with translucent layers (created using gel medium and water) and irregular backgrounds contrasting sharp, defined edges and tonal boundaries. As Nikau was studying in of paper services New Zealand, she was not restricted by having to post her work overseas for wipo economics working papers, assessment.

As such, she was free to trial painting on wooden boards. With access to her school’s technology woodworking workshop, Nikau cut out several forms from different thicknesses of MDF and layered these onto her artwork. This made the surface of analysis cookies her work slightly sculptural and 3D. The aspects of Nikau’s Coursework Project that were particularly successful (aside from her obvious strength in observational drawing and painting) are the personal nature of the folio, and the creative and confident handling of media. This detail of Nikau#8217;s final painting, shows the inclusion of research working papers raised wooden layers and process analysis cookies, the beautiful realism achieved in the head of the wipo economics research working violin. The final Coursework painting (shown below) was a large and impressive work, approximately 1.4m wide, on an MDF framed board. The final painting, on a ground of on market research vertical drips and wipo working papers, raised MDF layers, comprises of review of paper writing a well-balanced mix of realism and abstraction. Beautiful! The following video showcases Nikau’s entire AS Painting Coursework project, including her sketchbook, which contains media trials, written analysis and artist studies. (Note: for CIE, a sketchbook is not required at wipo research, AS Level, however it is common practise in New Zealand for on market, students to complete one. As the examiners visit our schools to moderate student work, we are not bound by strict postage requirements). Want to see more inspirational student artwork?

View our Featured Art Projects. This article was written by Amiria Gale. Amiria has been a teacher of Art Design and a Curriculum Co-ordinator for seven years, responsible for the course design and assessment of Art and Design work in two high-achieving Auckland schools. Amiria has a Bachelor of Architectural Studies, Bachelor of Architecture (First Class Honours) and a Graduate Diploma of Teaching. She is a CIE Accredited Art Design Coursework Assessor.

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Multiple E Mail Addresses For Spam Control Computer Science. E-mail is one of the wipo economics papers mostly used technologies for review writing services both social as well as official communication purposes in the modern world. Most of the time email users face lots of problems regarding email accounts. One of the main problems is the spam mail coming into research mail inbox. It fills up the mail inbox unnecessarily thus, it reduces efficiency.

The main problem addressed through this project is bfa creative writing, e-mail addresses getting into the hands of spammers. Meanwhile it will reduce the spam mail coming into economics research working email inbox. The main concept used throughout the project is the disposable email addresses. Currently, Gmail and Yahoo use this concept of disposable email address within their services. But it has not been successful as it has certain limitations. Some other mail services like Guerillamail and 10minutemail provides disposable addresses for a certain time period.

Further there are some services Mailinator which provide a separate email inbox with a separate address without a proper authentication, for these spam purposes. Further, currently there are no open source email clients which provide a good spam filtering mechanism. This becomes one of the essay motivation factors to undertake this project. The solution is an open source web mail system which provides better spam controlling mechanisms via disposable email addresses. It uses Horde webmail edition as the platform, PHP as the programming language and MySQL as the wipo economics research working database technology. There are two main modules in the system namely, Mail Address Handling Unit and and all but dissertation the Main Message Handling Unit.

Currently the design of the wipo economics system has been completed and optimist implementation of the mail address handler is partially done. Table of Contents. List of Figures/Tables. E-mail or electronic mail with its rich functionalities has become one of the wipo economics working papers most popular methods of communication in the present world. Starting Persuasive! Currently there are lots of email service providers available. Gmail, Yahoo like services are popular among those services because of their user friendliness and research working available functionalities. [10] Besides of its advantages, Spam mail has become one of the major problems faced with any email services. Although service providers have provided various anti-spam mechanisms to overcome these problems, they have not always being successful. Process Cookies! They have certain tradeoffs between incorrectly rejecting legitimate emails and not rejecting all the spam. Therefore through this project, 'Multiple e-mail addresses for spam control', it was suggested to develop a web based email system where users are provided with a better spam handling mechanism. Chapter 1 presents a detailed introduction to the project, providing an explanation on the motivation factors to undertake this project, the background, and the aims and the objectives which the system expects to attain.

Further this chapter provides a brief description on the solution for the identified problem. Wipo Research! The structure of this dissertation will be explained at the end of this chapter. 1.2. Background and motivation. In current world, email has become one of the main communication mechanisms between people who are geographically dispersed. Moreover communication via internet has become most vital in present business environment and email is one of the commonly accepted protocol. Among the out a persuasive email systems web based email clients provide an anytime anywhere access to send and receive mail providing advantages over desktop email clients. [21] On the research working papers contrary, as a common factor, any email system faces the problem of spam mail. Optimist! Once the email address is released, no one can guarantee that email will not be used for spam purposes. Eventually, inbox will be filled up with unnecessary mails. Spam mail or junk mail refers to identical electronic mails sent to numerous recipients via email. Research Working! [14] When inbox get filled with unnecessary emails it will be annoying to filter up necessary things. Because of this most of the starting out a persuasive email service providers serves its users with filtering mechanism.

There users can define certain conditions where emails can be categorized based on sender, subjects, etc. Wipo Working Papers! Currently this is a widely used mechanism in filtering mails rather than managing spam mail. Spammers usually collect email addresses from chat rooms, websites, and newsgroups like repositories where email addresses are maintained. Therefore, once email address is given to one of the websites we cannot guarantee that it is safe from spammers. But Dissertation Statistics! Therefore the concept of disposable email address came into play where a point to point connection is made between sender and receiver providing a unique address to each user or a user group. [15] If any address gets compromised with email abuse, owner can disable the email address without affecting others. Currently, Gmail and Yahoo use this concept of disposable email address within their services. But it has not been successful as it has certain limitations. Wipo Research! Gmail creates disposable addresses based on actual email address appending some text into it using '+' sign. But those addresses are not accepted as valid email addresses from web sites.

Therefore it turned to be fairly worthless creating addresses like that. Yahoo continues to offer disposable email addresses, but they come only with a yearly subscription fee ($19.99) to their Premium service called Mail Plus. But Dissertation! They only economics working offer this facility free for only users. [5] Some other mail services like Guerillamail[6] and essay cookies 10minutemail[1] provides disposable addresses for a certain time period. Further there are some services which provide a separate email inbox with a separate address without a proper authentication, for these spam purposes. Mailinator[19] is an email service which provides an papers, anonymous and temporary email address and a separate inbox(which can be viewed at dissertation, their site) for the users reducing their spam inbox. The messages in the inbox will be deleted after few hours. It has the capacity of 10 messages. Wipo Economics Working! Older messages will be deleted for make space for new messages.

Currently there are no open source email clients which provide a good spam filtering mechanism. This becomes one of the starting persuasive essay motivation factors to undertake this project. The aim of this project is to develop an research working, open source web based email system which provides better anti-spam mechanisms with the use of web servers, web technologies and process essay on baking cookies database technologies. Find out an wipo economics research papers, easy way to define multiple e-mail addresses, all coming to one account, and to keep track of all the addresses. Direct mail from each address to one or more mailboxes. Find out an easy way to set up filters for each address, based on incoming mail, etc.

Research on technologies and out a persuasive essay Horde platform. Learn related technologies. Design and develop the spam free email system. Test and evaluate the system. Prepare the documentation for the system. The proposed solution is to develop a webmail system which uses multiple email addresses to wipo economics research working handle emails efficiently. Dissertation! One of the main advantages of wipo this system is, our original email address is kept confidential while separate addresses are used for different purposes. It will reduce the vulnerability of getting our email address into the hands of the spammers.

The system will consume services from 'email address handling unit' and will use the database to map the senders with the email address. Basically this will provide the facility to handle multiple email addresses under one domain as per required. That is one of the optimist main advantages of this system. Further Mail handling unit will be responsible for handling incoming mails. Sending them into appropriate folders, identifying spam will be done by this unit.

Top Level Architecture of the wipo research working papers system can be viewed as this. Main Email Database. Email address handling unit. Web Front end (User Interface) Mail message handling unit Figure 1.1: Top Level Architecture of the system Features. One username and password to essay on baking cookies log in to the system. Ability to handle a large number of email addresses. View available email addresses.

Create new addresses. Map email addresses with contacts. Delete mail addresses. Adding filter rules. Ability to send emails from any email addresses generated. Ability to block the users.

PHP will be used with, j#097;vascript and other web technologies used in Horde framework. MySQL database will be used as storage of this system. A computer with 128MB or higher RAM. Any operating system. 1.5. Structure of the dissertation. In Chapter 2 full details about the system background are included.

Further the developments of similar kinds of systems are discussed. Identifiable features of wipo economics those systems with its limitations. Then Chapter 3 states the on market technologies adopted to solve the problem with reference to why those technologies are appropriate. The approach to solve the problem by research papers, identifying users, inputs, processes and outputs will be discussed in Chapter 4. Services! Then in Chapter 5 the wipo economics working papers design of the system will be described with a top level design of the system. Implementation details of the each module in but dissertation statistics the top level design are discussed in Chapter 6. Working! Finally Chapter 7 gives a summary about what had been discussed and the further works of the system for statistics the project completion. Chapter 1 of wipo research papers dissertation contains an introduction to the system Multiple e-mail addresses for spam control providing a brief description of the of paper services background and motivation of the system.

Further it mentions the economics research aims and objectives together with a summarized description of the process analysis solution implementing. Chapter 2 Prevailing Email systems facilitating Disposable Email Addresses 2.1. Introduction. As email has become a popular communication mechanism in wipo economics research present world, most of the email service providers have provided rich functionalities to their customers to make their service user friendly and secure. Handling spam mail is one of the aspects they address through these mechanisms. Most of the time they provide their users with filters in order to detect spam mail. But with certain tradeoffs these filters will not be always successful. Moreover, disposable mail addresses will also be used as a mechanism to handling spam nowadays. Considering todays' email systems there are systems which address these issues regarding controlling spam using disposable email addresses. Guerillamail and process analysis on baking cookies Mailinator are some of the mail inboxes which are providing disposable email addresses for controlling spam. This chapter contains the details of some of those prevailing systems and the uniqueness of my solution.

2.2. Disposable email addresses. Disposable email addresses is another way of wipo research papers handling and sharing email addresses. When using this concept, new email addresses are created for each and every contact or a group of contacts and optimist create a point to point connection between the sender and the recipient. Wipo Research Working! Once the addresses get compromised with email abuse the owner can disable the email address without affecting other users and the original email address. This concept of using disposable email addresses is currently used by of paper writing, most of the email service providers. [15] 2.3. Existing Email systems with the economics research working papers facility of disposable email addresses 2.3.1. Gmail.

Gmail is a free web based email service provided by Google. Starting Essay! It was launched as a beta version on April 1, 2004 and was available for general public from February 7, 2007 onwards. It has become the most popular webmail service nowadays with over 350 active users worldwide as of January 2012. Gmail provides a free disposable email address service. But it turns to be fairly worthless as it uses a '+' sign when creating these addresses. After obtaining an ordinary Gmail address user can create any number of email addresses with the use of some additional strings and '+' sign. The problem with this email addresses created by working papers, Gmail is most of the web applications reject the persuasive essay email addresses containing '+' sign. Although it is acceptable to use '+' sign at research, the left side of the email address according to and all the internet standards, it is no accepted in the URLs. Research Papers! Therefore many websites misinterpret this symbol in the email address and throw error messages. But Dissertation Statistics! Further spammers can easily get the original Gmail address through these addresses by removing the '+' sign. Wipo Papers! [4, 5, 17]

Yahoo! Mail is a free email service provided by writing, American Search Engine Company. It was started in 1997 and it was the second largest web based email service with 310 million users as October 2001. Yahoo! Mail plus let its users to create disposable email addresses whenever needed. When you don't need to share your primary email address with others, a disposable address can be created and given to untrusted parties.

The mails coming from working, those addresses can be organized according to your choice as you wish. Yahoo disposable email addresses, come only with a yearly subscription fee ($19.99) to their Premium service called Mail Plus. They only offer this facility free for only users. When creating the email addresses yahoo use '-' sign to create new address with another string together with base name. Using '-' with email addresses is far better than using '+' sign. It is of paper, misinterpreted by economics, only 2 or 3 websites from 300 websites. Therefore yahoo disposable email addresses are better than Gmail addresses. Further Yahoo allows users to send emails using created disposables email addresses. [5] Mailinator is an free email service which provides an anonymous and temporary email address and a separate inbox(which can be viewed at their site) for the users reducing their spam inbox created by Paul Tyma. The messages in the Mailinator inbox will be deleted after few hours whether they are read or not. It has the capacity of dissertation on market 10 messages.

Older messages will be deleted for working papers make space for new messages. Persuasive Essay! It will accept any email for domain and economics research working papers allow anyone to read them. They don't have a proper authentication mechanism and anyone can read the emails through their website if recipient name is review of paper services, known. When email comes with a specific recipient name an account will be created on the fly. It doesn't need to have an wipo working, account created before. [10,19] Guerillamail is another temporary email address service which provides temporary addresses for receiving unimportant emails such as when signing up at a throwaway web site or when it is research, a risk to wipo economics publish your own email address at out a persuasive essay, a site. Guerillamail address has a brief life span of 60 minutes but it can be reactivated by entering the same address. There is no authentication mechanism.

As soon as you open the web site, you get a temporary account with a random address and you can use it. Research! The inbox can be viewed by going to the site. Once you get subscribed to services email service you will be able to forward emails and set a password. Since you get subscribed anyone can use your email address and wipo research view your email. [6, 8] 10minutemail is another temporary email address service which can be used to process essay prevent spam mail from building up in the primary email accounts. It can be used, when registering with other sites. If regular email address is used for signing up with those sites, that can also be used for send spam nails also. As name implies, the mail address will be last for 10 minutes and mail will be lost after 10 minutes.

Therefore that could be no longer useful. Any email sent to that address will be displayed in the web site automatically. Economics Research Working Papers! Anyone can read it and also reply to it within the life time of the email address. [1,2] The solution described throughout this dissertation has several features which makes it unique from the prevailing systems. One of the key advantages of this system is that it is an open source product. All the other solutions are not open source projects.

Therefore this code can be further developed with the requirements of the others and develop new solutions based on this. Considering the features of these solutions, most of the time they provide only the of paper writing mail inbox. It can be viewed via web browser and anyone can view the emails if the address is wipo economics working papers, known. They do not use a proper authentication mechanism. Only few services have the ability to send emails using the optimist disposable email addresses. Having both inbox and outbox together with a proper authentication mechanism will make this solution unique. Further most of the limitations of these systems are addressed by this solution described throughout the dissertation. Open Source Product. Table 2.1: Comparison table of existing systems 2.6. Conclusion. Second chapter is about the prevailing systems.

Identifiable features of those systems with its limitations are discussed within this chapter. The uniqueness of this solution is described with related to other solutions. Finally it contains a comparison table. Next chapter will be on technologies adapted. In the previous chapter information related to prevailing systems and the uniqueness of the implementing system is mentioned. Chapter 3 contains the details on the technologies used when implementing. 'Multiple e-mail addresses for spam control', is to develop an email server where users are provided with a better spam handling mechanism.

For this solution following technologies will be used. Web technologies including PHP. 3.2. Horde Groupware Webmail Edition. Horde is a web based groupware rest on the horde framework.

The Horde Project is about creating high quality Open Source applications, based on PHP and the Horde Framework. PHP based horde framework provides elements required for wipo economics research working web application development. Horde framework has a large number of standalone libraries that can be used in PHP application development. Horde Groupware webmail edition is a free, enterprise ready, browser based communication suite. Using Horde users can read, send and organize email messages and manage and share calendars, contacts, tasks and notes with standard components of Horde project as it can be used as an IMAP/POP3 web mail client. And All Statistics! The Horde groupware webmail edition is economics working papers, bundle with other applications like IMP, Turba, Ingo, Kronolith, Nag and Mnemo. In this project once a user get registered and bfa creative confirmed in the system, he can log into Horde with the Dovecot (IMAP/POP3 server) credentials and check his/her email.

Horde is a PHP based platform. Therefore PHP has been used as the server side development language through this project. Other than Horde's usage as a webmail platform, in wipo economics working papers this project solution Horde is being customized. And All! In other words solution will be developed as part of Horde and some other supporting features outside Horde. [11] The PostFix Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) is a high performance open source e-mail server system. When user creates a mail message it will be sent to the user's MTA with the use of SMTP protocol. Moving the email from one host or network to working other is done by using MTA. In other words, MTAs are like the mail trucks that move mail between post offices. This MTA will query its DNS servers find the recipient MTA of the and all but dissertation mail and wipo research send to that MTA. Also as a SMPT server, PostFix accepts network connection requests and performs zero or more SMTP transactions per second.

Each received message is piped through the cleanup daemon and placed in to the incoming queue as one single queue file. Dissertation On Market! For this type of operation, the papers program expects to be run from the of paper writing services master process manager. Research Working! [7] Dovecot is an open source IMAP/POP3 server for Linux/Unix systems. Starting Out A Persuasive Essay! It offers both an working, IMAP server component and a POP3 server. The main goals of the dovecot server are security and research reliability. Dovecot server is like Mail Delivery Agent which move mail within a system (from an MTA to a local user's mailbox or from a mailbox to research a file or directory). Mail Delivery Agents are like the letter-carriers who distribute the mail to their destination mail boxes. At the time where MTA become responsible for delivering the mail to and all recipient, MTA pass the message to a Mail Delivery Agent (MDA). Then MDA saves the mail in research working the server disk. Now the recipient checks the mail through a Mail User Agent (MUA), using one of the standard protocols IMAP and POP3.

The MUA will query the mail server. Mail server confirms the identity of the users and retrieves the list of mails from the but dissertation statistics server space and returns to the MUA. So Dovecot is just handing over the mails to the users. Research Working Papers! As an IMAP and on baking POP3 server, Dovecot provides a way for Mail User Agents to access their mail. As such, Dovecot is NOT responsible for receiving mail from other servers. Wipo Economics Research Working! Dovecot presents mail already stored on the system to MUA's. [3] PHP is a general purpose server side scripting language designed for web development to produce dynamic web pages.

PHP stands for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor. As open source software PHP is dissertation on market research, freely available. Further PHP supports large number of databases such as MySQL, Oracle and postgreSQL. System will be available to the users as a web application and wipo working papers we have used PHP as the server side scripting language because Horde Groupware webmail edition is PHP based platform. We used j#097;vascript for research the client side validations. Also we will be using AJAX to perform faster callings to the server as it allows web pages to economics working asynchronously exchange data with the on baking server without a page reload. Wipo Economics Research Working Papers! [13, 20] MySQL is starting out a essay, a database server which is suitable for small and large software.

Same as PHP, MySQL is economics working, also freely available and optimist and pessimist compiles on number of platforms. MySQL together with PHP are cross platform. MySQL is research, used as the database server throughout this project. MySQL had been selected as the database management system considering the PHP support to easily work with MySQL. This chapter contains the details regarding the technologies adapted throughout the project.

The suitability of the technology together with a brief introduction to the technology is included in analysis essay cookies chapter 3. Next chapter focuses on the approach taken to solve the problem addressed by this project. The main problem addressed through this project is e-mail addresses getting into the hands of spammers. Currently email spam is handled using mail filters and working they don't have a proper mechanism to make the mail address safe in a way which it doesn't' get into hands of dissertation on market research spammers. Wipo Economics Research Papers! 'Multiple e-mail addresses for spam control' will provide a solution to this problem using above technologies. Of Paper! In this chapter the solution will be discussed in economics research working papers terms of users, inputs, outputs, processes and technologies. This product is optimist essay, developed for the use of general community. Therefore it does not target a specific group of users. Thus users of wipo economics research working papers this system can be any person who has a valid account on main email service provider. Inputs of this system are the username, password and bfa creative writing the email messages composed by the user. Output will be the email messages come to user from various sources. Further there are system generated messages come when spam messages are delivered to a particular mail address. In the wipo economics research papers solution there are two main parts.

Email address handling unit and the mail message handling unit. Bfa Creative! For the whole system user will have one username and a password to log in. Within the wipo economics working papers email address handling unit, user can handle a large number of email addresses. And All Statistics! Once the user log into the system, user can associate with available email addresses and wipo research papers create new addresses as required. Those are disposable email addresses which can be distributed among friends individually or group wise and once it get compromised with email abuse it can be discarded without affecting others or if the address is associated with a group identified sender can be blocked. Associating with the mail message handling unit, user can also send emails using a particular email address rather than receiving mails. There is an option which user can select what the 'From' address should be. The mails coming to those DEAs will be forwarded into a mailbox where mails are checked for and pessimist certain conditions (sender, content, etc.) rather than directly sent in to inbox. If the mails are considered as legitimate, mail will be then sent to inbox.

Other mails will be sent into a separate folder with a notification to the user. In this system, our original email address is kept confidential while separate addresses are used for different purposes. Wipo Economics Working Papers! Instead of bfa creative giving our real email address for wipo economics research working papers others new email addresses can be given for different users. For an example, most of the and all time when we are registering with a site, they ask for our email address. Research Papers! Most probably, it is for the verification purpose and afterwards that is not used by that site. Further, when registering with a newsletter or a social network it will be annoying when it starts sending emails directly to our inbox.

In such scenarios, giving our original email address will be a risk because that can be easily traced by spammers. Writing! Therefore, we can generate a new address for economics research working papers that purpose and make that address usable only for that site. If someone else try to contact us through that email that will not be accepted and that sender will be blocked. Moreover one email address can be allocated to number of users. We can define an email address for starting essay a group of people. Wipo Economics Working! That email address will accept only the emails coming from those members. Furthermore, this system will use a filtering mechanism together with disposable email addresses. There user can direct incoming messages to essay folders based on the 'from' and 'to' addresses, content, etc. In this chapter how the technologies have been adopted to derive the project solution had been discussed with respect to the users in the system, inputs to wipo economics the system, processes and output of the review of paper services system. In the wipo next section the system solution design will be discussed by describing each module in writing the system design. As the previous chapter illustrated the approach which was taken to solve the research working papers problem with the technologies, this chapter will describe about the analysis and design of the project solution.

Moreover the chapter contains top level design of the solution system and of paper details of what each module in working papers the design does and what are the interactions of each between other modules. 5.2. Top Level Architecture of the system. Main Email Database. Email address handling unit. Web Front end (User Interface) Mail message handling unit Figure 5.1: Top Level Architecture of the system.

'Multiple e-mail addresses for spam control' contains two main modules within the system namely, email address handling unit and the mail message handling unit. Email address handling unit is the essay module which deals with the email addresses within the economics working system. As the main functions of this module, it can be taken creating, viewing and deleting mail addresses, mapping email addresses with contacts, adding filtering rules and updating PostFix alias database. Management of the email messages is done through mail message handling unit. User can send emails using a particular email address which are created rather than receiving emails. And Pessimist! Further authentication process is also done.

5.3. Detailed level Architecture. Mail addresses handler Mail message handler. Delete email address. Block the contact. Check for Authentication. (Mapping with contacts) Select the 'from' mail address. Create mail Addresses. View mail Addresses. Map email addresses with contacts.

Delete email addresses. Add filter rules. Update PostFix Alias database. Figure 5.2: Detailed level Architecture of the system. 'Multiple e-mail addresses for spam control' has two main modules. Mail Addresses Handler and the Mail Message Handler. One of the main advantages of this system is the ability to handle multiple email addresses through one login. Thus, original email address will be secure without going into the hands of spammers.

The main system has one login. Wipo Papers! Users will be identified using username and they will be authenticated via password. Then they will be allowed to out a essay use the functions available in the email system. In the system one user has multiple email addresses. All these addresses are handled through Mail Address Handling Unit. There user can create new mail addresses and view created email addresses. Wipo Economics Working! Those email addresses can be allocated to a specific person or a group. Thus, if the address gets cooperated with spam mail, the address can be easily removed without affecting others. If the on baking address is associated with a group and the specific member who deals with spam mail can be identified that user can be removed from the group. Moreover, each email address can be specified by adding filtering rules. At the same time PostFix alias database should be updated.

In the Mail Message Handling Unit, it associates with the wipo research working papers incoming and out a persuasive the outgoing emails. Incoming emails are checked for the authentication, they are checked with the contacts for verify whether the email address is mapped with correct contact. Then filtering rules will be applied. Wipo Economics Working Papers! If the email is a valid one it will be directed to relevant mailbox, while invalid mails are sent to a separate mailbox (as defined by user) and starting out a essay the recipient will be notified via an email. Then the economics research working user can delete the starting essay email address or block the contact and it will not affect others because separate people have separate email addresses to communicate with. Following is the use case for this system. Basically this email system is targeted for wipo working general use of the public and therefore there are no specific user groups. Log in to the system.

Create mail Addresses. View mail Addresses. Map mail addresses with contacts. Delete email Addresses. Add filter rules. Select 'from' address. In this chapter the bfa creative top level design of the working papers system together with a detailed architecture was discussed by stating the purpose of each module and interactions between them in of paper detail. Also the top level use case diagram of the system is there with actors and their use cases. Wipo Research Working! The next chapter will be discussing on implementation of each module included in the top level design.

So far the problem which is being addressed through the project, the technologies adopted the persuasive approach to address the problem by adopting technologies and the analysis design of the problem solution have been discussed. In this chapter the implementation details will be described. As a mail service provider this platform should a mail server as its backend. As the SMTP server Postfix is used and as the POP3/IMAP server Dovecot server is used. They will receive and store emails for wipo papers the users, let the users retrieve email through IMAP and POP3 even with SSL to encrypt to connection and receive and forward (relay) email for your users if they are authenticated. Three components are needed in order to configure the email server. (Appendix A) Postfix for receiving incoming emails from the internet and storing them to the users' mailboxes on essay the hard disk. Economics Working! And for receiving emails from and all statistics, your users that are sent out to the internet (relaying).

Dovecot to allow your users to get their emails into their email client through POP3 and wipo research working papers IMAP. MySQL as the database system that stores information about your domains, the user accounts and email forwarding. As the webmail interface for and pessimist the email system, Horde Webmail Edition is economics working papers, used. Optimist And Pessimist Essay! For that, Horde framework had been added with a new module. (Appendix A) Horde webmail edition is economics research, similar to an email client who facilitates users to work on emails by bfa creative, allowing view mails, send mails, create new mails, forward mails, etc through its IMAP module. Other than that it provides some in built modules as address book module, calendar module, etc which makes life easier of an wipo economics working papers, email user. Sign Up functionality for optimist and pessimist the email client is not coming default with Horde.

Further using this system, users should be able to register their own domain. Therfore they should be able to communicate with server and give the domain details to communicate with. That is done via the sign up form. (Appendix B) Mail Address Handler is the research place where all the email addresses are maintained. Disposable addresses module with its name as 'adressen' added as a new Horde module by customizing the skeleton module provided by horde. Process Analysis Essay On Baking! So using disposable addresses is part of email client and users can easily select that option from side menu. Skeleton is template for new Horde applications. It can be got via cloning GIT repository and configured as required. Cloning of the working GIT skeleton module is done as follows. git clone --depth 1 git:// cp -R skeleton/ /install path to optimist and pessimist essay horde.

Figure 6.1: Cloning of GIT Skeleton Module. Or else it can be downloaded from the economics research working papers horde website and placed inside the horde directory. Writing! Then following code should be added to the horde/config/registry.php file. 'fileroot' = dirname(__FILE__) . '/../ adressen', 'webroot' = $this-applications['horde']['webroot'] . '/ adressen, 'icon' = $this-applications['horde']['webroot'] . Wipo Working Papers! '/reputation/themes/graphics/rep.png', After cloning the module, it can be developed as required by using the Horde libraries and PHP codes. As Horde framework is developed using PHP it can be used together with Horde libraries. As the name implies all the email addresses are handled via this module. Disposable email addresses can be created when needed and also they can be deleted without disturbing others. 6.3.1. On Market! Managing email addresses. Email addresses can be created in working four criteria.

Email addresses can be created for individual person mapping with single contact. Thus, that person will be able to communicate the user via that email address. Apart from that, email addresses can be created for a group of people. When creating the email address user can select the people who can be included for dissertation on market that group. Further email addresses can be created for working papers a specific domain where parties having email addresses of that domain can communicate with the user. Main two situations are considered in this system where domain name can be considered of a website or a company. User can create email address at 'My Addresses' module under 'Organization' in side menu. Dissertation Research! (Appendix B) From the wipo economics research working papers available tabs, 'create addresses' allow users to starting create email addresses. Research Working Papers! When creating email addresses, those are created like a separate account. As a user has his own domain (domain should be unique one), in the server he will get a seperate folder for out a persuasive his own accounts. This is managed at the server.

User can delete the created email addresses if the address is no longer usable from the tab 'view addresses'. If it is noted as an abused one he will be given the wipo economics working papers chance for delete it as one of the options. Edit email includes the ability for on market research user to change the attached contact to the email address and change the economics research papers mailbox used with that address. 6.3.4. View disposable email addresses. All the created email addresses can be viewed via 'My addresses'. It will retrieve the email data from database and render them under three categories. From that view user can delete and edit them. Mail message handler is and all statistics, regarding the management of the email messages. It is developed by customizing the IMP module in Horde together with postfix and Dovecot servers. Horde IMP module is wipo economics research papers, their Webmail client.

It provides the access to and all but dissertation statistics POP3 and IMAP mailboxes available. They have provided its users with functions to manage emails through their interface. Among the Horde applications IMP is the first application developed. Check for wipo authentication. Check with filtering rules.

Send to mailbox. Send notification email. Delete email address or. Block the relevant sender. Figure 6.3: Flowchart for incoming mail. Incoming email will be managed by analysis, the filtering rules applied for the email addresses when creating them.

All the emails coming to the created email addresses will be directed to the main email address by the email server. A folder dedicated for wipo economics each email address will be created under inbox at review writing services, the creation of the email. That happens only if that folder is not exists. $ret = @imap_getmailboxes($imp_imap-stream(), IMP::serverString(), $folder); Figure 6.5 : Checking the existence of a folder. If user needs the emails to be directed inbox as well as to these folders user is research papers, able to do it via fetch mail function. Apart from that, users have to define the mailbox which the email should be directed at the creation of the email address. Emails coming to that address will be behaved according to that specified mailbox (server folder) preferences. This is a kind of filter applied at the server level. Add filter thing. As the system uses multiple email addresses, user should be able to send emails using those email addresses.

That ability is provided at the composing of emails. User can select the email address that can be used as the from email address. Sent emails will be saved in 'sent' folder as default. But Dissertation! That also can be changed when composing the email. It can be saved in a separate folder. (Appendix B) Changing the 'from' address is done via changing the horde preferences to use multiple identities at the email composition. User can select the 'from' address from the given list of wipo economics research papers addresses when these preferences are changed. Preferences should be changed at essay on baking cookies, the creation of each and every email address. $pref_val = _horde_getPreference($app, 'identities'); _horde_setPreference($app, 'identities', $arr);

Figure 6.6: Changing the preferences for wipo economics working papers use multiple identities 6.5. Disposable email address Database ('adressen') This database consists of process analysis essay four tables which store details on disposable email addresses created by the user. Table dis_addresses holds the email addresses created for economics research working individual contacts and domain_table is used to hold addresses created for on market domains while tables group and group_dis_addresses holds details regarding disposable addresses created for groups. Prefix of the main email address. Contact linked with the disposable address. Email address of the contact. Table 6.1: Field structure for working table dis_addresses Field Name Description.

Prefix of the mail email address. Table 6.2: field structure for table domain_table Field Name Description. Name given to the group created. Prefix of the main email address. Table 6.3: field structure for table groups Field Name Description. ID of the group. Table 6.4: field structure for table group_dis_addresses 6.4. Conclusion. This chapter stated the implementation details of each module separately which composed the top level design of the system. Starting Out A Persuasive Essay! In the next chapter the evaluation methodologies of the project will be discussed.

A system should be better checked in economics research papers order to make sure whether the objectives have been met. This chapter contains the methodologies taken at and all but dissertation statistics, evaluating the solution of this project. Research Working! Those methodologies are included with testing and evaluation by supervisor. In the review software development life cycle testing and validation plays an important role. Wipo Research! In the dissertation research implementation of the system in different modules each unit of the system already tested several times individually. Reliability of research papers each function has been tested in order to verify the specified requirements are achieved successfully and but dissertation statistics correctly with functionality testing. Then after integrating separate modules together integration testing was done and wipo working clarified the issues with integration. After completing that whole system was checked as a single service. 7.3.

Evaluation by project supervisor. From the very beginning of the project meetings with the project supervisor Prof. Gihan Dias was taken place frequently. At those meetings project progress was discussed and cookies the changes, improvements required were given by supervisor. As a result project had been reached to its completion in the correct track by meeting all its objectives as decided at the beginning. This chapter states how the evaluation took place in order to check whether the research papers objectives have been met. In the essay next chapter a discussion of the project will be provided with a good summary on economics research working papers what had been discussed from the beginning. In the previous chapters the writing introduction to the project problem, aim objectives of the project solution, the design of the solution and the implementation details of the research solution had been illustrated. Also the evaluation approaches taken at checking whether the objectives had been met were discussed in last chapter. Now this chapter is process analysis essay, going to discuss overall achievement of the project, the achievement of each objective and the problems encountered as the project conclusion. Economics Research Papers! Moreover the further work of the project will be discussed with the limitations of the implemented solution.

8.2. Overall and Objective achievement. The aim of this project was to develop an open source web based email system which provides better anti-spam mechanisms using the concept of dissertation disposable email addresses. Through this project a new definition for the 'spam' is papers, given. Essay! In this system contacts in the address book is given a separate email address. User can communicate with that particular contact via his allocated email address.

Although multiple email addresses are used all those addresses are maintained through one email account. Since horde has no spam controlling mechanism, this contact mapping mechanism is used as the spam detecting mechanism. Spams are the emails which are coming to one of the wipo research working papers email addresses from and pessimist, outsiders other than the allocated user. Overall achievement of this project is this mechanism of wipo economics research papers handling emails using disposable email addresses and and all statistics this system which provides an easy way to handle multiple email addresses. Find out an easy way to define multiple e-mail addresses, all coming to one account, and to economics working papers keep track of all the addresses. Defining email addresses had been one of the main objectives of the system.

This is done through the help of postfix and horde. Email addresses are created as a separate email account, but all the maintenance is done through the main email account. Direct email from each address to starting persuasive one or more mailboxes. At the creation of economics research working papers email address a separate storage structure will be created for writing services each and every email address in economics papers the server. Persuasive! By the server emails will be directed to the inbox of the main email account and the other specified mailboxes. Directing emails to the main email inbox happens default. Apart from that user can define other mailboxes which emails should be directed at the creation of the address. Find out an wipo economics research working, easy way to set up filters for optimist each address, based on wipo research papers incoming mail, etc.

Test and evaluate the system. The next objective had been to dissertation research perform proper evaluation to check the objective meeting of the project which was discussed in the last chapter in detail. Wipo! The evaluation methodologies used there were testing and supervisor feedback. Those methodologies helped to determine that the project had been met with its objectives. There encountered problems at project design and implementation. The biggest problem encountered was to dissertation on market get knowledge on Horde customization as it was lack with necessary documentations about doing the economics research papers task. Review Of Paper Writing! This problem was overcome by myself by going through Horde framework code for several days which had been a tough task at the beginning, but later it became simpler. The platform which we had to be used when developing with Postfix, Dovecot and Horde was also problematic. Since we were familiar with the wipo economics working papers Windows environment at review of paper, the beginning I was trying to work on Windows.

It took time to research working papers realize the inability to develop together with these platforms using Windows environment. Fedora (Linux) platform was the dissertation solution for this problem. At the implementation, other problem which I went through was creating criteria of disposable email addresses. After having some discussions with project supervisor, it was decided to use four criteria in address creation as single person, droup, website and company. With the identified limitations of implemented solution of this project further work had been determined. Therefore first the limitations of the current solution will be discussed. One of the limitations of this solution is the method of filtering. Currently system uses horde internal filters and postfix filters when directing emails. Some of the Horde filters are not working properly. Wipo Economics Working! Therefore system can be enhanced with its own filtering mechanism.

Further as this is a web based system, it can be enhanced as a plugin for process analysis on baking the web browsers. Using multiple email addresses can be enabled in browser level by developing a plugin for the browsers which can be used with other web applications also. Article name: Multiple E Mail Addresses For Spam Control Computer Science essay, research paper, dissertation.

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5 Dental Hygiene Resume Wording Tips that Land Interviews. Resume wording is not exactly the most exciting topic for most dental hygienists. But the results of a well-written resume can be. The bottom line is you need a resume that gets interviews, right? That#8217;s the wipo working papers goal resume wording that gets you one step closer to a job. Unfortunately, most dental hygiene resumes read pretty much the same – making it hard for candidates to stand out. Of Paper Services? Studies show employers spend less than 10 seconds with each resume when deciding who gets an wipo economics, interview. Fair or unfair, that#8217;s the reality in saturated dental hygiene job market. So let’s make sure your resume wording makes the starting out a essay most of those 10 seconds and pulls them in for longer views and interviews.

Get your resume wording as tight as you can so you end up with a document that is no more than one or two pages. No one ever got a job interview from the wipo economics second page of a resume. Just like interviews, resume first impressions make a big difference. Lengthy resume wording, characterized by long sentences and large blocks of text, communicates that you are either over-selling or have a hard time efficiently articulating things. Process? Rather than wade through it, employers these days skim when the resume wording is not efficient. Keep your statements short and research papers stingy on starting out a persuasive essay words. Become a literary tightwad and pretend you have to spend $20 for every word.

Consider the following: Bad: #8220;I started a new patient program that included an office tour and sit-down meeting with myself and the doctor. We improved patient retention by more than 25 percent.#8221; Good : #8220;Implemented new patient orientation program, elevating retention by economics research papers 25%.#8221; Use Resume Wording that Leaps off the process essay on baking cookies Paper. This ties into the last example. Did you notice I started the first sentence with #8220;I#8221; and economics the second with #8220;Implemented#8221;? By eliminating the pronoun and going straight to the verb the sentence gets a jump start. Of Paper? Studies show it drive#8217;s the reader#8217;s attention directly to wipo working papers, what you did and how well you did it. Employers are conditioned to look for these active words and will penalize you for not complying. Start all your bullet-point descriptions of abilities, experiences, and starting out a essay accomplishments with a verb. Try not to use the same verb more than once to avoid redundancy.

If you’re stumped, here’s a list of working papers, 500 of them. If you have significant experience in dentistry this may not be a problem for process essay you. Just be sure you are using industry technical terms and brand names correctly. Failing to wipo economics working, do so shows you either don’t pay attention to details or lack experience. For example, the popular caries detection tool DIAGNOdent has a unique way of writing its name. Dissertation On Market? Part of the name is in all caps and research working papers part is lower case. Review? Be sure to get this and other brand names correct to validate your experience with them. Another example. You may say you are empathic or empathetic – both are correct, but one is usually better understood than the other depending on where you live in the United States and Canada.

And, some dental professionals think #8220;x-ray#8221; is okay, but most agree #8220;radiograph#8221; is more appropriate. Picky? Yes, but it all comes down to maximizing your initial 10 seconds with employers. Some really do, throw you out on economics research working papers small resume wording technicalities like this when other things seem equal or similar. This should go without saying because it’s so easy to miss something.

Everyone makes mistakes, but mistakes can cost you an essay, interview with grammar-police types. Here are four important ways to make sure yours is wipo economics research papers, error-free: Read through your resume several times – enough so that the dissertation research last two times you spot no errors; Review it over the course of several days to give your eyes a break as they become less effective the shorter the break between readings; Have at least two other friends read it, who you believe are good writers/editors, honest in critique, and detail-oriented in nature; Read your resume backward – this will force your brain to look more carefully at each word and focus less on the flow. Throw Out Your Objective Statement. Google #8220;resume examples#8221; or templates online and you will see that many begin with an #8220;Objective#8221; section. Be advised, this is old school and a waste of space.

Employers already know your objective is to working, land a job with them. Save your words for something more useful to them, such as a statement that tells them what they get when they hire you. Dissertation On Market Research? You can consider this section your personal brand or a type of elevator pitch. At the end the day, employers want to know about YOU not what you want from THEM. So give it to them. Develop a succinct statement that encapsulates who you are in 1-2 sentences. Old-School Objective Statement: #8220;To obtain a position with a great practice that allows me to wipo research working, use my skills and grow as a dental professional.” Summary or About Me Statement: #8220;As an energetic and on market optimistic professional dental hygienist, with a gentle touch and wipo economics working papers personable nature, I make it my mission to give every patient a new reason to smile after each visit.” The first example creates no expectation of what the optimist and pessimist employer gets when they hire you.

The second one, on economics research papers the other hand, delivers a powerful message of your traits as well as your focus and goal. Further, it emphasizes a keen interest in their patients – something they desperately want from employees. Your resume wording can draw employers in for more. It needs to because if it doesn#8217;t then it#8217;s hard to process analysis essay cookies, make a case that you are the one. Economics Research Papers? Spend the necessary time on your resume wording to optimist essay, make it simple to read and even hard to put down. Wipo Papers? When you do that, you will get more interviews and optimist essay more job opportunities. You have my word on it! Check out this funny video of fake job interviews. Hopefully your next interviewer won#8217;t be this guy! Need a resume, cover letter, postcard or any of our other products and services? Click here to visit our store and find what you need to wipo economics, land that next interview! #x02026; Go to of paper, the Store.

How dental hygienist Tracie Perry was able to wipo economics working papers, land a great dental hygiene job in starting essay, about 30 days. In 2010, Tracie graduated from dental hygiene school with only wipo economics research working a hope that she would find a job. But Dissertation? She #x02026; Read More. Click here to join the research papers I Love Dental Hygiene! discussion group on Facebook to ask, share, and discuss the important topics YOU are passionate about. #x02026; Read More. Dental Hygiene Staffing Agencies in US #038; Canada. Dental hygiene staffing agencies can play a very important role in helping you find a great job. Starting Persuasive Essay? Not only do that locate temp work for you, they also help with permanent placement. Some agencies will #x02026; Read More. Thanks for clicking on my frequently asked questions page.

I get tons of questions from wipo working papers, dental hygienists having to do with resumes, job searching, interviewing, and much more. These are the basis #x02026; Read More. Dental Hygiene Salaries in the US #038; Canada. Dental Hygiene salaries vary greatly across the United States and Canada. Click on the state or province (below). And All But Dissertation? Information comes from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics annual report for wages of #x02026; Read More. Creating a Transitional Resume for a Dental Hygienist. Several dental hygienists wanting to leave clinical practice have been asking me about a transitional resume and how it differs from economics research working papers, a regular resume. Much of the categories of content remain the writing same, such as work history, education history, and economics summary section to writing, name only a few.

The difference is in the language you use [] The 5 Most Common Dental Hygiene Job Interview Questions 11,013 views Reviewing Dental Hygiene Job Interview Best Practices 7,097 views 2016 Dental Hygiene Salary Report 6,382 views. We would love for you to wipo economics working, contact GetHiredRDH now. You can do so by writing services phone, text or the form below. Please send you comments, questions, feedback, and suggestions using the form below. Wipo Papers? You can also use #x02026; Read More. Review Writing Services? Action words are verbs you can use to begin a sentence to wipo economics research papers, describe your skills, results, or accomplishments. They give your reader an interesting shortcut into your experience. Out A? Here are 500+ words you #x02026; Read More. You may have heard the terms passive and active writing styles. In resume writing, active is best for two reasons.

First, it helps conserve precious space on your resume. And, second, it's much #x02026; Read More. Wipo? Here's a list of 100+ positive personality adjectives you could potentially use on your resume to bfa creative, describe your personal brand. This list is certainly not exhaustive so we would love to hear #x02026; Read More.

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Finding the Plane Crash in the Andes (Alive) . CRASH This movie starts with a car crash between two women out of which one was a Hispanic woman, and one was an Asian woman. Immediately they began accusing each other of research papers being bad drivers. My opinion is that they began accusing each other of bfa creative writing bad driving because they belonged to two different races and were immigrants in economics working, the country. In this movie, there is physical violence, mental torture, or assault/violence almost at regular intervals. The various elements used to make up the whole movie are racism, different religions, portrayal of immigrants trying to make a mark in the country. Instead of showing us the actual reality of analysis essay on baking racism, it portrays some scenarios that showcase a distorted reality that forces us to look inside ourselves for self inspection. Economics Papers! The sound effects used in this movie are creditable. Those effects make it seem as if the process analysis on baking, audience is a part of the film and economics research working papers, is experiencing it as it happens. The story is narrated or rather portrayed as a series of stories. There are several stories running parallel to each other, but despite each story not being related to the other, there is a connection between them.

The dialogues in the movie are full of weight as the characters are seen discussing heavy topics like racism, poverty, and the American institution in and all statistics, general. After the Hispanic woman Ria crashes into the Asian woman (I don’t remember her name), and wipo economics papers, when she asks the police to write the report, she says “Officer, can you please write down in your. Words: 424 - Pages: 2. . not help but wish if only he didn't judge so quickly on Peter. Predetermining someone can have its negative outcome at times, much like characters Tom and Peter. Just because Peter may or may not have been mocking Tom choice of optimist and pessimist essay music, if Tom didn't stereotyped Peter as a black man that maybe a thug off the street, Peters comment about the research papers, music would not have been perceived as mockery.

If Peter was white the misunderstanding about what kind of person he was more than likely would not be a problem. However, racial profiling aside, the on market research, establish rapport was just not there between them. The other issue that makes one wonder, too, is if Peter just spoke out instead of reaching into wipo research, his pocket, if Tom would listen and allow Peter to show why he was laughing. I felt his silence and snickering gave Tom the wrong impression that did not allow Peter to and all but dissertation statistics explain himself to Tom that he was not a threat. The silence he performed is a behavior that can sabotage any relationship, especially if you don't know the person, and can come between having an honest and open line of communication between each other (Sole, 2011).

Overall, these characters in the film, Crash, showed a great deal of communicational conflict due to wipo economics research the misunderstanding caused by their first impressions of dissertation each other. Racial stereotyping, and economics research papers, predetermined judgment of a person without getting to dissertation on market research know them can be harmful to building a possible great relationship. If only they communicated better the economics working papers, ending of. Words: 572 - Pages: 3. Air Controller Discipline Probed by U.S. in Near Plane Crash. . Title: Air Controller Discipline Probed by U.S. in Near Plane Crash Abstract: This article takes a look into the disciplinary problems at U.S. Optimist And Pessimist! air traffic facilities. Summary: The author discusses the struggle of the Federal Aviation Administration’s efforts to reprimand air traffic controllers. About forty percent of the controllers who have come under scrutiny for their poor judgment and lackadaisical performance of their job which have resulted in wipo economics research papers, tragedy and/or near mishaps were allowed early retirement or have kept their jobs. With the help of their union contract or the Merit Systems Protection Board for federal employees which was established to protect federal employees against abuses by agency management. The latest to dissertation research show problems was in June 2011. An air controller near Gulfport Mississippi, who had been repeatedly disciplined, was the subject of a government safety investigation.

The controller instructed two planes to take off toward each other into a near mid air collision. Another incident in which the air traffic controller was in economics papers, line for termination occurred in 2009 at optimist and pessimist, Teterboro Airport in New Jersey, in which, a controller was blamed in part for a fatal mid-air collision because the wipo working papers, controller was joking with an airport employee about barbecuing a dead cat while on duty. The FAA was also thwarted in attempts to fire a controller at JFK International for allowing his kids to make radio calls to aircraft. After the incident in Mississippi, the FAA. Words: 381 - Pages: 2. . Justice in movie Crash In the movie Crash, directed by Paul Haggis, John Stuart Mill's theories on Social Justice and Utility are depicted within the context of the 20th century. Writing! Haggis' representation of wipo papers a multicultural society is one built on racism and inequality, which limits the essay, social justice people can acquire.

In this film prejudice and stereotyping are prevalent when discussing legal rights and moral rights. The social situation has profound impacts on the choices people make. This society's foundation is based on injustice, although in the end, justice is served through the concept of wipo research working papers `justice of of paper services desert'. Social Justice prevails in society where legal laws are practiced and respected. It is considered unjust to: deprive anyone of his [or her] personal liberty, his [or her] property, or any other thing which belongs to him [or her] by law (Social Justice and Utility, pg. 168). In this movie there is an research working papers inconsistent application of legal laws, which is especially applicable to those individuals considered `foreign' or `immigrant'. The storeowner (no characte. . middle of paper . . esert.

This demonstrates to us that no matter how much your legal or moral laws are violated, what matters is how you as an research individual react to the situation, justly or unjustly. This movie is centered around the notion that if you are a person of wipo economics research working ethnic background, that alone is reason for others to forsake your rights, although in the long run justice. Words: 266 - Pages: 2. Plane Exhaust Kills More People Than Planes Crash. . So the odds are greater of you dying from out a persuasive toxic pollutants in plane exhaust than in plane crash. Wipo Economics Research! Airplane exhaust, similar to and pessimist car exhaust, contains a variety of air pollutants, for example sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides. Scientists say that these particles that are especially small ( about a hundred millions of an inch wide ) are the main culprit in human health effects, since the particulates can become wedged deep in the lung and possibly enter the wipo working papers, bloodstream. According to the UN's World Health Organization, the most common causes of starting persuasive death due to air pollution are cardiovascular and respiratory diseases like lung cancer. Wipo Economics Working! An aeronautical engineer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology of the name Steven Barrett used a computer that recorded records of the dissertation research, flights paths, the amount of fuel burned during flights, and research working papers, the estimated emissions. The study also looked at how human populations are spread around the world to see how the optimist, patterns of airplane pollution might up the risk of death.

Earlier studies assumed that people were harmed only by emissions from planes taking off and landing. The new research of Barrett conducted an estimated of 8,000 deaths a year result from pollution from planes at an altitude of 35,000 feet, whereas 2,000 death result from pollution emitted during take offs and wipo, landing. Areas with the most active airports most active airports are not ones that always suffer the dissertation on market, biggest health impact. According to working the study, published in but dissertation, the. Words: 403 - Pages: 2. . Racism in Crash Physical Characteristics and racial differences are distinguishing traits that keep people in our world apart from each other. Crash is a movie that showcases prejudice and racial stereotypes. The movie is wipo research set in Los Angeles which is a city with the and all but dissertation statistics, cultural mix of wipo research almost every ethnicity. Crash is a perfect analogy of how the different people intersect with others in society. The movie crash shows differences between the lives of different people. It displays the interactions of several multiethnic groups such as African American, Caucasians, Asians, Latinos, and Arabs.

All of the research, groups are striving to overcome their fears as they weave in and out of each other’s lives. They are all tied by an invisible chain of events, so the movie shows how we all have an economics research working papers effect on review writing one another whether we realize it or not. The basic premise is that we can not live our lives without crashing into others. Wipo Working! Others may look different and come from all walks of life but ultimately we are all the of paper writing services, same. We are ultimately connected and the sooner we realize this, the better society as a whole will be. The opening scene begins with a crash and the statement is made that we don’t touch each other enough, so we have to wipo working papers crash just to interact. We need each other to survive, so connections have to be made. Bfa Creative! The ultimate goal should be to touch each other’s lives in papers, a positive and lovely way and not to violently “crash” into review writing, one another.

This makes one question their own personal. Words: 1809 - Pages: 8. . Hendrick Motorsports Aircraft Accident The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) report examined the research working papers, events of flight N501RH, operated by Hendrick Motorsports Incorporated on and all statistics October 24, 2004 from wipo working papers Concorde, NC to Martinsville, VA, and writing, its unsuccessful approach to Martinsville Ridge Airport. Wipo Economics Research! Several factors were determined to be as expected for a normal flight path while others were askew. The resulting deaths of the passengers onboard can be attributed to process analysis essay cookies human errors and management shortfalls as there were no mechanical anomalies. Background Flight N501RH was a Beech King Air 200 manufactured in economics, 1981 and had a total time on plane of 8,140 hours. All maintenance inspections were up to on market date. Wipo Economics Research Working Papers! The aircraft left Concorde, NC on October 24, 2004 and had a flight plan to head to process analysis essay on baking Martinsville Airport in Virginia. The aircraft was equipped with a global positioning system (GPS) though the wipo research papers, database was not current making it uncertified in instrument flight rules (IFR) flight plans. Owned and operated by Hendrick Motorsports, the passenger list consisted of two crew members, six members belonging to Hendrick Motorsports and on baking, two additional passengers. Sequence of wipo research working Events The aircraft departed from Concorde at 1156 en route to Martinsville. The flight was routine and all data and communications during the flight were normal.

The pilot maintained all assigned heading and altitudes. No warning signs were identified until the aircraft approached the. Words: 904 - Pages: 4. Finding the and pessimist essay, Plane Crash in the Andes (Alive) . Wipo Economics Working Papers! On one of my many expeditions with 4 of my closest friends to statistics the Andes, I had lost my amazing, waterproof camera in the snow. Once I realized it wasn’t in my bad, I suited back up and wipo research working, set off in search of it. It was early afternoon, and writing, contrary to the forecast I had listened to, it was extremely foggy. Suddenly, I heard the economics working papers, noise of a plane. I looked around to see one flying unusually low.

I knew it was way too close to the mountain top to be safe. I could barely see through the fog. There was a huge crash and now the starting out a persuasive, plane was spinning downwards without its right wing and tail, both plummeting to economics research the ground below. As the on baking cookies, plane hit another mountain top, its other wing broke away. My whole body shook as I watched the wreck take place. Things were flying out research working, of the back of the plane, and I was sickened as I realized there were people hurtling out of process analysis essay cookies there. Wipo Economics Working Papers! Even at the speed it was falling at, I managed to see that the plane was Uruguayan. I cringed as I thought of the people inside the plane that was charging toward the ground.

With an ear-splitting sound, the plane hit snow, in a valley a ways away from where I was crouching, in complete shock. I could smell smoke and burning all the way from on market research my vantage point. My hands were still shaking as I gathered my supplies. I looked around for economics research papers the camera I had come for bfa creative writing and spotted it. Economics Working Papers! After hearing nothing but absolute silence for a whole two minutes, I started to hear yelling and screaming. The cries for dissertation research help got louder, as more. Words: 309 - Pages: 2. . Theresa Gbekia World history Reimers Williams 10 January 2014 ALIVE Although a plan of 45 people crashed in the Andes, sixteen of them made it alive. Those sixteen faced extremely harsh weathers, loneliness and hunger. On the Andes tops there was no Singh of a living thing, so how did the sixteen men stay alive? The men used the working, torn up plan as shelter.

They accompany each other to wear of loneliness. And yes for dissertation on market food they eat those who did not stay alive! I believe that the overall question of this book is; what will one do to stay Alive when driven from civilization? The sixteen men did an outrageous thing eating their friends. They came to wipo economics research working papers many explanations to make the act righteous. That action of man tells a great fear for live! The men feared for their life and did what they had to do to stay alive. On Market Research! A technological cause that helped answered the question was science .To science; the eating of human flesh simply provides protein just like any other animal meat.

The human body does not hold any kind of poison, therefor is edible. A political cause in this book was that the leader/the men that took charge reasoned that God had the wipo economics research, bodies there for them to stay alive. The leaders, who were the strongest and healthiest felt responsible to care for the weaker friends and made sure that they were fed. At the end of recuse, none of the sixteen survivors were held in out a essay, poison for the cannibal act they committed. In fact, some of the victim’s families had no angry words. Words: 954 - Pages: 4. . Group and race After watching the film----crash, the theme of race left in my mind. The film selected several scenes of car crashing and depicted the wipo economics research, stories behind each accident. Review Of Paper Services! One of the stories left me a deep impression, which was about a white police and a black man. The white police Hanson was not a racist and he had his individual conscious of race.

However, when a black young man Peter was picked up by Hanson, Hanson misunderstood him and killed him. The tragedy happened because Hanson was actually influenced by the social conscious of racism. The thought that black people are dangerous was deeply in wipo economics papers, his mind. Of Paper Writing Services! When Peter firstly got on the car, Hanson started to economics research papers look him up and down, trying to figure out if he was as dangerous as the old sayings. Unfortunately, when Peter tried to pull something out of his pocket, Hanson instinctively thought Peter was going to pull out a gun. Peter finally died under Hanson’s gun, but also under the influence of racism. Process Analysis Essay On Baking! The problem related to race has been existed for a long time. People are divided into several different groups by races. Working! People from the same group always get along well to each other. However, people from different groups are less likely to be friendly to each other. The groups, serving as shackles, limit people’s relationship with the other.

This is because people’s own group gives him or her too much negative information about the other, for example, the society Hanson lived in. The negative social conscious. Words: 315 - Pages: 2. . CRASH Crash is a movie made in 2004, by the director Paul Higgs. Of Paper! The movie is about racial and social tension in the “mean” streets of Los Angles, California. Wipo Economics Papers! It’s about several real life incidents that portray discrimination and different stereotypes amongst different racial groups.

Within a 36 hour day period car crashes, shooting, carjacking, racial profiling are all mentioned. They reveal the distance between different strangers due to racial tension. Rarely do you see fathers taking an dissertation on market research active role in their children’s lives. Most fathers are the bread winners in their family and don’t have time to be in their children’s lives as often as a mother. Most fathers are usually the wipo papers, ones that get involved with the bfa creative writing, sports life of the child. Involved fathering is research a father who actively takes a hand on role with the family, doing more than providing economically. In the analysis essay on baking cookies, movie Crash (2004) Daniel Ruiz’s (Michael Pena), character is a Mexican American who is working papers a locksmith, who faces discrimination because he looks like a “Mexican gangster.” He is and all statistics actually a devoted single father who takes care of economics working papers his young daughter; Lara, who seeks for dissertation on market a safe environment for his daughter because of a bullet through her window in their previous home.

When he found a safer neighborhood he enrolled her in private school so she would get an excellent education. She has to stay home by her self while she sleeps, so he made up a wonderful story about a “cloak”. Economics Working Papers! He said that it would protect her from. Words: 1293 - Pages: 6. . Process! fff1111 – 04 ======== Dec. 8, 2014 Legal Movie Plane Crash The movie flight has shown some legal issues and accusation of a criminal negligence to a pilot after a plane accident that caused six deaths within the plane. The Pilot , Whip Whitaker, who was addicted to alcohol and had some drug abuse, had drank and used cocaine at the night before his morning flight with the flight attendant Trina Marquez who died in the plane crash. Captain Whitaker continued drinking on the flight that he led, until a problem occurred in the plane that forced the plane into a dive. However, Whitaker has miraculously controlled the plane and hit on wipo research ground in a way that no other pilots could do. After the persuasive, plane accident, the wipo economics, NTSB—an independent Federal agency charged by Congress with investigating every civil aviation accidents in the United States—started investigating of the probable causes of the plane crash, so they can find who is bfa creative guilty of the accident.

Investigations The independent Federal agency NTSB had assigned Ellen Block who’s specialized in criminal negligence to investigate on the plane crash that resulted six deaths in the plane. Fly Jet Company who is captain Whitaker worked for, appointed an attorney, Hugh Lang, to find a way to research save the pilot from a passable accusation of criminal negligence after they found alcohol at a high level on Whitaker’s and Trina’s system, and to prove that what causes the plane crash is not under the pilot’s control. Therefore, Hugh Long. Words: 631 - Pages: 3. . Crash Movie Analysis Anjelica McCartney HUM/150 January 18, 2016 Victor Armenta Crash Movie Analysis Discrimination, racism, classism, prejudice and more plague today’s society. These horrible issues do not affect one race, sexes, class, ethnicity, or age group; these issues affect all races, both genders, all ethnicities, and all age groups. For this film analysis, I have chosen to discuss the racism portrayed throughout a three-time Oscar award winning movie called Crash.

Summary Paul Haggis wrote, directed and produced the film Crash in 2004. The movie Crash interweaves several individuals in Los Angeles over a two-day period. The film shows how a variety of different ethnic characters crosses paths during this period, and it displays their personal experiences involving racism. The movie shows how some are victims of racism as well as how some are guilty of racism against others as well as themselves. ‘Some movies, though, are told very much from the protagonist’s point of view, and the audience needs to go inside of the character’s head, to and all but dissertation see the world of the story as the character sees it and wipo research papers, feel what they feel’ (Diamond, 2012). Crash will take you there. Characters The movie Crash does not have simply one or two main characters but several.

The casting directors, Sarah Finn, and Randi Hiller, carefully selected a magnificent cast to portray the essay, characters in this film. The main characters in this movie include; an research working papers African American detective named. Words: 1259 - Pages: 6. Current Event: Russian Plane Crash. . I read about the Russian plane that crashed at the end of October, as a result of a bomb placed on it, at:, -photo-idUSKCN0T725Q20151119#PJ3CrIelBmYGqRFm.97, /11/01/ world/middleeast/russian-plane-crashes-in-egypt-sinai-peninsula.html. A Russian Airbus A321, operated by and pessimist essay, Metrojet, crashed soon after taking off, killing all 224 passengers and crew onboard.

The plane was flying from the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt to St. Petersburg, Russia. According to Hossam Kamal, the Egyptian transportation minister, “all was normal; the plane disappeared suddenly off the economics research working papers, radar without any prior warning.” After investigations of the review, wreckage yielded traces of explosives, Russian security officials confirmed that the wipo economics research working, plane was brought down by a bomb. In the latest edition of the Dabiq magazine, the ISIS militant group claimed responsibility for the attack. The economic effects of this are that several airlines rerouted many flights to other destinations, so as to dissertation avoid flying over the Sinai Peninsula. Wipo Research Working Papers! Rerouting flights has a huge cost to the airlines.

In addition, people with scheduled flights and plans over Sinai will have their schedules disrupted. Also, people will now be hesitant to fly on airlines in this region, which will cause a further loss of income to the airlines. Words: 289 - Pages: 2. . Name: _____________________ Plane Crash Survival: . Scenario: You and your team have just been on Oceanic flight 815 and it has crashed on an unknown island in the South Pacific Ocean The plane is completely destroyed Your location is unclear because vital navigation and bfa creative writing, radio equipment has been damaged Your best estimate is working that you are approximately 1000 miles South West of the nearest land You and your friends have managed to save the following 15 items, undamaged and intact after the fire 1. Bfa Creative! 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Economics Papers! 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. Analysis Essay Cookies! 15. 16. 17. A sextant A shaving mirror A quantity of mosquito netting A 20 Litre can of water A case of army rations Maps of the Pacific Ocean A floating seat cushion A 8 litre can of gas A small transistor radio 4 square metres of wipo research working Opaque plastic sheeting Shark repellent 1 litre of 160 per writing services, cent proof rum 30 metres of nylon rope 2 boxes of chocolate bars A fishing kit A 4 person rubber life raft 3 packs of matches Instructions: 1. In your group, you need to economics research working papers rank the items in order of importance.

Once your entire group has decided on the order of process importance, fill in your answers on the chart paper provided. 2. Each group member needs to complete the questions on the back of the page. Name: _____________________ Questions: 1. Wipo Economics Research! Briefly explain why your group chose the bfa creative writing, first 5 items on wipo economics your list as “The Most Important.” 2. What specific contributions did you make to the.

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D-Day or Operation Overlord, June 6, 1944. As dawn broke on June 6, 1944, the Allied invasion fleet became visible crossing the choppy waters of the English Channel to France. None of those who took part in D-Day, whether soldier, sailor, or airman, would ever forget the sight. It was by far the largest amphibious invasion force ever known, with more than 5,000 ships carrying 175,000 troops. The view from the research working air was breathtaking. Optimist And Pessimist? Many pilots said later that the sea was packed so full of ships that it almost looked as if you could walk to France. The air support plan included more than 6,000 aircraft, with transports dropping three airborne divisions, heavy and medium bombers attacking beach defences, and other squadrons on deception operations. Typhoon and P-47 Thunderbolt fighter-bombers would roam inland, ready to attack German reinforcements coming to help defend the coast.

Layered screens of Allied fighters between the Parisian region and the Normandy beaches would ensure that German aircraft never reached the invasion area in daylight. And anti-submarine patrols of Sunderlands and wipo economics research papers, B-24 Liberators had already started to patrol every map-square of the sea between southern Ireland and Brittany. To the great embarrassment of Grand Admiral Doenitz, not a single German U-boat got through to the Channel. In fact one Canadian pilot broke all records by sinking two German submarines in the Bay of Biscay within twenty-two minutes. The fact that the invasion fleet had sailed at writing services, all on the night of June 5 was almost a miracle in itself. Wipo Economics Working Papers? General Dwight D. Eisenhower, the Allied supreme commander, had faced a terrible dilemma. On June 2 his meteorologists had warned of a bad storm.

The invasion was put back by twenty-four hours in a desperate hope that conditions might improve. Eisenhower knew that a major postponement of two weeks until tides were again favorable could well prove disastrous. Out A Persuasive Essay? To disembark all those soldiers from their landing ships and then re-embark them later would have been very bad for morale, and the Germans might well have discovered the Allied plan. Told that there might be a break in the bad weather on June 6, Eisenhower assumed the huge responsibility of his position and decided to go. General Miles Dempsey, who commanded the Second British Army in the invading force said later that Eisenhower’s decision was the bravest act of the whole war. Research Papers? It is easy for us to look back and of paper, think that D-Day was bound to succeed, but it could have been a disaster.

Operation Overlord, the invasion of Normandy, was an intensely emotional event for economics research working, all the Allies—Americans, British, Canadians, and men from thirty different countries, many of which had, like France, been occupied for the previous four years by dissertation on market research the German Wehrmacht after its devastating victories in 1940. For the French, this moment of setting out to help liberate their homeland was especially poignant. Wipo Research Papers? For the optimist and pessimist British, it marked their return at last to wipo economics research papers, the continent of Europe after the bitterness of their evacuation from Dunkirk. Persuasive Essay? For American soldiers, the invasion represented a moment of selfless duty. The United States was once more coming to the rescue of war-torn Europe, this time oppressed by the Nazi regime. All they could console themselves with was the idea that the sooner they helped win the war, the sooner they could go home to their families—assuming they survived.

The pre-battle tension for everyone was considerable. Keith Douglas, one of the great soldier poets of the Second World War, who was killed in Normandy a few days later, wrote the wipo working following lines shortly before D-Day: Actors waiting in the wings of Europe. we already watch the lights on persuasive the stage. and listen to the colossal overture begin. For us entering at the height of the din. it will be hard to hear our thoughts, hard to research working papers, gauge. how much our conduct owes to fear or fury.

The overture was indeed colossal, whether from US Navy and Royal Navy battleships firing huge shells that screamed “like freight cars” over the heads of the soldiers packed into landing craft, or bombers coming in from the sea to review of paper writing, smash the German defensive positions and barbed wire. Other bomber groups inland smashed French towns to block the wipo papers routes by but dissertation which German reinforcements would arrive. French civilians in Normandy suffered terribly. Fifteen thousand were killed in the lead-up to D-Day, and another 20,000 were to die during the fighting. Altogether some 75,000 French civilians were killed in the war by British and research, American bombing and artillery, an writing services, even higher figure than the 69,000 British killed by the German air force.

It is a terrible irony that the wipo papers armed forces from democracies ended up killing so many civilians because their commanders felt forced by the pressure of public opinion at home to reduce their own casualties as much as possible. Preceded by flotillas of minesweepers, the invasion fleet headed for five long beaches on the Normandy coastline. They were codenamed Sword, Juno, and Gold (where two British and one Canadian division were landing), and Omaha and Utah (where the leading battalions of and all statistics, three American divisions were headed). The task of the US 4th Infantry Division landing at Utah at wipo economics research papers, the base of the Cotentin Peninsula, was to head inland to meet up with the paratroopers of the of paper services 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions who had been dropped during the night. Heavily weighed down by arms and ammunition, some had drowned in flooded areas. Others landed on German positions and were massacred before they had a chance to economics research working papers, fight back.

A number were killed while they hung helplessly from parachutes caught on trees or on rooftops. But although widely scattered in the chaotic drops, most of on market, them survived to join up in improvised groups and cause terror among the German defenders, who thought they were everywhere. Wipo Papers? They were reinforced by more airborne troops flown over in large gliders towed by transport aircraft. It was a frightening journey for even the optimist essay bravest men, knowing that many would be badly injured or killed on wipo working crash landing. The objective for the American 1st and 29th Infantry Divisions was Omaha Beach, a long, gently curving stretch of coastline. Approached from the sea, the beach ended on the right with massive cliffs. Of Paper? Four miles farther around to the west was the Pointe du Hoc promontory. This was where a battalion of US Rangers had to scale a sheer cliff to silence a German battery. The first landing craft set off from their mother ships at 0520 hours.

They had over an hour’s journey in economics research, heavy seas to land on the beach at H-hour (the time the attack was to begin). The larger ships were anchored at essay, least ten miles offshore, out of economics research, range of German coastal guns. During the long and tumultuous crossing, a dozen of the landing craft were swamped or capsized. The bomber formations appeared at 0605 hours. They flew in from the writing sea to reduce their vulnerability to wipo economics research, flak over the target area, rather than following the line of the coast. As they reached the beaches, their crews delayed an extra few seconds before releasing their bomb loads to avoid hitting any landing craft approaching the beach. As a result all the ground commanders’ hopes that the air force would destroy barbed-wire entanglements, minefields, and some of the defensive positions were utterly dashed.

In the thirty minutes preceding H-hour, the B-24 Liberators and B-17 Fortresses dropped 13,000 bombs, but none fell on the beach. “The Air Corps might just as well have stayed home in bed for all the good that their bombing concentration did,” one officer in the 1st Division observed angrily later. To compound the problem, the forty minutes allowed for the naval bombardment proved far too short to deal with the beach defences. At a given moment, the landing craft, which had been circling offshore to await H-hour, headed in bfa creative, toward land. The absence of wipo economics research working papers, fire from the and all statistics shore aroused hopes that the warships and air force had done their work as planned. The infantrymen were so tightly wedged that few could see much over wipo research papers the helmets in and all but dissertation statistics, front of them and the tall landing ramp at the front.

The assault craft were still “bucking like an unbroken horse,” so many just shut their eyes against the queasy sensation of motion sickness. By then the landing craft “reeked of vomit.” Because of the smoke and dust thrown up by the shelling, the coxswains had trouble recognizing any landmarks. “Soon we became conscious of pinking noises near us,” wrote a US Navy lieutenant, “and when a couple of men toppled to the deck, we became conscious of the fact that we were being fired at wipo economics research working, with real bullets, by a very much alive enemy.” When the ramps were dropped, the German machine gunners concentrated their fire on the opening. “Men were tumbling just like corn cobs off of a conveyor belt,” wrote a sergeant from bfa creative Wisconsin. In all too many cases, the wipo economics research landing craft had come to a halt on a sandbar short of the and all statistics beach. The water appeared shallow, but ahead there were deep runnels. The craft were still bucking with the waves, and “if you slipped under the metal ramp you would be killed as it crashed down.” In some places men leaped off and found the water over their heads. In desperation, they dropped their weapons and economics research papers, wriggled out of their equipment to survive.

Some of those behind, seeing their buddies floundering under the weight of and all but dissertation, their equipment, panicked. “There were dead men floating in wipo working, the water and out a persuasive essay, there were live men acting dead, letting the tide take them in.” The prospect of crossing the stretch of beach in front of them seemed impossible. Any idea of trying to economics research working, run through the process analysis on baking shallows, carrying heavy equipment and in sodden clothes and boots seemed like a bad dream in which limbs felt leaden and numb. Overburdened soldiers stood little chance. There were cries in economics, all directions: “I’m hit! I’m hit!” With many of process essay, their officers and noncoms among the first casualties, soldiers recovering from the shock of their reception realized that they had to get across the beach, if only to working papers, survive. A soldier from Minnesota in starting out a, the 1st Division wrote home later describing how he had dashed forward in thirty-yard sprints. Wipo Economics Research Working? “I’ve never in all my life prayed so much.” He looked back at the remnants of his squad. “It was awful. People dying all over writing the place—the wounded unable to wipo research, move and being drowned by the incoming tide and out a persuasive essay, boats burning madly as succeeding waves tried to wipo, get in. . . Analysis On Baking Cookies? . I’ve never seen so many brave men who did so much—many would go way back and try to gather in the wounded and themselves got killed.” Those who had made it were not even able to help with covering fire. “At least 80% of our weapons did not work because of sand and sea water.” In their desire to be able to fire back as soon as they landed, most soldiers had made the working papers mistake of review services, stripping the research working waterproof covering from process analysis essay their guns before reaching the shore. Almost all the radios failed to research, work as a result of seawater, and this contributed greatly to the chaos. An artillery officer described the soldiers he saw. “They were beat up and shocked.

Many of them had forgotten that they had firearms to use.” It was hardly surprising that they were dazed. A number were barely out of writing, high school, and this disastrous baptism of fire produced psychological trauma. Battalion and company officers ordered their men to clean their rifles. Those who had lost their weapons took them off the dead. More senior officers arriving with their headquarter groups were to provide the leadership critically needed at wipo economics working, this time. They forced the analysis men, once they had cleaned their weapons, to start breaking through the wire and minefields onto the bluffs behind to attack the German positions. In this way, Omaha Beach, which so easily could have been the scene of a terrible catastrophe, was transformed into a hard-won American victory. Once the Allies were securely ashore, they were bound to prevail with their overwhelming superiority in economics research working papers, air power and artillery. German plans for a massive tank counter-attack against the British Second Army on the eastern side came to starting out a persuasive essay, nothing when the Germans were hammered by the heavy guns of the US Navy and the Royal Navy off the coast.

But the success of D-Day was not enough. Wipo? American, British, and Canadian troops faced another two-and-a-half months of vicious fighting ahead in the Norman countryside before the German forces were ground down. Normandy was martyred in its suffering, but this terrible concentration of fighting at least saved Paris and the rest of the process analysis essay cookies country from destruction. Every year on the anniversary of economics research papers, D-Day, Allied veterans are welcomed back in memory of their comrades’ sacrifice. Antony Beevor served as a regular officer in the 11th Hussars in Germany. He is the author of analysis essay, Crete: The Battle and the Resistance , which won a Runciman Prize; Paris after the Liberation, 1944–1949 (written with his wife, Artemis Cooper); Stalingrad , which won the Samuel Johnson Prize, the Wolfson Prize for History, and the Hawthornden Prize for research papers, Literature; Berlin: The Downfall , which received the first Longman–History Today Award; The Battle for research, Spain ; and, most recently, D-Day , which received the RUSI Westminster Medal. His books have appeared in thirty languages and research working papers, sold just over five million copies. Optimist And Pessimist Essay? A former chairman of the Society of Authors, he has received honorary doctorates from the Universities of Kent and Bath and is a visiting professor at Birkbeck College and the University of Kent. Make Gilder Lehrman your Home for History.

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Teaching Resource: Essential Questions in process on baking, Teaching American History Essay: Every Citizen a Soldier: World War II Posters on the American Home Front Primary Source: Japan declares war, 1941 Primary Source: Physicists predict a nuclear arms race, 1945 Multimedia: War Letters: Extraordinary Correspondence from American Wars Essay: Advice (Not Taken) for the French Revolution from America Teaching Resource: American Music Goes to War Interactive: Battlelines: Letters from America’s Wars Multimedia: Embracing Defeat: Japan in research working, the Wake of World War II Video Series: Essential Questions in American History. This Omaha Beach doc works well in the Perspectives overview of war. Use with Jennifer Keene#039;s essay on How War Shaped the 20th C Learned how to save documents to my file, using this document as an example (GL seminar 06/12).

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